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15 Sep, 10 tweets, 4 min read
A whistleblower at ICE today exposed that mass hysterectomies are being performed on detained immigrants. If it sounds like a horror show, that's because it is. Gender oppression has a direct correlation with authoritarianism. This is beyond. The vicious cruelty is staggering.
Only despots encourage this kind of dehumanization. It not only terrorizes those in their control but it's designed to render people speechless. To recoil and avert the eyes. It's imperative to resist that urge. Talk about what Trump is doing to these women to everyone you know.
Here's the story with the complaint. It's horrifyingly detailed so many trigger warnings on this one:…
This is certainly not the first time this country has used forced sterilization as a weapon of control against different communities. Lots of history below. We can absolutely make it the last.…
@RepJayapal is circulating a letter among colleagues to demand investigation and action. Call and ask your congressperson to sign on.
Also, please follow @ProjectSouth. They are leading the charge on the ground and will be holding a press conference today at noon.
Also, please follow GA Democratic House Leader Bob Trammell who has called suspension of medical licenses of those implicated.
Follow these amazing local leaders to stop the systemic injustices and to #ShutDownIrwin @ProjectSouth @GADetWatch @GLAHR_

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8 Jul
BREAKING: #SCOTUS upholds Trump-Pence rule, dismantling no-cost birth control coverage. TL;DR once again, this is about control — they are seeking to control ALL aspects of our lives. From birth control coverage to abortion access to LGBTQ+ rights, all freedoms are at risk. /1
The result of today's #SCOTUS decision? Countless people who need it will now be unable to afford contraception. Because the Court just decided that the whims and beliefs of their employers super cede the very real needs of their employees. Think about that for a minute. /2
For the Trump Admin, it's a feature not a bug that this ruling will impact those who already face the biggest obstacles to care — including Black, Latinx, and Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, undocumented people, and LGBTQ folks. This is discrimination. /3
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26 Mar
Because there's literally not one single moment when these radical ideologues aren't obsessed with how to control women--especially poor women and women of color--they found a way to use the #COVID aid package to expand the unjust and discriminatory #HydeAmendment. It's sick.
This whole experience watching these people deal with #COVID is that those of us who deal with reproductive freedom and justice have seen this coming a mile away. You have a GOP entirely co opted at this point by a radical right for whom fundamentalism--religious and market-- /2
has completely supplanted any rational thought or science and data-based policy approaches. Medical disinformation and anti-enlightenment thought is core to their identity. Add Trump's peculiar mix of narcissism and megalomania, and it's a truly toxic brew. #COVID /3
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5 Mar
That sound you hear is hearts are breaking all over as @ewarren drops out of the race. They break for her, for @KamalaHarris, for @amyklobuchar and for @SenGillibrand. They break for the mountains we still have to climb to confront real obstacles women face in achieving power. /1
Our hearts break at the media erasure, the snake emojis, the voices who claimed in 2016 "just not that woman" when we all knew better, the hope and opportunity that our experiences and perspectives would be represented at the very top. /2
Hearts break for the distance we thought we had traveled since 2016 and the distance we still have to travel to able to be judged and received equitably. They break for the women who kept the men in the race accountable but will not reap the rewards. Our hearts break. /3
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27 Jan
Much to unpack regarding the abortion question that Kristen Day asked @PeteButtigieg tonight on Fox News. Let's start with the massive applause in the room when Pete says he's pro-choice and a woman should make that decision. Way more than Kristen got:. /1…
The question is a good reminder to differentiate between people who feel personally pro-life and those who are anti-choice like Kristen Day. The latter category believes its fine to force their beliefs on others through law. The former does not /2
Anyone, regardless of personal beliefs is and always has been welcome in the party as long as they are not trying to exert control over others, with massive damaging effect. Pete said as much in his answer. /3
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24 Jan
𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱: Now more than ever, we need to recognize and call out the nefarious anti-choice movement's underhanded tactics to spread disinformation. Our expert research team is here to help. Check out our guide to the anti-choice movement’s tricks and traps.
Tactic #1: Co-Opting Feminism. Anti-choice leaders in 2019 increasingly tried to co-opt feminist language to deflect criticism of their extreme attacks on reproductive freedom—and they’re already back at it in 2020. Case in point: this anti-choice lit:
Tactic #2: Working Social Media Refs. Anti-choice activists typically work the refs at social media companies by falsely claiming that they intentionally censor anti-choice content, while citing instances of content removal due to accurate fact-checking of medical disinformation.
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28 Dec 19
Unnoticed in the chaos of the last month: Trump officials went to Intl Conference on Family Planning where they praised Hungary's "procreation, not immigration" policy openly promoting the "white replacement theory."… /1
Trump is not the first. The historic foundation of the anti-choice movement is an unwavering belief that white Christian men have a right to rule unchallenged -- family and government. Paul LePage used this as a reason to pass abortion laws in Maine when he was governor.... /2
Claiming that there were not enough people left in the state to allow women to terminate pregnancies. Steve King has been spouting this BS forever and people write him off as an outlier lunatic rather than someone who just says the quiet part out loud. Like Todd Akin. /3
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