Silence is a tool I employ to avoid creating conflict, but not for the lack of an opinion.

However, at times, one needs to voice their opinion, especially when it's observed some really wonderful friends falling prey to the rhetoric.

My views. A short thread

Proudly born and brought up in Bangalore, I am exposed to multiple languages. The beauty of Kannadigas is our compassion, empathy and ability to welcome and embrace multiple cultures.

It's pretty common that one learns multiple languages in school including Hindi

When one works in a truly cosmopolitan setup, one is exposed to various international and local cultures. I am as much peeved that people don't learn or appreciate Kannada and have done every bit possible to influence them.

Beyond that, one resigns to fate.. Time heals..

Coming to the issue at hand, I observe all the so-called self-declared experts showing off some so-called imposition and how they desist it.

What pains is that we the commoners are falling prey to it. This is pure opportunistic politics at play..

I hope people can see through the charade and identify the reality. Language rhetoric along with caste is one of the oldest tools employed to divide the people.

SM provides a platform to fuel the fire quickly like none before. Before we react, let's step back & reflect

The last time language politics played out, it resulted in bloodshed and common people losing lives. I have witnessed this first hand incl. loosing someone dear to family.

I urge my friends not to fall pray to this political gimmick & rise above the narrative. Thank you.


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7 Sep
#TwitterVerse #Tweeple

Notes from my interactions / observations on Twitter:

1. If you are soft and respectful, you are considered meek.

2. If you don't throw expletives on other religions, you are considered a lesser Hindu / Santani.

3. If you are nice to people, you are sitting duck to be taken for granted.

4. Fake is real and real is Fake. No one cares about the content.

5. Sensationalism - Can you create more noise with zero impact on the ground? Behold, you are a hero my friend.
6. Do as I say, but don't do as I do - Principle prescribed to you.

7. Good morning & Good night messages get lot more traction than pure content writers.

8. Everything.. I mean EVERYTHING is contextual and transactional - People warm up / cool down based on their need.
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9 Aug
sirikAntana nUreNTu

viShNu aShTOttara in kannaDa written by Dr Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy (@ShrikaanthK )

In the video, @ShrikaanthK has beautifully explained the meanings in Kannada. Here's the English translation for the same 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Kosar kannaḍadoḷ kūrtu kūgirpen sirikāntanan
In this exhilirating language of kannaDa, I address/call Shrikaantha
ಪೆಸರ್ನೂರೆಂಟರಿನ್ (pesarnūreṇṭarin)= his 108 names
ಕೆನ್ನಂಪೇಳಿಮಕ್ಕರೆಯಿನ್ದಿನಂ (kennam pēḷim akkareyin dinaṁ)= Repeat this daily with all love in heart
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4 Aug
#History #SagesOfKarnataka #VyasaRaja

Thread on a monk who was also a king for sometime...
Guru who initiated one and all as his shishyas..
Popularized PuraNas in Kannada for wider distribution..
One of Sri Krishna's parama bhaktha..

Vyasatheertharu / Vyasaraja
Born to Ballana Sumati & Lakshmidevi who were initially childless..

Ballana remarried, but was well versed with Veda Vyasa mantra which he taught to his first wife Lakshmidevi

Apparently, they say Veda Vyasa came in her dreams & gave her prasada...
The couple met their guru Brahmany Teertha, who told Ballana that they would have 3 children & that Ballana should give 3rd son to him.

Ballana had a son and a daughter. The 3rd son was born on 22-April-1447 (sunday). Since everyone knew he would be monk, he was named "Yatiraja"
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30 Jul
#PositiveStories #Motivation #FoodForThought

Today, the first major shopping for festival will start. Many farmers would come to Bengaluru to sell the Banana steams, leaves, flowers etc..

While bargain is an essential part of Indian shopping, here's a perspective to ponder...
I was talking to my friend who is an auto driver. He told me something that hit me in gut. His family are pleading him to not to venture out because of the Covid situation.

Being a self respecting man, he is at cross-roads. For now, his brother-in-law and a friend are helping..
but what remained in my mind is this..

This guy was lucky he has support from family and friend. What about 1000s of other people who have similar precarious situation.. While life moves on, I started to ponder and compare ..... Yes, Compare with my life...
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11 Jul
#PositiveStories #Motivation

Today, I will write about a skill and it's importance in life. This skill does change lives and I am writing out of personal experience.

I am referring to ACTIVE LISTENING

One might wonder what is this active listening. We always listen right..
Well, it turns out we miss a lot of information in active listening. Our emotions would be working overtime within us. We would be drafting our responses and preparing for the choice of words to be told.

In short, there is a commotion in our brains while we PRETEND to listen
ACTIVE LISTENING is all about giving a dedicated focus and attention to the other speaker. It needs one to be present in that place at that point of time. Key word is PRESENT. I would say this is again once more practical example of ICHIGO ICHIE , the Japanese concept
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21 Jun
#MythologyQuiz #HistoryQuiz coming up soon.. who's interested?
1. In an atman, when all 3 gunas attain perfect balance, what is the man called in such a state?
2. After learning Sankhya from Kapila, Devahuti shed her body which then became a river that even devas use to purify themselves.

What is this holy spot known as?
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