Coerced sterilization is a crime against humanity.
People are not nearly as outraged by the abhorrent and grotesquely evil practice of inmate sterilization as you might expect. Ask me how I know.…
Also, to be clear, “crime against humanity” is not a turn of phrase here. Enforced sterilization is an actual, specific, and literal crime against humanity.…
This practice is not new. It also is not old. It is thankfully rare, but not as rare as you’d think. It is definitely here, sometimes adopted formally, sometimes not:…
It is a practice that is too frequently defended, sometimes in whispers, sometimes in open argument before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit:…
Civil rights lawyers have been fighting tirelessly against government-sponsored sterilization in this country for an actual century, perhaps longer. Here’s one of them (Fred Gray, Tuskegee, AL):
This is what the end of a government sterilization program looks like. It is at once tremendous and tremendously insufficient.
Greetings, you goddamn fucking fool. This thread is, to the contrary, a product of this Jew’s RAGE about government-sponsored sterilization, which I have some experience with because I ended such a program in my state and gave half the award to the Holocaust Memorial Museum.
A few US jurisdictions have voluntarily paid reparations for their sterilization programs:…. Many people who were sterilized are still alive.
A government official who sterilizes someone can (probably) still get qualified immunity for doing so based on the insane and never-formally-overruled jurisprudence that blessed the practice for a terrifying amount of time.…
Lots—LOTS—of *current* US government officials think sterilization is an appropriate punishment for criminal offenses. They rarely get pushback, but sometimes, they do.…
Caselaw remains well behind modern norms. E.g.—this is what qualifies as a “good” opinion on sterilization:… The holding: “such a serious and far reaching act should not be required by the court without a specific statutory or constitutional authorization.”
It would be nice if we developed sufficient consensus that this is an evil practice that we banned it by statute everywhere:…
Until then, outrage is essential. Otherwise, we’ll be stuck with constant efforts to return to the dark ages, because in so many ways, we’re still there and have barely evolved. /End…

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If you enjoy being ragey about standards of review, boy do I have an opinion for you:…
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I was very skeptical of this series when I first heard about it and directed the author to @ENBrown. Hope they reached out.…
Here’s @NSHBIZSichko’s first piece. It is not a good start. This gives every appearance of being a set up for exactly the same sensationalized nonsense that has resulted in countless other “stunning reports” of human trafficking in America turning out to be fraudulent.
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This is an excellent proposal, so of course, it’s not going to happen.…
Court packing is plainly bad (but legal). Though I honestly am not sure how much worse it is than flagrantly lying about something like this as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is also plainly bad (and also legal).
Sorry. The current Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. I’m not sure if he made any of these statements *while* he was Chairman. Obviously it’s egregiously dishonest either way, and people are not unreasonable for believing that he should be held to his word.
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg would still have been in the legal hall of fame if she had retired before becoming a judge. She was legendary in every way.
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This was the most easily debunked fake conspiracy since QAnon, and some of you are At Large Council Members who should be ashamed to show your face in public for the rest of the year.
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