After the 1894 “Dreyfus affair” and alleged widespread anti-Jewish hostility and suspicion in France, journalist Theodore Herzl propagated political Zionist ideas of Israel as the only possible way out of anti-Semitic hate for Jewish people in European countries.
Julien Benda was one of many artists and intellectuals who defended Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer unjustly convicted of treason. The important historical aspect is that intellectuals asserted themselves as a moral force, which is a sick joke that we still live with today.
The Dreyfus Affair first gave the sociology of intellectuals legitimacy as a group with class-like consciousness appearing to be emerging in the first decade of the 20th century.
The term “intellectuals” first appeared at the time of the Dreyfus Affair, and the neologism originally signified a cultural and political vanguard who dared to challenge the status quo. Yet the word, expected to disappear once the political crisis dissolved, has somehow endured.
At times it describes a social group, and at others a way of seeing the social world from the perspective of universal values that challenges established hierarchies. Since the Dreyfus Affair, public intellectuals in France, Germany, Britain, and the U.S. have addressed politics.
Shorter: intellectualism as we know it today in the West is a part of the British Empire’s Zionist enterprise.
With the Dreyfus affair intellectuals emerged as a social group with a strong sense of corporate identity and a willingness to serve as “legislators” with a sense of authority. The Dreyfus case gave birth to the modern “intellectual.”
In myriad ways, the story of the intellectual has been, at least since Dreyfus, a Jewish story: it was, after all, the assimilated Jews of the Third Republic who, better than anyone else, identified with the message of abstract universalism conveyed by the new intellectuals.
By the same token, antisemitism became a crucial issue in intellectual life. Thus, in the spirit of Karl Marx and “rectification,” the modern intellectual not only became a thing but it was a first a Jewish thing, surrounded by a force field of antisemitism, for better or worse.
Dialectic materialism . . . is an intellectual racket.

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17 Sep
The antisemitic environment of interwar Poland was the scene of Europe’s most active and influential Zionist movement. Young Polish Jews were attracted to Zionism because it offered them a way to come to terms with the modern world without surrendering their ethnic identity.
The interrelationships of Polish Zionist organizations and moreover the four Polish Zionist federations political traditions derived from the partitions of Poland provided constituent organizations with the opportunity for interminable ideological and tactical debates.
Should precedence be given to bettering the lives of nearly three million Jews in Poland or to settling a much smaller number of pioneer settlers in Palestine? Was Zionism a secular or a religious movement?
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14 Sep
When we talk Marxism both yesterday and today, we must be patently clear that those who subscribe to the atheist ideology completely abandon their Jewishness, their Christianity or their Islamic faith. In the Soviet Union, Jewish communists virtually stopped being Jewish.
There is no distinctive Jewish radicalism. There is no Christian radicalization. There is no “Jewish communism’.” Some Jews became communists because of general mechanisms. This is important in understanding the “Sovoks” of today. They are atheists. Leave Judea out of it.
This is the cornerstone in understanding things in terms of how they arose from the wider capitalist material world called “dialectical materialism,” the fundamental underpinning of Marxist philosophy. Antitheism.
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31 Aug
Israel became a nation in 1948. Before then, it did not exist. It was completely invented, the Zionist enterprise of the British Empire. Though billed as “Jewish,” the people that run Israel are by and large atheist. Would you call an atheist who had been Christian “Christian”?
Important distinction here is that “secular” is a euphemism for atheist. Netanyahu identifies as secular. Many politicians like Golda Meir have had no problem wearing the badge of atheist. Another important distinction is that Jews in the Holocaust were murdered for their faith.
In 1916-17, the UK and the U.S. together committed to create the state of Israel through the Balfour Declaration in London and Wilson’s 14 points in Washington. This was long before Hitler and the Holocaust happened. And, of course, the Bolshevik revolution happened in 1917.
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29 Aug
The French Revolution signals the first attempt at state secularism, under a Jacobin government which sought a form of state atheism. This brief experiment was terminated by Napoleon, who saw religion as necessary to govern populations.
In contrast, the Soviet Union placed atheism as central to its project to remake humanity, as manifest in official state policy and the formation of citizen projects with such eyebrow-raising names as “the League of the Militant Godless.”
The Soviets didn’t succeed with the project. It totally bombed. Atheism as a professed ideology is therefore quite young, and there is little historical precedent for reflection on atheistic geopolitics. For most of its short history atheism has been the preserve of a tiny elite.
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29 Aug
Neocons have first and foremost exploited religion. They started off as Marxists with the Dems consulting Carter. Then, they moved to the GOP in the 1980s with Reagan co-opting Evangelicals and Mormons, religion and American diplomacy became really toxic.…
The #NeverTrump Neocons subscribe to the doctrine of militant atheism, which in the beginning was an integral part of the materialism of Marxism—Leninism. They don’t have the courage to publicly voice their true intentions. They are dishonest in every concevable way they can be.
In practical political terms, it is the English School of International Relations.…
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27 Aug
“Cecil Rhodes was a 19th-century European with similar views to those of Karl Marx (a German contemporary). Both believed that black Africans were primitives and that the British empire did a good job in raising ‘barbarian countries.’”…
Writing from the safety of liberal, parliamentary Britain, no writer in the 19th century did more to create intellectual justification for the totalitarian dictatorships of the 20th century than Karl Marx, through his advocacy of the alleged progressive character of dictatorship.
More than any other individual, Cecil Rhodes did in southern Africa what Marx states was done by the British to “lay down the material premises” for the “regeneration” of India. If you read Marx carefully, his criticism, in general, is more of admiration than of scorn.
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