1/ Bongino mentioned this story on his podcast today and how it relates to the Dem's coming coup attempt (create chaos and censor info)

It's a WaPo article from May. Here are the most important snippets. I highly suggest reading.

2/ "A new Democratic-aligned political action committee advised by retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former head of US forces in Afghanistan, is planning to deploy technology originally developed to counter Islamic State propaganda in service of a domestic political goal"
3/ "The group, Defeat Disinfo, will use artificial intelligence and network analysis to map discussion of the president’s claims on social media. It will seek to intervene by identifying the most popular counter-narratives and boosting them..."
4/ "through a network of more than 3 million influencers across the country — in some cases paying users with large followings to take sides against Trump. The initiative reflects fears within the Democratic Party that Trump’s unwavering 👉digital army may help sustain him"
5/ "The initiative is run by Curtis Hougland, who is using open-source technology initially incubated with funding from 👉DARPA, the Pentagon’s research arm, as part of an effort in 2015 to combat extremism overseas."
6/ "Hougland insists Democrats are ill-prepared for the looming battle over information and attention, which is bound to play an outsize role in November. Republicans, he said, 'have greater volume frequency and quality of digital narrative.'"
7/ "McChrystal said his interest in the PAC is about ensuring the accuracy of information leading up to the election, even if it involves chasing viral attention with emotional appeals and other tactics rewarded by online clicks."
8/ "Stephanie Berger, a former national finance director for the Democratic National Committee, is raising funds for the initiative, which is an extension of Hougland’s technology company, Main Street One. "
9/ END

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10 Sep
Many get so caught up in the controlled demolition/thermite debate they ignore the most glaring aspect of the WTC collapses:

Nearly all of the 200,000 tons of steel literally VAPORIZED into a fine white dust.
“Dust” isn’t even the right term. Dust particles are too light with too much surface area to travel as far out as this. Think tiny sheets of paper (wind drag).

This was steel and gravel particles steadily deteriorating outward. Think clumping up a ball of dirt then throwing it.
About that: There were so many sheets of paper sitting next to or even on top of some of these glowing masses.

It was also melting steel-tipped boots off salvage crews feet, but not harming their feet.

A very strange chemical reaction was occuring here.
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9 Sep
Around 8am on the morning of 9/11, just before the horror began, this happened:

Hurricane Erin suddenly paused its beeline course towards New York, and began an abrupt eastward shift into the North Atlantic that afternoon.

It dissipated on 9/17.

Odd? Uh....yea.
When thunderclouds form, processes within their vicinity cause the formation of negative electric charges. As the charge builds, it creates a "foul weather" electric field which grows and then begins to cancel out the "fair weather" field.

Lightning is the eventual result. Cont>
This is a reading of the earth’s electromagnetic field on 9/11. The vertical lines represent the 2 tower impacts and the 3 collapses.

Look how the reading suddenly goes total apeshit as the first 2 towers fell. It finally began returning to normal after WTC 7 fell. Cont>
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7 Sep
1/ First, think of [their] keystone as an INVERTED keystone.
2/ It is the keystone which keeps “the door” locked and barred. What does the door represent?
3/ Our ability to SEE CLEARLY.

They have sealed off and hidden the knowledge of how the MIND works and reserved it for themselves.

In this way, they can manipulate humanity for their own ends, and prevent TRUE illumination.
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5 Sep
Remember the cctv screengrab of the Epstein Island dungeon from Ray Chandler’s Insta?

I’ve always wondered what was depicted in the Ch 3 frame.

I’m not saying it’s what’s described in the tweet below...but something to think about.
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24 Aug
Q has never once used the term “adrenochrome.”
Honestly, I don’t know. But I’ve always suspected the “adrenochrome” narrative as a red herring of sorts:

Make you think [they] engage in things like cannibalism purely for a physical reason. Instead of focusing on the deeper occult motivation.
Kind of like when George Lucas decided “the force” was actually just a collection of cell-like organisms called midichlorians.
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17 Aug
"A registered voter receives a computer readable code in the mail and confirms identity and confirms correct ballot information in an election. The system separates voter identification and votes to ensure vote anonymity, and stores votes on a distributed ledger in a blockchain."
"Voters generally wish to be able to vote for elected officials or on other issues in a manner that is convenient and secure," the application says.
"Further, those holding elections wish to be able to ensure that election results have not been tampered with and that the results actually correspond to the votes that were cast."
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