@reeveslawstl More seriously, I am very skeptical about the Castle doctrine part. Now, I say this not having investigated Missouri law. But my understanding was it was always about when you literally entered the persons home, not merely their yard, though maybe the curtilage. 1/?
@reeveslawstl 2/? My understanding was that the idea was that if someone actually broke into your house, while it’s occupied, you can presume that they have very bad intent. And besides, you can’t reasonably expect a person to be very calm in that situation.
@reeveslawstl 3/? But I never thought it could extend to your whole yard. But, frankly, I am willing to defer to your wisdom on that. But my approach is to say that these people behave perfectly reasonably given the rioting that had been happening.
@reeveslawstl 4/end I don’t think they could reasonably have started shooting at anybody, but I think frankly a non-verbal threat is perfectly reasonable given that they were pretty badly outnumbered. Certainly that’s what I would say if I was on the jury

• • •

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20 Sep
This seems to be as good a time as any to say, as we are writing #RuthBaderGinsburg’s epitaph, that the way she left this world showed how unsuited she was to be a justice of the Supreme Court. Although to be fair most of this applies to any judicial activist.

A thread
Now, I will start by saying there was a lot to admire in Ginsburg. Scalia was good friends with her, and indeed he said something to the effect of “she is a lovely person, I just disagree with her entire judicial philosophy.”
Like many Christians, I believe in the idea of hating the sin but loving the sinner. And really, from all I know of her, she seems like she was a lovely person with a great deal of admirable traits.
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19 Sep
This seems as good as any time to say something important. I want you to look at this lunatic. Look how she is apparently driving while screaming like a lunatic.

Thread cc @PolitiBunny @wjjhoge
This woman filmed this behavior and posted it on the web. She believed we should all see it.

Well, I guess we should, but not for the reason she probably thought.

A lot of reasonable people have been astonished by the passing of #RuthBaderGinsburg
But we have also seen a lot of unhinged reactions. We have seen people talk about armed insurrection if the republicans do... what the Constitution allows them to do. And of course people caring a great deal who replaces her.
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25 May
Today on #MemorialDay2020, we celebrate the Americans who decided our freedom was worth their lives.

We should be ashamed then that so many people have given up that hard-won freedom for lockdowns that might not even save lives

And some might accuse me of politicizing this #MemorialDay2020. But we should remember not only their sacrifice, but the thing that they sacrificed for: our freedom. Our greatest Americans waxed poetic about the belief that life without freedom is not worth living
But nothing speaks more eloquently to that, than the great Americans who gave their “last measure of devotion,” to give us our freedom. To throw it away so easily dishonors every single one of those honored dead
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5 Feb
@AGHamilton29 Seriously he argues that Trump could not suggest that Hunter Biden be investigated because he didn’t know a crime was committed.
@AGHamilton29 This is either idiocy on a colossal level, or bad faith. The police and other investigatory bodies start investigations without proof of an actual crime all the time. A suspicion is sufficient
@AGHamilton29 For instance, if you have a cop stop behind you at a stoplight, there is a very good chance that he is going to run your plates just out of I don’t curiosity to see if you have any outstanding warrants or other issues. There is literally no suspicion, only happenstance
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25 Nov 18
Do you actually talk to conservatives?

One difference between lettuce and guns? No one has ever used lettuce to defend themselves. Therefore, there is no chance that banning lettuce would have the unintended effect of leaving good people defenseless.

(Thread continues)
Another difference? Lettuce generally isn’t used to harm others. So there is little fear that ppl with contraband lettuce will kill those who did not have lettuce to defend themselves because they obeyed a lettuce ban, for all the reasons why lettuce is not like guns
And another difference? Lettuce has never been used as a tool to create or defend freedom. When the peasants revolt, they don’t generally make a Caesar salad. George Washington didn’t fling carrots at the redcoats. But guns have created and maintained freedom.
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