Wish we embraced falling in friendship love and the magic of friendship love in general. It really is such a magnificent, kindred soul-shifting experience that can manifest in so many wonderfully different ways. It truly deserves its own genre of art, movies/TV, writing, music.
Wish we had more vocabulary to talk about our friendships. Wish we didn't relegate friendship to the binary of either lover/partner or friend. ugh. it's so limiting and does not do justice to the depth and complexity of friendships and love we feel for and with our friends.
My friends have saved my life. They have been there for me in some of my most darkest and joyful times. They have romanced me and i them.

They are not "layovers" between partners/lovers. They are not "side dishes" to the "main dish."
They occupy such an important part of what love is and can be. They don't diminish other forms of love, they enhance them.

They are a unique kind of home and belonging, esp for me as a queer, disabled, adoptee, woman of color, survivor.
Friendship break-ups can bring you to your knees and lay you out in bone-cold-misery. They are a particular kind of gut-wrenching heartbreak that you go through, often without the kind of support or understanding or commiseration that other break-ups get.
Anyways, i just want more art and books and series and songs about friendships. I want more conversations and spaces for us to be able to talk about our friendships in. I want more language,nuance and exploration.

Bc i love my friends deeply and i would not be here without them.

• • •

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24 Aug
we have our go-bags packed. just put out a change of clothes next to them in case anything happens during the night. we don’t have any evacuation warnings yet, but folks abt 10mins from us do. packing a bag of important/cherished things to also grab (computer, photos, etc). whew.
this week/end has been scary and stressful. fires + heatwave + pandemic.

spent all day yesterday checking on our folks: do they have a go-bag? an evacuation plan? etc.

my partner updated our go-bags and we made our evacuation plans.

feeling for *everyone* who is impacted.
anyone who has ever had to go through your house and decide what you’d want to bring w you if everything else were to be destroyed knows how emotional this is. and we have the luxury of doing it in preparation.
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30 Jul
i don't know if people realize 15/20 yrs ago, we used to have to beg people to come to TJ trainings. We used to have to really *make the argument* about why TJ was important and how it connected to their work. It was like pulling teeth sometimes... and now look at us. Damn.
don't get me wrong, there are still times we have to make the case, for sure. but things are so different now.
like, sometimes i feel like one of those old grandparents who talk about having to walk to school for miles in the snow lolol Sometimes i feel that way about TJ.
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28 Jul
A reminder, on this last week of Disability Pride Month, that abled supremacy is a major system of oppression that is connected to *all* other systems of oppression/violence.

[image description in alt text and at the end of this thread w the link to the article of this quote] ‪[quote by Mia Mingus that says, "Ableism is connecte
If you aren’t integrating an analysis of ableism, disability and abled supremacy in to your political analysis, you will miss huge parts of (y)our history and (y)our present conditions.
You will miss huge parts of white supremacy, heterocispatriarchy, global capitalism, the climate crisis, state sanctioned violence & generational cycles of violence, colonization & settler colonialism, the immigration system & xenophobia, prisons & police, the current pandemic...
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26 Jun
As a survivor of child sexual abuse, working for abolition via transformative justice, more police and more prisons will not stop sexual violence. If it did, we would not have the devastatingly high epidemic-level rates of sexual violence that continue to persist.
Anti-abolitionists trot out survivors who will vouch for the need for police/prisons, when the reality is the state itself is one of the most rampant perpetrators (& sites) of sexual violence (e.g. sexual assault is 2nd most common form of police brutality, rape as weapon of war)
It is clear that the state has no interest in ending sexual violence because it uses and relies on sexual violence as a way to maintain its power, even as it positions itself as a “protector.”
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8 Apr
I will be giving 2 webinars on Pods. RSVP at bit.ly/Pods101. Space is limited. Please share.

Both will be a basic intro to the concept of pods. We will cover how it came to be, how it can be used (esp now), lessons learned, how to map your pod(s) w time for Q&A. green circles in the background, creating a pod map. the flyer has text that reads Pods 101 Webinar facilitated by Mia Mingus. beneath that texr there are further details saying: Saturday, April 11, 12-2pm PST, Saturday, April 18, 12-2pm PST. RSVP for the link bit.ly/PODS101. at the bottom of the flyer in light blue it says Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective
ACCESS: Both webinars are free. We will have ASL interpretation. Visuals will be screen reader friendly. We plan to host the workshops on Zoom, which we are still learning. Please let us know in your RSVP if you have additional access needs you would like to share with us.
I strongly suggest attending this webinar with someone(s) in your life that you might call on if you were experiencing violence, crisis or an emergency. If you already have pod people, this would be a great way to engage them (more). Especially folks in your “movable” section.
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