Too much of the climate movement of the past was about what climate change is doing to us, and not about what climate action will do for us. Taking action does not require austerity and scarcity. Done well, it will result in more wealth, more fairness, and better jobs.
We already have many of the technologies needed to avert catastrophe. We just need the American optimism and the political will to deploy them on an unprecedented scale.
What we are describing is a future with an improved quality of life, more fairness, and better products. If we do this right, the people and communities that have been treated unfairly, exposed to chronic pollution, and left out of progress in the past stand to gain the most.
But can we afford all of this? Of course we can. These investments will pay for themselves in new jobs, innovation, and most importantly, avoided costs. We should not be asking whether we can afford to act on climate. We should be asking whether we can afford not to.
There is no viable scenario in which our country avoids significant spending. We can wait and spend trillions of dollars in a disorderly, unproductive manner to continuously respond to our changing climate. Or, we strategically invest in climate solutions now.
The climate movement is no longer a movement for just environmentalists. It belongs to everyone who wants a strong economy, more and better jobs, a safe and healthy neighborhood, energy security, and an overall better quality of life. END

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24 Jul
1) For Hawaii: Today was a record day for COVID cases in Hawaii. We still have a very low case rate and death count, and the positivity rate - the percentage of tests that come back positive, has not yet moved up sharply. But it is a reminder that /
2) our ability to continue to have a functional economy, schools that operate, and a healthy society is not solely dependent on what we do at the airport, but how willing we are to comply with some very basic guidelines /
3) Please wear a mask, maintain your distance, and don’t spend any amount of unnecessary time with people outside of your family unit indoors, especially in close quarters. We can do this, but these numbers remind us /
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17 Jan
Next week presents a basic test for the Senate, specifically Republicans. And they still haven’t explained why this trial, unlike every other trial, won’t accept documents that would help to illuminate what happened, and hear from witnesses with first hand knowledge of the case.
They are going with something like this is a “pencils down” moment when you are taking a school test. If something wasn’t available to the House then it doesn’t count I guess? But that’s not how trials work - that’s not how impartial justice is administered.
And to be clear, it’s not as though Democrats are trying to drag this out until the election or something. A few more depositions and documents wouldn’t take more than a week. There is no high principle being invoked. They just appear to be afraid of the what might be disclosed.
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22 Nov 19
The President has unique authorities under the law - he can do things that would land ordinary citizens in jail. So the question isn’t whether he has those authorities, because he does, but rather whether or not he abused his power. And he did.
Searching for a specific statutory or even constitutional violation is a bit of a trap. It turns this thing into an ordinary trial. The question is more basic than that. Are his actions so reckless and corrupt and corrosive that they are crimes against the country?
And the Congress was supposed to make this judgement. Has this person done so much violence to our system that it warrants removal? That’s why there’s no specific evidentiary threshold or stuff like that. We have to decide if this person has violated his oath.
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12 Sep 19
Republicans are supporting the raiding of military construction money for the Wall. Here are some of the projects that they are defunding:
FORT GREELY, ALASKA – 8 MILLION this money was to be used to enhance our missile defense to increase the number of interceptors in the case of a North Korean ICBM.
FORT HUACHUCA, ARIZONA – 30 MILLION - this is an army ground vehicle maintenance facility which is, in the Army’s words, “substandard and unsafe.”
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20 Jul 19
Here’s what I saw on the border in Texas today. Conditions were awful. Overcrowded quarters. Harsh odor filled the air. Mylar blankets.
Spoke to some men through a chain-link fence.  Many have been in for more than forty days. They are drinking heavily chlorinated water even though there was running water and bottled water in the facility. 3-5 days between showers.
Met a bunch of teenagers. Reminded me of my kids. But they looked exhausted. It was the eyes. From Guatemala and Honduras.
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18 Jun 19
To the 24 Democrats running for president: Climate change is a planetary emergency, and voters know it.  In April a CNN poll found that climate change was the top issue for D’s, outranking gun safety and even health care. But what does it mean to prioritize climate change? 1/5
Be committed. Our next president will face tough choices between worthy causes, and voters need reassurance that you won’t drop climate change for an easier win if you’re elected. Show voters that you take this issue seriously, and personally
Know the enemy. Not every story has villains, but this one does. Superpacs, the Koch brothers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others have built a climate denial apparatus that effectively keeps Congress from taking action. They should be vanquished. 3/5
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