1. Let it rip. Don’t be such a melt. Come out from behind the sofa.

These and other scientific proofs have been shared by graduates of the university of life who assure me the virus has ‘gone away’.

You can see the graduating class photo below.
2. As @DrTomFrieden says, this virus has been with us less than a year. We still have much to learn.
3. Here’s a brand new study that touches on a subject I’ve mentioned before: temperature and seasonality.

The team behind this interesting research discovered #SARSCoV2 uses a different mechanism to infect cells depending on temperature.

4. This suggests, as @PatrickSSte has hypothesised, that there is a temperature regulator in the RNA and that it modifies the characteristics of the virus. Some have suggested temperature might affect rate of replication.
5. This review looks at why temperature sensitivity is important for respiratory viruses. The phenomenon we’ve seen in #SARSCoV2 over summer (fewer hospitalisations & lower mortality) is something that’s common to nearly all respiratory viruses.

6. Rather than being evidence we should ‘let it rip’, it suggests there is another aspect of this virus we’ve yet to understand. We should wait until we’ve seen what happens over a 12-month period before characterising it one way or another.
7. Ultimately, I’m with @DrTomFrieden; we will get back to something close to normality, but it might take some time.
8. Future generations can learn valuable lessons from our experience. Biology texts should all feature the following advice:

New Zealand was right. It is kinder and cheaper to eradicate

And @DrMikeRyan’s words:
9. In the meantime we’ve got to figure out a way to disseminate quality, evidence-based science and stop the insidious creep of conspiracy theories, erroneous models and crackpot pseudoscience.

• • •

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22 Sep
1. When I spoke to Tokyo Guy, he said children in Japan have no problem wearing masks in class. Same in Italy, France, Spain, America, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong & so many other places.

Why wouldn't the UK government implement a simple measure that could reduce transmission?
2. The UK is one of the few countries in the world not to be using facemasks in classrooms. I've had replies from every continent asking if the UK has lost its mind. We seem to be obsessed with Sweden, but even it saw cases fall when schools closed.

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21 Sep
1. Judging by today's briefing, the UK's medical & scientific advisers are approximately 6 months behind this pandemic. They confirmed the virus:
*is more deadly than flu
*doesn't confer long-term immunity

This was obvious in March.
2. Ambiguity and dithering has allowed a large & growing Covid denier movement to spring up around certain pseudoscientists and crackpots, so it's good to see CMO and CSA clarify the basics. Better late than never. But better early than late.
3. Unfortunately, the UK will continue to suffer from one of the world's worst pandemic responses unless it catches up with the latest scientific evidence. The US CDC has updated its guidance on the main transmission route of #Covid_19

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18 Sep
1. Last week, someone responded to one of my threads about aerosol transmission, saying I was wrong and the virus only spreads through touch. I just found out this person tested positive for #Covid19 earlier this week.
2. Very sad, particularly given their personal circumstances. There’s no way of knowing whether a mask would have protected them, but the misinformation they’d been given could have meant they were more exposed and not taking all possible precautions.
3. I know a lot of people have been lamenting the amount of #COVID__19 misinformation that’s influencing people to believe conspiracy theories and undermine or attack public health measures. This misinformation is causing harm on a massive scale.
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18 Sep
1. This is important from Dr Stubbins Bates. Rather than be ingenious to adapt to the emergency, the government has sent teachers back to school with minimum protection. The PM has admitted this virus is readily transmitted by children to adults.
2. This creates an obligation to take necessary precautions to protect against loss of life. SAGE recommended rotating pupils so no more than 50% were in school at a time. DELVE and NERVTAG recommended masks for all at all times. Other countries have implemented these measures.
3. Instead, the UK government has engaged in pandemic theatre, keeping schools busy with measures that won’t protect them from aerosol transmission. Far better to have followed SAGE’s advice, reduced class sizes and had everyone wear masks.
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17 Sep
1. Who brings this unlicensed mass medical experiment on children to an end?

The organisers, namely the UK government, who proceeded without informed consent & used coercion and the threat of fines to ensure participation?
2. Or the subjects, when they realise they were recruited into the experiment on the basis of a fraudulent risk assessment?
3. And I use the term medical experiment deliberately because we should be under no illusions that is what is happening. Until the government can answer these questions, it is experimenting.
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16 Sep
1. “It is, alas, a fact of the disease that it is readily transmissible between children and adults"
Boris Johnson

This fact was not accepted as part of the evidence base used to justify opening schools. In their August letter, backing the government’s plans to open schools...
2. ...the Chief Medical Officers said,
“Current international evidence suggests transmission of #COVID19 from children of school age to parents or other adult family members is relatively rare...”

They admit the evidence base is weak but rather than err on the side of caution...
3. ... they gambled, backing the government’s plans, which were based on faulty assumptions.

The PM has admitted children “readily” transmit the virus to adults. How long before the government admits it has made a mistake on airborne transmission of aerosol particles?
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