To the Awake:

Things are speeding up, much faster than even I anticipated

One senses an urgency in advancing the globalist agenda, in establishing the NWO

Yet the majority remain brain wave dead to what stares them straight in the face, in broad daylight ... continued
* the construction of special containment areas for those who test positive

* the cessation of human rights and individual liberty as police use force to arrest young mothers who post online, tear women from cars for nothing illegal ... continued
... wrestle to the ground good & decent teenagers who take an anti-mask stand, tear away violently at an unmasked Scotsman in a subway

* instilling unnecessary fear and panic in the masses when a growing number of MDs and specialists are saying masks have no value ... continued
... in preventing transmission of the virus, that masks increase our vulnerability to disease, and are warning of serious dangers related to the coming vaccine

And what stares us in the face is the NWO taking shape:

* universal basic income (a minimum type wage) ... continued
... that will paid to everyone in form of social credits, maybe based on good behavior

* ubiquitous surveillance, ultimately inside our homes

* digital ID embedded in us via vaccines possibly, without which we cannot survive

* the end of shopping in stores ... continued
* ... and the purchase of all goods and services online, delivered by drone

* the concentration of the human populace in mega smart cities where people can be controlled and where people will live in small contained spaces in a 2D virtual reality birth to death ... continued
* no cars or trucks, no planes, trains, buses. No travel. No tourism. Only vehicles will be self-drive electric to take us short distances in mega cities

The shift to a cashless economy has already begun

The rise of a new totalitarian globalist ethos has begun ... continued
... in which democracy, liberty, human rights are all discarded in the name of the collective good, not temporarily but permanently

The current lockdown is the new world we will live in going forward. A world of informers, contact tracers, ubiquitous surveillance ... continued
... within a police state that is global, ruled & managed to the tiniest detail by the gods of the universe, the corporate globalist technocrats led by central bankers for now

You might ask how they pulled this off so quickly, so efficiently with barely a whimper ... continued
... from the masses

This was not a spur of the moment thing. It is the result of a century and more of careful planning, of decades of social engineering beginning with our education & infiltrating every major social institution. It is the result of constructing ... continued
... a technological superiority of such sophistication & magnitude that when lockdown commenced it made success possible, success that could only be dreamed about even at turn of this millennium

The corporate globalist technocrats seized control of that technology ... continued
... and turned it into the most powerful for controlling humanity ever to appear on this planet. The utopian dreamers who this technology as the means for the betterment of humanity, even helping us achieve immortality may be right from their perspective that better ... continued
... means immortality or something close to it but the reality is that their utopian vision is as draconian, authoritarian, fascist, totalitarianism, anti-human, cold, harsh, ruthless as anything Stalin, Hitler, Mao could have dreamed of ... continued
... What is about to commence will make Mao's cultural revolution look like a quiet Sunday afternoon stroll in the park. For the corporate globalist technocrat's utopia cannot be achieved any other way. They know it. Every utopia, including their NWO must account ... continued
... for the unpredictable element of human nature as well as resistance. And believe me they have taken all this into account ten ways to Sunday. No stone has been left unturned. And technology and media are the tools through which the masses are managed, engineered ... continued
... into conformists. Those who refuse will be *dealt with*

Globalist technocrats know utopia only works if the masses are FORCED to conform to the singular vision. The leftist ideology of the collective triumphs over the individual & equality triumphs over liberty ... continued
... the elitist oligarchy (China is the model) of the technocrats triumphs over democracy

The AWAKE know most of this. They see how fast the NWO is pressing down upon us, with breakneck speed. And they know in their hearts it will come to pass & the challenge ... continued
... becomes one of survival as we are forced to adapt to the inevitable

Victory is a long way in the future but ultimately even the NWO of corporate globalist technocrats will go down in flames, the way of every empire before it. That is written like a code in the ... continued
... laws that govern history. The cataclysm that destroys this NWO may be its own corruption & evil lust for power and total control, it may be such a massive EMP from the sun that their highly vulnerable technological grid is wiped out permanently or it might be ... continued
... a global cataclysm that causes mass extinction such has happened on Earth at least several times in the past

What will live on through it all will be Tuth and Light, Love and Goidness. These things ALWAYS triumph over Evil. ALWAYS
PS: Utopianism is about equality & conformism - which are unnatural in state of nature. Hence dislike of Darwin. Equality & conformism must be *forced* upon masses. Technology is ultimate weapon thru which conformism is enforced & NWO of corporate globalist technocrats is reached

• • •

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