Message 9/14/2020: As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the angels and shortly thereafter saw an image of black beads falling from the sky. The angels indicated this was hematite, a stone capable of absorbing darkness. Then the angels showed me lightning and I heard the words
2. white lightning. They said the combination of this lightning and the hematite was like a 2 in 1 cleaner. The white lightning permeated the surface of the earth rooting out any vestigial darkness and the hematite absorbed this energy to release it from the planet.
3. The next image I saw was a large construction vehicle that had a roller to smooth out pavement. The angels said they are working on the energy grids and constructs to smooth our path to the new world making it easier to travel on. Sitting by the ocean I hear a voice in the
4. wind remind me that the earth is my home and it soon is about to change. Tuning into the energy I heard, “We are here in the sky with you whistling tunes as we work to help liberate our spectacular human family. We are whistling because the mood is lighter. We have stepped
5. over an important threshold in the energetic construct of the awakening of humanity. For you see you have progressed so much that the darkness is going all out in an attempt to survive. They are losing badly and it is the realization of your light body, the higher dimensional
6. aspect of self that will deliver them their final crushing defeat. This is why we are here; to support you and guide you through the process. In addition, we continue to send you blasts of purified crystalline energy to upgrade, upgrade and upgrade your frequency some more.
7. We are truly in awe of the cascading effect of love and light we see upon the planet and this is only the beginning of the love that you will see. Love is going to intensify so much so many of you will forget what it is like to be in the state of anguish the darkness held
8. you in for so long. All suffering will be released from earth. Love is the answer. Love is here for the rescue. Love is the answer because love is all there is. You simply need to remember. Wake up, wake up ,wake up we say to the love frequency within. Wake up, wake up,
9. wake up we say to the light that shines in you. It is from these high elevations of purified consciousness, a frequency like a high note on the musical scale, where your spirit is expressed. It is here you will travel with the angels. You will recognize them and they will see
10. you as a new member of their flock. For you see within every human is an angel waiting to transform into itself. In order to do so you must emerge from the cocoon, the energetic ties that have been around many of you for so long. These ties are much like the wrapping of
11. a mummy. Layer upon layer of fabric bandages wrapped around your soul. The frequencies streaming into the planet are meant to release this wrapping so your wings will emerge and you are able to soar! You are FREE! Freedom, what a marvelous concept, an
12. emotional state so many of you long for but did not realize you could ever accomplish such a way of BEing. What if we told you this is who you are, a BEing of light with so much power, love and the ability to do and be whatever you want? The fact that you do not recall your
13. greatness is part of the unremembering constructs the darkness placed on you, mummifying your spirit, keeping it wrapped so tightly you were easy to control. This is to be no longer! You have shed much of the wrapping & only have remnants left here and there. However, it is
14. the patterning that has been sent to you generation after generation, those epigenetic factors and negative societal norms that must be disengaged from your being. We are fastidiously working on this. This purified crystalline energy cleans and clears and cleans and clears
15. so the patterning and bandages fall away to reveal the magnificent resplendent soul, your divinity. It is breathtaking to see, when you are able to clearly see a soul. This is in your future. When you greet one another you will see the 5D reality of who you are in your glory,
16. in your light, in your etheric being. It is a whole new perspective of seeing.

‘Be still and know that I Am God.
Be still and know that I Am the Creator of all. All power, all glory is from me, as I Am the Great I Am. I contain all codexes, indices and quantum light
17. constructs that have created all that is. It is all in my breath. It is all in my divine matrix of love. I Am the I Am is the I Am of all. The construct of all creation is of me as I Am the breathing, living, everlasting presence of eternity. I Am the stars. I Am the sea.
18. I Am eternity. See me out there and see me within. You will find me. I call your name in the wilderness, hoping you seek and find the origin of the voice you hear. The voice is me speaking in tongues for you to remember me, speaking in truths of universal matrices,
19. speaking in the reality of the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega where all there has ever been and all that will ever be resides. It is me. You are me. We are One. I Am the One of all. Seek me and know my name and all of your days shall be prosperous.’”

