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14 Sep, 22 tweets, 4 min read
One of the features of a me-first, individual society is that intelligent idealistic people who have initial ambitions to be self-sacrificing to benefit others, will slowly stop being so

Society has needed and will always need strong people in better placed situations to extend-
their helping hands to the less fortunate who will never be able to reciprocate. However, in return of their self-sacrifices those peeps will always want *some* little recognition, gratitude, respect or appreciation of the less fortunate and the witnessing society
In that sense, human interactions are always transactional. Even good people want some affirmation that their self-sacrifices are indeed them heading towards the right direction and/or them being triumphant in their mission of "doing the right things"
However, a modern society teaches everyone (else) that they are what's most important. If they ever receive anything, it's deserved. They're *entitled* to that help.

As such, they will never need to spare anything themselves. They never reciprocate, show gratitude when helped
This world revolves around them: They deserve and are entitled to everything good in the world- and by extension the attention, help and assistance of others.
Even worse, there are those who won't second-guess at taking advantage, exploiting and/or making a fool out of these young, idealistic, moral people.

Parasitism is "putting myself first"
There is a Malay saying for this, "Bagi betis, nak peha pula".
Our society incentivizes the parasitical exploitation of the idealism, the urge to "do the right thing" and the desperation of these young people to adopt some responsibility

How fucking morally disgusting is this?
To have your sense of morality and duty be armed and used against your own best interests

in subtle and manipulative methods

is outright morally treacherous to the highest order
At some point, the straws will break the camel's back.

These young (intelligent) idealistic, moral peeps will wake up and realise holy fuck: I'm not playing this game anymore.
Why should I hide my claws, sheath my swords and act in a noble chivalrous manner when I get no appreciation or acknowledgement of these feats or of the things that I will have sacrificed?
Why am I being self-sacrificial, responsible, dutiful when at every instance I am worse off for it? To get vilified, neglected, exploited, taken advantage of -

Is my purpose is to be the person everyone sucks something out of?
These peeps will exit the game of being moral upstanding self-sacrificial people and rather pursue their own ambitions now = society's-would be heroes have now gone rogue.
They will take their immense talent and power elsewhere to other pursuits (which may even now be evil immoral endeavours) instead of harnessing them for good; which was their original bright-eyed intentions.
At some point, society will look upon with horror at how they've managed to drive the nicest people away from helping others [those who these young idealistic people deemed to be in need of help and are more than happy to do]
These young people will grow crooked thinking why am I being a decent person in an indecent time? I too have instincts for self-interest and self-preservation.
There is no fault in their logic i gather. In an indecent time, why should an individual be decent?

From an individual point of view (instead of a meta-objevtive view)

In a time where being self-sacrificial and noble is dangerous to the self, why be self-sacrificing and noble?
This society has had a ball of a time incentivizing these young idealistic moral people to be individualistic materialists.

And we will all collectively pay for it when someone will have the greatest of apprehensions to even perform simple self-sacrificial acts - like helping
-a blind woman cross the street: for fear of being made use of.
I do not have solutions obviously. But a good (and controversial) start is to normalizing owing obligations to others.

Owing respect. Owing admiration. Owing doing something [I actually don't want to do but they helped me in X so I want to show gratitude] for others.
If not; I think its gonna be fall into a Hobbesian all-for-all deathmatch.

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