Absolutely incredible.

Female LASD Officer applies tourniquet to her badly wounded partner, even though she had been shot through the jaw herself.
This is what dehumanizing people leads too. The left in America has done to the police what Nazis did to the Jews
Female LASD Officer radios for help after she and her partner were shot in the head in an attempted cop assassination in Compton, CA

• • •

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More from @ASimplePatriot

7 Sep
BLM terrorists assault Black McDonald’s Manager in Pittsburgh.
Here is the same guy in pink shirt in Pittsburgh, PA lead us taunts and insults at an elderly couple at a restaurant.
Same guy in pink shirt with bullhorn in Pittsburgh assaults white guy just carrying his bike, hits him in the head with a bullhorn. Another BLM thug hits the guy carrying bike when he fights back.
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31 Aug
Meet Joseph Rosenbaum, one of the people shot & killed by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha. He taunted armed civilians protecting a business, saying, "Shoot me, n***a." He chased Rittenhouse, throwing something at him, & was shot by Kyle in self-defense.

Here in first shooting video (altercation started at another location) rioter Rosenbaum is chasing Kyle, even throws something at him before Kyle eventually shoots him in self-defense. Rosenbaum is the aggressor.
Slo-mo 2nd vid with 2nd/3rd shootings. Kyle stumbles & falls while retreating as more rioters assault him. One beating him with skateboard, another pulling hand gun. Rioters are chasing him, not other way around. Two more are shot by Kyle in self-defense.
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14 Aug
Not only did Clinesmith alter and falsify information for 4th Carter Page FISA app regarding Page’s work with the CIA; the Crossfire Hurricane team had known since Aug. 17, 2016 about Page’s relationship with CIA, and that exculpatory info was OMITTED from FISA apps 1,2, & 3. ImageImage
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8 Jul
This is a war. Quit giving money to businesses, universities (INCLUDING THEIR ATHLETIC DEPTS) and pro sports teams who are actively promoting and $$$ supporting groups and ideologies set on our destruction. It’s pointless to complain about what’s going on if we keep funding it.
If majority of season ticket holders for college football and basketball teams cancelled their season tickets, and let the school know why, I guarantee you schools would walk this Marxist BS back. But we won’t do that. We are too addicted to sports & ego stroking of NCAA titles.
Every school & athletic program should be made to differentiate between supporting equal rights and equal opportunity vs supporting radical Marxist agenda of BLM. Nobody is doing that. Emotional videos about all lives can’t matter until black lives matter is just SJW ass kissing.
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13 Jun
Push by Black Lives Matter to defund police is part of radical agenda spelled out in group’s manifesto that seeks revolution to topple U.S. capitalism & replace with socialist govt, universal income, collective ownership, redistribution of wealth

THREAD breitbart.com/politics/2020/…
1) Amid BLM’s role in the protest movement spotlighting serious and legitimate questions about George Floyd’s death, it is instructive to review the BLM umbrella charter, which also demands the abolishment of Voter ID laws that protect against voter fraud...
2) ... and supports the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement targeting Israel. It wants a lifetime of free education for “all Black people (including undocumented and currently and formerly incarcerated people).”
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10 Jun
Hi @nflcommish since your players hate America, especially white America, all cops & military:

1. Skip playing Anthem altogether. No controversy.

2. Replace police security details with Antifa/Black Panthers.

3. End military tribute entirely.

The @NFL hates us.
We get it.
We understand @nflcommish why you & your players should lecture us morally. Being oppressed millionaires while wicked cops work for pennies on their dollars.

They uphold the great @NFL traditions of wife beating, drug use and whore hopping. We regulars citizens are not worthy.
You know @NFLcommish I had some other ideas.

1. Since your players hate America & Anthem they could pick BLM approved songs to start games. ‘F-ck America’ or ‘Kill Kops’ might work. Get Snoop to write it

2. Then u could have some Antifa take a dump at midfield. Sounds festive
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