THREAD: I never post about this because Im generally pretty private and keep my personal stuff to myself, but I honestly dont feel like I can take much more of this. I became a nurse to help people, and Ive loved my career since the day I chose it, but my head isnt in a good (1)
space right now. Ive watched way too much death and suffering for way too many months. Ive spent so much time with these patients, and so much more time with their families on the phone and on FaceTime trying to comfort them, knowing that theyll never get to hug or even see (2)
their loved ones in person again. Im not feeling sorry for myself. I just feel such pain and devastation for the people Im supposedly helping. Ive been having horrible nightmares almost every night, the depression has changed my personality, and Im angry as hell! Ive never (3)
felt this kind of anger before. Im usually an easy going, fun, and generally happy person. I think thats what made me good at my job. My patients always loved me, my coworkers all love me, and my supervisors always rave. Covid has changed me. Im questioning whether I have it(4)
in me anymore. Trump and his evil enablers have taken my confidence and my happiness from me. Other than the patients Ive cared for, I personally know quite a few people who’ve had or have Covid and I know 5 people who’ve passed away; a couple in my own family, and a few who (5)
are friends’ family members. Like everyone else, there are no funerals, no hugs, no closure. Yet Trump is still out there having rallies with people packed together, hardly any wearing masks. Hes a murderer as far as Im concerned. And the virus is only ONE thing!! Im so (6)
disillusioned and disheartened to know that so many people still support this monster, and there arent enough words created yet to describe the evil & greed of the people in government who can stop him but dont. I dont have it anywhere in my being to understand what makes (7)
people have so much hatred in their hearts that any of this seems right to them. Ive never been so confused and so sad, and yes, so terrified. Now my mother, who is a sensible democrat, just told me that shes worried sick about her Trump-voting sister who has talked recently (8)
about wanting to kill herself because she thinks Trump might lose, and the United States is going to become a violent anarchy, and the pedophile Democrats are going to keep trafficking and killing children. I walked away from relatives who voted for and still support Trump (9)
so I had no idea that theyd gone full-on Q. I told my mother not to talk to me about them because I no longer could respect anything about them. Theyre brainwashed by Fox. Their ignorance astounds and sickens me. In this, I have a genuine question in trying to get help to (10)
make my mom worry less about her sister. How the HELL do you de-program a Q zombie who is on the verge of suicide?? Shes freaking out with fear & although I gave up on her I don’t want her to kill herself, & I dont want my mom to lose her sister. This Q shit is serious! (11)
I want my aunt to be back to her old self again. I want to know why Fox is legally allowed to feed all kinds of garbage into peoples’ heads. I want to stop having PTSD. I want to stop worrying that my country is on the verge of dictatorship. I WANT TO KNOW WHY TRUMP AND (12)
BARR AND MCCONNELL AND THE REST OF THOSE EVIL PEOPLE ARE GETTING AWAY WITH DESTROYING LIVES AND OUR COUNTRY!!! Can someone do SOMETHING?! I cant take it anymore. All the hatred, pain, death, and suffering is tearing my brain and my heart apart. I honestly dont know how much (13)
more I can take; how much more this country can take. The bad guys are winning. I don’t have loads of followers, and I doubt I’ll get any answers to my questions, because what answers are there? I just needed to vent, even if it’s to myself. I can’t breathe. (14/end)

• • •

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