The importance of acknowledging the sacredness of sex.

All things in life have an “ontological priority”, where ends come first, purposes second, i.e. the end of medicine is to restore health. A person can use medicine for various purposes (like to attain wealth & status as a doctor, etc), but its end remains the same (healing).
When the ontological priority is disrespected & the purposes entirely distort the end (only making money & disregarding people’s health) we ruin the thing altogether—medicine stops being the beautiful art of healing & turns into something appalling.
The end of sex is, has always been & will always be the creation of new life. It is through sex that our embodied souls enter the world & our lives here begin. Even when husband & wife don't make babies, their union still creates new life—a new thing altogether, “one flesh”.
No other thing reminds us that we are spiritual beings connected to a Force larger than ourselves like the power to create new life through us, in Him. Placing sex within marriage & giving marriage a special social & legal standing is thus wise (treasuring & safeguarding life)
Contraception & the normalization of abortion have made us believe that we can separate sex from its end. This is why today we teach young people to take proper “precautions” in sex (& enjoy it as the end) instead of teaching them the sacredness of sex (the sacredness of life)
This is also why we say nonsensical, delusional things like “an unwanted child” or “an accidental pregnancy”. A pregnancy is *by definition* never an “accident”—it is literally the end of the act.

Just like we corrupt medicine when we prioritize money over healing, we corrupt sex when we prioritize pleasure over life.

Once the origin of life & life itself are corrupted & obscured, all other things can be corrupted & obscured. Thus if sex isn't sacred, nothing is.
This is how ALL degeneracy & depravations enter the scene—if sex is just for "pleasure", then there are no limits, just "preferences" in how to obtain said pleasure, & life itself becomes about the pursuit of pleasures.
And if sex has no natural end, other things also lose their natural ends. This is why we argue absurdities like “gender is a social construct”, as if gender had been “invented” by previous generations, instead of us naturally discovering/realizing that God made us man & woman.
This is also why our generation trashes marriage & the family—people think that these institutions have no natural ends & are simply results of *choices* made by previous generations, & that it is up to us to change & "re-invent" these choices to our convenience & liking.
People like the “omnipotence” of being able to free themselves from “constraints of the past”, choose "their truth” & version of reality they like the most. But this is just a prideful illusion—the same pride that led Adam & Eve to eat the fruit, desiring to be like God.
Want more truth-alignment, less degeneracy, depravity & decay?

Make sex sacred again.


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How women are beautifully wired to image God to the rest of the world.

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God created women as men's helpers

'Ezer', helper in Hebrew, means “to rescue, to save” & "to be strong"

Helper = strong rescuer

Being the helper of men is not inferior or patronizing—in the Bible, God refers to *Himself* as ezer, strong rescuer, multiple times

Women are more “intuitive” & “emotional” because they need increased spiritual receptivity to fulfill their role as strong rescuers, i.e. they need to be able to tune in with the internal states of others.

This is why women “just know”. They *need* to know in order to help.
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10 reasons not to have sex before marriage

1- Health

Sex is a transfer of material & spiritual energy.

Working out, eating healthy & taking care of your mind & soul to then have sex with people whose health you know nothing about is idiotic.

Only a fully committed partner (spouse) can give you the certainty of safe sex
2- The power to create

The highest purpose of sex is life, not pleasure.

You have the ABILITY to create babies & raise them in God, materializing through them more of what the world needs (godliness).

Prostituting your power to create is depraved selfishness.
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10 reasons to NEVER take the pill

1- Bad choice of partner.

On the pill your body thinks it’s always pregnant, thus you want to surround yourself with more “familiar” people & you’re attracted to men genetically similar to yourself.

Genetic similarity = bad match
2-Switched-off reproductive system & fake ‘stability’

Women’s brain chemistry varies throughout their cycles.

On the pill “periods” are fake & there’s no cycle, thus you can never be in tune with your body & its unique characteristics at each phase, like creativity & intuition
3- Nefarious side effects.

The pill is considered a Group 1 carcinogen, particularly for breast, cervical & liver cancer.

It also has a long list of side effects that include depression, migraine, blood clots, nausea, low libido, etc.

Sentiments of women on the pill:
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Casual sex
Broken families

There are many things in modern society that I deeply reject, deeply care about, & which I refuse to witness without saying anything

That’s because I believe every human is sitting on a pile of potential that’s hard to access when things like these are consistently diminishing us to our lowest expression
I know many people in here feel the same way, & it’s really great that so many of us are passionately working online & offline to be ‘counterculture’ & present alternatives to the current cultural “trends”
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The only reason why the discussion on abortion is even a *thing* is because it springs from a dehumanizing narrative.

A human is less of a human when you call it a “clump of cells”. Murder is less murder when you kill “just cells”. 1/
We fail to see that if we followed that logic, all of us as adults could be classified as “fully developed clumps of cells”, thus murder would always be acceptable. 2/
Such narratives seek to belittle your humanity & connection to God, because a belittled & disconnected human is precisely the opposite of a thriving human.

Don’t buy it.
Connect & THRIVE.

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Never has a book passage resonated so deeply with today’s world

‘1938: A World Vanishing’ by Brian Cleeve:

“In our modern eagerness to be tolerant, we have come to tolerate things which no society can tolerate and remain healthy.

In our understandable anxiety not to set ourselves up as judges, we have come to believe that all judgements are wrong. In our revulsion against hypocrisy and false morality, we have abandoned morality itself.
And with modest hesitations but firm convictions I submit that this has not made us happier, but much unhappier. We are like men at sea without a compass.”
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