"But JKR writing about a man dressing up like a woman isn't transphobic, it's about a MAN."

The trope of men pretending to be women is still rooted in transmisogyny and perpetuates the myth that men need to hide their gender in order to harm women, which is untrue.
When we lean into narratives that negatively impact trans women — encouraging mistrust and fear of victimization in cis women by way of "male imposters" — we are still doing harmful shit to trans women.
Even if JKR is writing about a cis man and doesn't mention trans women at ALL, she's still writing a story that casts doubt and suspicion onto transgender women's identities and intentions by perpetuating the myth that cisgender men will falsely identify to abuse others.
This is a very common talking point from anti-trans people, who genuinely believe that transgender women are inherently threatening because they can't be believed or trusted and instead, should be ostracized and not considered women at all.
All for the safety of cisgender women. If you lend credibility to a world in which a cisgender man will try to deceive others by pretending to be a woman, you lend credibility to a world in which transgender women are interrogated, ostracized, and feared.
People are upset because this is a hypothetical scenario that is almost always used to deny transgender women's humanity, dignity, and self-identification.

If JKR has already made disparaging remarks about transgender people, her agenda in publishing this is VERY concerning.
So sure, JKR is writing about a cisgender man. But she's doing so within a specific context, in which transgender women are believed to be predatory and dangerous men in disguise. She does this knowing that it feeds into transmisogyny and sows doubt that leads to real harm.
If she believed that transgender women are women, she would know that using a stereotype that is routinely weaponized against them would be harmful, especially as they still battle for their rights and safety.
In reality, transgender women are more likely to be victimized, more likely to hide behind their assigned gender and remain closeted (and therefore safe), and more likely to die an early death at the hands of a cisgender man.
There are countless ways to tell the story of a serial killer. Literally, listen to any number of true crime podcasts for a weekend if you're stuck.

Choosing the one scenario that is most harmful to transgender women is a very deliberate choice.
The bottomline is, if we know that a particular myth is actively and frequently weaponized against a vulnerable group... maybe now isn't the time for a high profile writer to reinforce that myth and therefore incite the fear, intense scrutiny, and harm that comes with it?
And JKR was already pedaling this myth online, so it was only a matter of time before she started doing so in her work.

THIS is why we're calling it transphobic. Context is everything.

• • •

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16 Sep
So we can add @PsychToday to the list of mental health publications that have no qualms about publishing transphobic op-eds.

"If you have a Y chromosome, you're technically a man."

So let's do some myth-busting, shall we?

"Mental disorders are not gender-neutral. Far more women than men suffer from depression, for instance, while men are more likely to be autistic. These sex differences are intriguing, and the most obvious explanation is hormones."
Actually! The most obvious explanation isn't sex or hormones! The lack of diagnoses of depression and autism in certain gender identifications has more to do with diagnostic criteria and clinician biases than they do some magical, innate biological difference.
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There's a thread circulating that because religious institutions have historically engaged in horrific acts, Scientology should be able to call itself a religion because the scope of its horror is limited in comparison.

This is not how any of that works.
Religions have some common elements to them. They have belief systems, they include some elements of transcendence and awe, and their *primary* function is that of community-building and shared reverie. Importantly, members of a religion have agency and autonomy.
Religions are largely decentralized because worship is not "exclusive," does not require payment to participate in, has accessible texts, and is not devoted to a personality but rather, the spiritual practice focuses on a way of living in the world and mystical elements/figures.
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There's a theory around ADHD that I struggle with. That, if society were different and more attuned to the needs and strengths of people with ADHD, there would be no need to distinguish it as a disorder at all and no treatment needed.

Let's talk about cognitive autonomy.

Upfront, I completely understand that society is not set up for folks with ADHD to thrive. That's very true. And I believe that major systemic changes are needed to support neurodivergent people, especially in the workplace.

And? I don't think ADHD goes away when that happens.
When my ADHD is unmedicated, I lose something that I call "cognitive autonomy." Namely, the ability to choose where I focus my energy and attention, and to carry that focus through.

It is debilitating regardless of the circumstances around me.
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Repeat after me:

You do NOT have to lose weight.
You do NOT have to lose weight.

And if you've gained weight recently?

You STILL do not have to lose weight.

Some highlights from this article, for those who find themselves appalled by the suggestion that your "quarantine 15" is actually normal and totally fine...

So is it really about your health?

Because dieting has been linked to eating disorders, nutritional deficiencies, slowed metabolic rate, muscle loss, and dehydration, which all have longer term health implications.
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This is a Twitter thread reviewing a stuffed bear.

I know what you're thinking: why

just... bear with me

I have hypermobility and chronic pain. And I am a side sleeper. This has meant almost certainly that I wake up in the morning in a ridiculous amount of pain, from my shoulders basically collapsing inward toward each other, and my neck being slightly hunched over as I curl up.
I have tried a few different body pillows. None of them were quite right. Certainly none of them sparked joy. A lot of them took up way more space in the bed than is reasonable.
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Positive emotions are political.

Which is to say, access to positive emotional experiences is political.

So when marginalized folks share that their joy is an act of rebellion, I want you to understand all the dimensions of what that means.

A thread. 🧵👇🏻
A little background, I'm currently studying to get my certification as a Positive Psychology Practitioner — someone who guides clients through interventions to increase their experiences of psychological wellbeing.

So I'm readin' a lot of research lately.
There is a psychological theory called the broaden-and-build theory of positive emotions (Fredrickson, 1998; Fredrickson & Cohn, 2008).

The idea is that positive emotions serve a survival function. They exist to help us build up emotional, social, and cognitive resources.
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