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15 Sep, 7 tweets, 1 min read
Upper Middle Class fancy progressive Smart People with secure zoomable jobs & comfortable living arrangements genuinely think they’re gonna Wait Until Vaccine. That’s their actual plan, whatever their rhetoric.
They’re gonna keep their kids home, do their learning online or in ‘pods’, for a year or three or five if that’s what it takes. No activity or associating with others will be allowed unless they’ve confirmed that ‘masks’ and ‘social distancing’ will be ‘practiced’.
They will insist that whatever governments rule over them impose maximal restrictions (mostly on others), of whatever type, as possible to get away with, and will be disappointed any time something is relaxed. Because Wait Until Vaccine is their goal.
There isn’t a new restriction they would oppose, and there isn’t a current restriction they would favor replacing. Not Until Vaccine.

Restrictions are good because they keep other humans, who are the enemy, away from them.
Except, of course, when those other humans are needed to deliver Amazon stuff to them or to do their landscaping. But that will all just continue apace, with no disruption. That’s what fancy Smart Upper Middle Class progressives think.
They think they can just keep doing this as society crumbles and burns around them. Health fascism will just continue and continue and keep them ‘safe’. Why shouldn’t it? They’re Smart and secure, they’ve got theirs, and after all, they’re just following The Science.
They think their jobs and paychecks will just continue throughout all this, no matter what. After all, they have fancy degrees, and their jobs are Important. Look how many zoom meetings they have on their Outlook calendar. That’s just irreplaceable

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16 Jul
‘See the problem was just, ok, we did a lockdown, but we didn’t do a FULL lockdown’ say all the Smart People. ‘Some people were still out & about and that’s why it still spread.’

You mean like, grocery store workers?

I really want to understand you FULL LOCKDOWN people. What are you saying you wanna do. Would you close all food distribution? For 6 weeks?

‘Well, no’
Ok, so all those grocery store employees are still going to work, right?

‘Ok sure, but that’s only..’

They quickly have nothing in stock if trucks don’t make their deliveries. So truck drivers are exempt from your FULL LOCKDOWN too right?

‘Ok, but...’
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25 Jun
Here’s an example. Someone in a Elite enough corporate role will probably sooner or later have to have a statement on file or regular self-evaluation how they ‘demonstrate a commitment to foster inclusion & equity’ or some crap.

And most of em, know this is just bullcrap.
Ok don’t get me wrong. Sure there are some who are True Believers in that stuff. Others probably aren’t but internalize it enough that the distinction is moot.

But really, come on, most of em know, it’s a silly hoop you gotta jump through. It’s ‘how the game is played’.
Now here’s the point, *complaining* about that stuff marks you as Low Status.

Like say you’re (like me) kinda aspie, naive, didn’t grow up that ‘elite’, have a tragic attachment to logic/fairness/rules-based systems, etc. And you start to question those ‘statements’.

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14 Jun
Too much of virus policy has coalesced around the twin pillars of Lockdowns and Curves.

People look at Curves and then either go ‘the Curve is bad so we need more Lockdowns’, or its ‘okay’ so we can release Lockdowns.

This all papers over & ignores what GOES INTO these Curves.
Consciously or not, people have settled into a one-dimensional ‘hydraulic’ model of how to control a virus.

-Aggregate the total volume of (cases, or hospitalizations, or deaths)

-Apply one single policy dial you either crank up or down (Lockdowns, essentially)
If you want fewer (cases/deaths), you do more Lockdown. If (cases/deaths) have gone down, you can ease up on Lockdown. Like a dial on thermostat.

Hence we get questions/complaints like ‘but how can we Reopen if cases ticked up!!’

What I suggest is this is all very dumb.
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17 Mar
I put a clock of 3-4 weeks on this way of life. There is a crossover point where, I'm sorry, but it's less-bad to let the virus run its course and just try to be careful. I don't like either option but we cannot (and, pragmatically speaking, many of us will not) do this forever.
I'm increasingly concerned by the absolutist and (yes) totalitarian attitude being expressed by some, that we have to do 'whatever it takes', where whatever seems to encompass any indefinitely-extended amount of society-wide quarantine.
Again, it's fine in the short-term to give this a shot, and if it works, great. But I just don't want policy-makers getting the idea that their Overton-window feasible-policy parameter-space includes this mass social quarantine and control for N months where N is any integer.
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4 Mar
People convinced of Elizabeth Warren’s ‘brilliance’ and pointing to her resume, academic career etc. as evidence of it really need to spend nonzero time grappling with where exactly she’d be right now if she hadn’t pretended to be an American Indian.
What Smart People are saying they’re impressed by when they point to Elizabeth Warren’s career is that they’re impressed by how she fucking faked her ethnicity to take advantage of stupid ‘diversity’ rules, to get ahead.

Smart People think that’s awesome. They’d all do the same.
What Warren represents isn’t ‘smart’ ‘technocracy’. It’s being a self-centered fucking phony who knows how to savvily navigate bureaucratic rules and do whatever it takes to climb ladders.

That’s what Smart People like and respect and value. Because, that’s their skill too!
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3 Oct 19
Here’s a tight analogy:

-Hunter Biden’s ‘private equity’ shop getting $1+bn ‘investment’ from China & (because of?) greasing the wheels of tech-transfer rules etc.

-The absolute *worst* allegation in the Steele Dossier, assuming all of it to be 100% true.

(Hint: Carter Page)
The Steele Dossier has the pee tape but objectively, that’s kind of meh

It says Cohen paid off some hackers ‘in Prague’ to hack some boring emails. Crime yes, but of the century? No

But the REAL accusation: big time bribery. Page gets a cut of Rosneft sale for sanctions relief.
Many people, of course, first read the dossier as saying (& still think?) Page, or Trump or someone, would GET the 19% of Rosneft being sold. I’m kinda convinced the author didn’t actually know the diff b/t GETTING 19% and getting a broker’s fee on 19%. Anyway, still a bribe.
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