So we talked about the dark alliance. This are, Draco-Reptilians, Zetas, Annunakis and Archons. Basically those who choose to explore a Service to Self theme, the malevolent archetypes. Who engaged in all sorts of dark occult rituals and use of symbolism. Crimes against humanity.
Light side, are the benevolent alliance of patriotic white hats and (+++) the military arm of the light, aka Galactic Federation of light. Overseers are Councils of Light, Ascended Masters, Jesus, and the arch Angels and boots on the ground (volunteers).
GFL consists of Pleideans, Acturians, Sirians, Andromedeans,+++, etc. They operate based on the Galactic Codex. An inner codex that regulates all inter-relationships between beings of Light and their relation towards the Dark Forces and occupied planets.…
The same way the dark infiltrated the US and the world. The light has also infiltrated the dark from within by sending 3 waves of volunteers from all over creation to incarnate on earth to illuminate the dark from within. White hats just activated the boots on the ground +++.
I will not go into details here on how much infiltration has been going on in this thread. But if you do wish to look more into this you can start on his blog below or check user @cobrainfo1 who posts info from the blog.


Dark vs light is an ancient struggle. With Jesus himself and many masters of light, Buddha, Krishna etc who come before us to show us the way to illuminate the darkness from within. #DarkToLight

Trust and believe in yourself - Q

And so it is. 🙏❤️🔥💫

So we've basically covered the trinity, that is the dark and the light, and there that center point in between, which is the neutral or zero point.

• • •

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24 Sep
All I can say here at this point is all the markers are there.
- Sun Cycle 25 - Solar maximum,
- Green Auroras, Rainbow clouds, sun anomalies
- Nov 3rd-4th, #GreatAwakening.
- Harmonic Frequencies
- Earth's Magnetic anomalies

Just to name a few. Use your own discernment.❤️🙏
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23 Sep
"2020 is a year of flux, of moving between the old and the new."

Source :…

Can' help but think we are approaching the critical flux point or 2020 is the year of flux point. Timing is irrelevant. Series of energetic shifts happening.🧐 ImageImage
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23 Sep
The Dark Alliance used war as a means to usher in the new world order by infiltrating countries and installing puppet regimes to run their Globalist agenda for
- Population control
- Profits
- New World Order

War [Fear] Sells
Evil and Corruption @ highest levels. ImageImageImageImage
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21 Sep
So the Trump card is "The Sun" (Tarot Card) from this thread by @JuliansRum . Hmmm🤔

Let's bring in the #SkyEvent Q drops, see where this goes?

What do you think Q is referring to here?

Signs in the skies? What the common object in the sky related to this beautiful display of colors in the sky? That's right it's the Sun. What else has being going on with the sun lately? That's right, we are in Sun Cycle 25. So what does this all mean?
"As a nation, we face a difficult two weeks as we approach that really important day when we're going to see things get better, all of a sudden," he said. "And it is going to be like a burst of light, I think, or I hope."

Sudden Burst of Light?🤔…
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21 Sep
#Q2222 Aliens
#Q2225 Secret Space Programs.
Thinking Logically.
Think Vastness of Space.
Think Black budget projects.
Think Deep State.
Everything is connected.
Nothing is random.
Expand your thinking. ImageImage
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19 Sep
And that's exactly why the 3 waves of volunteers come to earth, more or less to illuminate the dark from within. The only way to defeat darkness is to turn your lights back on while on earth. In other words just be your natural loving self that you already are. ❤🙏 ImageImageImage
But of course on a grandeur scale it is a free will experiment gone wrong, because of the degree of manipulation by those fallen angels of light. Those who choose to experience the dark path back to light. ❤🙏

And here we are in transmuting darkness from within, so without. We are all fractals of Source/God experiencing how it feels to be limited in a 3rd Dimensional duality experience. ❤🙏
#GreatAwakening #TransitionToGreatness
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