• • •

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19 Sep
Message 9/19/202: Driving to the ocean I tuned into the energy of the angels and immediately saw an image of what appeared to be the aperture of a camera. It was opened very wide and surrounded by a ring of radiating, rainbow colored light. The angels told me they are working on ImageImage
2. opening and widening our spiritual vision in order for us to remember to live from our glorious souls, our authentic selves. The next image I was shown was the golden yellow rays of sunlight streaming down from the heavens. The frequencies from the sunlight are cleansing and
3. lifting away the debris from centuries old negative programming, opening our hearts & minds, our consciousness to the frequencies of divinity. We are beginning to live from these higher frequency states. Next I was shown several angels in a heavenly bowling alley standing in
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19 Sep
Message 9/18/2020: As I drove to the beach I called upon the angels. The first image I saw was of a large diamond shaped mirror. The angels told me that the hologram of higher aspects of ourselves are being mirrored into our physical bodies, anchoring this energy and making us Image
2. more expansive. The next image I was shown was of a lot of metal balls/beads falling on a clear ceiling above me. I realized they were not silver and heard the word tungsten. These beads are being sent through the many layers of earth deep beneath the surface to anchor in
3. impenetrable energy. I heard that this would help to beat the darkness at their own game. Lastly, I was shown a beautiful diamond, although it looked more like a diamond pearl combination. It was a luminescent golden white and it shone with brilliant multifaceted light.
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18 Sep
Message 9/17/2020: Driving to the beach I tuned in to the angels. I heard the words marble & white marble repeatedly. I saw in my mind’s eye two giant heavy marble columns. Then I heard them thump down and heard these are the pillars of God’s Kingdom being built on earth.
2. The next vision I had was of white marbles dropping to the floor from the sky. Many of these marbles rolled into a triangular wooden game board. The marbles then began to fill in all the spaces in the board. I heard this was a game played in ancient cultures which
3. indicated to the players the alignment of optimal conditions to move forward with grace and success. The next image I saw was what looked to be an ancient Egyptian female. Gold light was pouring down on her like paint, covering her and cleansing her. The cleansing of the gold
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15 Sep
Message 9/15/2020. As I drove to the ocean I called in the angels. The first image I saw was a bright green color filling my field of view. The impression I got was that this was the color of new beginnings and growth of the soul. The angels likened this to flowers emerging
2. from the soil in spring. Once they germinate through the soil, they grow at a very rapid rate. The next image I saw was a portrait of a native chief and all around him were black and white feathers falling from the heavens. He indicated to me it was time for the bird tribes to
3. return to earth. The last image I saw was of a sea and I heard the words Red Sea. The angels indicated they were there smoothing the surface of the water. They then told me they have made the Red Sea holy again by polarizing the water in the direction of divinity.
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13 Sep
Message 9/13/2020: As I drove to the ocean and tuned into the angels I saw an image of strands of diamond energy much like an image in a painting I recently completed. This painting depicted the 12th dimensional diamond code energies that the angels indicated are
2. streaming into the planet. These energies are influencing all structures living and non living at the atomic level and are upgrading these structures to a higher frequency. The next image I was shown by the angels was of a painting of a woman with dark hair,
3. curled up with a very loving heart and she seemed sad. The angels indicated this represented the disempowerment of the female, particularly the disempowerment of motherhood. They said the energy they are sending is to repair & empower the feminine energy and
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12 Sep
Message 9/12/2020: As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the angels. The first message lacked an image. Instead I heard the words “purified crystalline energy” and “pure consciousness” referring to the energy of today. This certainly describes what the energy is feeling like.
2. The next message was an image of what I thought at first was a silver linked chain, but was actually many silver & platinum coins dropping to the ground from the heavens. I heard the meaning if this was in order to for the new monetary system to be put in place for our use
3. we must first become the energy of that system. The angels are helping us to align to the energy of spiritual platinum and silver. Certainly this is a great example of as within so without. The next image I saw was of a red heart and a very large printout of the word HOPE.
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