I’m seeing a lot about this story alleging that women in ICE detention were given hysterectomies without consent or necessity.

This is consistent with what I saw when I volunteered at a clinic that cared for immigrants who had been in CBP custody


The clinic in Laredo sprang up in 2019 to care for immigrants who came out of border detention facilities run by CBP and who were left stranded without money, food, or shelter. Local advocates worked to get these immigrants brought to their new clinic and shelter.

Volunteers provided resources and doctors rotated through to provide medical care. What we saw was jaw dropping.

Immigrants including children who had had their prescriptions confiscated and never returned.

New prescriptions for Spanish-only speakers labeled in English.

Pregnant women mistakenly given improper medication.

A complete lack of explanation of diagnoses and treatment options.

Just to name a few.

ICE and CBP are separate agencies.

But activist doctors such as @Doc4CampClosure have seen a similar lack of regard across government agencies responsible for the health and well-being of detainees, and have worked to get these issues addressed.

These allegations against ICE are neither surprising nor isolated. Our government has consistently shown a complete lack of regard for the people they detain.



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11 Sep
This line from the story: “The media campaign to hold Mr. Trump solely responsible for the harm from Covid-19 is rank political opportunism. Voters should ignore the campaign and judge the whole record.” begs for a response. THREAD wsj.com/articles/woodw…
First of all, you need to hire someone, anyone, with some sort of public health, science, or medical background to stop you when you think about talking about a public health, science, or medical issue. Maybe they could keep you from making fools of yourselves. 2/
Next: nearly 200,000 Americans are dead because of the rank incompetence and maliciousness of this administration. I’m old enough to remember when publications like yours called for heads to roll when 4 Americans were killed in Benghazi. 3/
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Some medical advice for protesters today.

1. Write your name, date of birth, and your emergency contact phone number on your arms in sharpie. If you are incoherent or incapacitated, medical personnel will need this info. Make sure your emergency contact knows you are going.
2. Take a one day supply of your medication with you in case you are arrested.
3. If you have a serious medical problem and cannot be without your medication for a day, don’t go.
4. Identify first aid stations when you get there before the protest starts. They will have bandaids, antibiotic ointment, ice packs, and other first aid supplies.
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31 May
Something I’ve been trying to articulate; my friend posted this. These are her friend’s words, copied and pasted.

“Some of you may find it easy to look at the events of today and think they are all the same thing.

They are not.
There were three different groups on the streets of American cities today, and later tonight.

1. Demonstrators against recent grave injustices, and against a long history of racism.
2. Instigators and racial supremacists who use this scenario as an opportunity to create racially charged riots.

3. Looters who also use this scenario as an opportunity to commit theft.
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I’ve been asked to make a statement as someone running for office about what I think about the rioting and looting in Minnesota and in other locations across the country. I’ve already spoken about what I think about the murder of George Floyd.

Here’s what I think about the rioting and looting:

I’m enraged by the murder of a black man who was restrained and compliant.

Buildings can be replaced. His life cannot. That’s the outrage.

After centuries of these types of killings, and as someone who has never had to fear that I or my family would be faced with this kind of danger, I would never, ever presume to understand the fear, frustration, and rage that the black community is feeling,

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Before You Put On That Mask

I get it. You want to do *anything* you can to prevent the spread of this virus to you and your loved ones.

But before you put it on, PLEASE keep the following in mind:

(10 points)
1. Most importantly, wearing a mask does not in any way substitute for staying home. Staying home is BY FAR the best thing you can do to slow the spread of the virus. Do not think that you can now do non-essential activities because you are wearing a mask. Stay home.
2. There is no evidence that “mask-wearing countries” have lower rates of spread *because of* mask wearing. The countries that socially wear masks also instituted robust testing and isolation protocols, as well as widespread adherence to stay at home directives. Some even
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28 Mar
Dear Bell County Judge Blackburn

Have you ever intubated a patient?

Have you ever stood by the bedside watching your patient struggled to breathe as their lungs filled with fluid?

Have you ever had them try to yank your hands away as you try to save them with a breathing tube and a ventilator? Have you ever had to tie their hands to the bed rails to keep them from pulling their breathing tube out?

Have you ever watched them die anyway, even after you did every damn thing you could to keep them alive? Do you know how much worse it is when you don’t even have the tools to try save them?


Maybe you should listen to those of us who have.

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