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I don't know which Indonesian University students need to hear this but OSPEK is an Imperialist tradition that for some reason is still being practiced on National/State Universities and Private Universities like... is this some sort of advanced Stockholm Syndrome? (a thread?)
Honestly, I find it really depressing that so many Universities freshmen and juniors don't know regarding this, so... buckle up, Comrades, we're in for a history lesson!
During the Dutch occupation, Indonesians students are STRICTLY prohibited from higher educations. Most, excuse my language, inlanders, are only allowed to attend to middle AND primary schools. This is because they fear that higher education may lead to the people's rebellion.
However, after multiple protests from both Dutch's side and Indonesia's side, they eventually let CERTAIN people from CERTAIN classes&political backgrounds to attend higher level of educations, including UNIVERSITIES, like Geneeskundige Hoogeschool and STOVIA (Medical Schools)
STOVIA stands for School Tot Opleiding Van Inlansche Artsen, a Medical School. Worth noting is that the OSPEK tradition starts from this school, but even after the school is closed and then replaced by another Medical school, Geneeskundige Hoogeschool, this tradition persists.
(which is depressing because this tradition persisted until now HAHAHHAHAHAHA.) Anyways, the reasoning behind this tradition is very... cruel and Imperialistic.
The sole reason behind OSPEK is that, BASICALLY, the Dutch want to reminds the Indonesian students that no matter how high their education level is, they're still, sorry- an INLANDER.
Basically, it's their way of saying "Hahahhaha you might be privileged enough to study in a University but we're still invading yo mf nation HAHAHHAAHHAHA. SORRY NOT SORRY FOR INVADING YOUR COUNTRY, I GUESS???"
Mohamad Roem, an Indonesian STOVIA student - in his book, Anthropology of History - Volume 3 (1983, p. 81) said that during his study time in STOVIA, there was a period of racial bullying and discrimination through OSPEK by the Dutch colonials for three months.
This gains a MASSIVE controversy amongst scholars, and even Dutch scholars alike. However, the Dutch colonialists claimed that "When Indonesian University students are put under extreme measurements and pressure, this could "strengthen." their mental health and camaraderie."
Ironically, I see a lot of Indonesian upperclassmen and seniors in Universities using this EXACT reasoning as an attempt to justify OSPEK like, BRO. SHUT YO MF IMPERIALIST-SUPPORTING CLOWN ASS MOUTH. Sorry for the crude language but IN THIS HOUSE WE DO NOT TOLERATE IMPERIALISM💀
AND THEN, THE JAPANESE CAME! Y'all might think, "Oh, OSPEK probably doesn't exist during the Japanese Invasion? It's probably a special Dutch colonialists thing only?" OH YOUNGLING, WERE YOU ABSOLUTELY WRONG.
"In colonial times, the Dutch term for OSPEK was ontgroening/groentjes. During the Japanese occupation era, the name was changed to プ ロ ン コ." -An official excerpt from Rahardjo Darmanto Djojodibroto's Academic's Tradition, published in 2004, page 61.
SO BASICALLY NOTHING REALLY CHANGED WITH THE OSPEK TRADITION, THE JAPANESE JUST RE-BRANDED IT. Basically, they were like; "Ospek is an outdated Dutch tradition... we're NOT keeping it! ...maybe we're keeping it hehehehhe we're so RANDOM~~ anyways."
Okay hold on for a minute Comrades, my cats are demanding for my undivided attention right now 💀 Be right back in a few minutes~~
OKAY. Anyways, you might notice that in OSPEK, the upperclassmen/seniors STRICTLY PROHIBITED long hairs for freshmen/juniors, and even in certain faculties, they gotta be bald? This is also, sadly, a PRODUCT of Imperialism. 💀
So, the funny thing is, this rule was created during the Japanese Invasion, not during the Dutch invasion (even though OSPEK was the Dutch's colonialists invention HAHAHAHHAH)
some random University freshmen back in the 40's: *have long hair, and was attending OSPEK*
some random Japanese overseeing the OSPEK: 𝑰 𝑳𝑰𝑲𝑬 𝒀𝑶𝑼𝑹 𝑪𝑼𝑻, 𝑮. *HEADSMACKING SFX*
Sorry for that insensitive joke HAHAHAHHA 💀 Anyways, don't you think it's pathetic that we, as FREE INDONESIANS, to still uphold and even ACTIVELY participate in this disgusting Imperialist tradition?
Also, worth noting that OSPEK is dehumanizing. Freshmen are STRICTLY asked to participate, they're required to attend the event LITERALLY at 4/5 am, and they're being hauled with degrading "commands" by the field coordinators which is basically just legalized bullying? The fuck?
Don't you think it's peculiar that we're still celebrating this Imperialist tradition? Aren't we liberated already? Isn't it already 75 years since our Independence day? Why are we acting like it's still the fucking 1944? Y'all pro-OSPEK Indonesians are SUS AS FUCK I SWEAR 💀💀
Fun fact: Modern times OSPEK is also SUS as hell, lmao. Power corruption and manipulation, bullying, and some innocent freshmen and even SENIORS TOO, even become casualties to this "tradition." 😌
I'M TERRIBLY SORRY FOR USING ENGLISH INSTEAD OF BAHASA INDONESIA. Maaf, otak saya kurang mahir dalam menjelaskan apabila menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia. Sekali lagi, saya memohon maaf yang sedalam-dalamnya apabila anda merasa kesulitan karena #thread ini menggunakan Bahasa Inggris.
And any of y'all Indonesians who advocate for OSPEK as essential are low-key a Stockholm'd Imperialist boot. SORRY, NOT SORRY.

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