Everyday atleast 10 different ppl ask me, "Hey bro wats #TeamAIVA"
I dodge their question somehow by saying its the name of our Team.

So, on occasion of Swαmy Jayanti,
I have decided to write a #Thread on #TeamAIVA.

Funny but interesting story of how AIVA started 😁
We were just bunch of friends who met through @TeamNamoBrigade and we were all firm on our opinion that Swαmy is the culprit of all the NOTA voices coming up against Modi and we were tweeting against him, mine was a small account with 500 followers & @LillyMaryPinto was our lead
Swαmy IT cell head @rameshnswamy came up with theory dat @LillyMaryPinto is Vignesh frm Pollachi, god knows whr did dat come frm😂

Lilly use to tag @ind_vignesh in her tweets as they were like Twitter siblings

thread written on Swαmy by @Sarvavyaapi now even she becomes Vignesh
So then Jobless Gopikrishnan, I mean @jgopikrishnan70 launched a brainless attack on Lilly saying... Vignesh tweet from your account 😂

Below, every Lilly's tweet, he use to write similar reply, calling Lilly as Vignesh 😂
J Dhobi would not stop here, he went ahead & tagged @vigvijayy whose name is also Vignesh😂

Now this new Vignesh was no where in scene & suddenly he propped up😂, his native is Pollachi

Hence Swαmy gang thought Lilly is Vignesh from Pollachi. Poor Vignesh asked why am I tagged
Now Dhobi thought he did an expose and he exposed Lilly aka Vignesh from Pollachi running all fake ids on Twitter.

To which Vignesh replied 😂👇🏼

This remains my personal fav tweet on Twitter & someday I will frame it, if we ever hav AIVA's office 😁
J Dhobi kept calling everyone as a fake account run by Vignesh, myself included 😂

Now, Dhobi goes a step ahead and calls me a paid agent Nirma Detergent... This is like 3 months before Nirmala ji was appointed as FM of India. As if they already knew that Swαmy would get nothing
Finally, I coined a term called
"All India Vignesh Association" (AIVA) with Lilly our President

Myself, Lilly(unfortunately account suspended) @ind_vignesh @Sarvavyaapi @OKarthik82 & @OyeProtein @RajiIndustani became founder members of AIVA 😁

Rats chasing Vignesh=VRats 😂👇🏼
This was the first surgical strike by AIVA, video went viral and ordinary account like mine got 500 RTs...

VRats intensified their attack, we use to get attacked PT's everyday but we fought as a Team which made us a stronger 😁
Now we were looking for more like minded ppl dats whr we found our rock star @alap003319 bhai & later @KinjalDesai_KD @impuni & @AnujitKumarMuk1 joined our team, so our confidence was getting slightly better 😁 with our growing strength.
It was fun for us trolling @rameshnswamy @jgopikrishnan70 @NATRAJSHETTY 😂

They use to call us paid agents of Shakuni... Paid agents of Nirma

We were always paid, same accusations even today 😂
Attack on Nirmala ji just won't stop, everyday same filthy allegations on her. It was very frustrating to watch a lady maligned so badly.
I fired my first warning shot to VHS trolls in April 2010, I urged @BJP4India to give a befitting reply to these Swαmytards or allow us to release fact findings in public forum.

BJP didn't bother to reply, so we took on the mantle.
Now @rameshnswamy started trolling us by tagging @amitmalviya by asking him to take action on our report. Yes the same Amit Malviya for whom Swαmy is begging BJP to sack him coz Swαmytards think we are working for him 😂

We are just Modi supporters, we work for no one.
What happened after @rameshnswamy 's tweet is a history 😁

Slowly but gradually #TeamAIVA grew in size, many like minded ppl got associated to us, supported & slowly AIVA is becoming a revolution😍

Everyone is welcome at AIVA, write #TeamAIVA in your bio & start exposing Guru🔔

• • •

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8 Sep
@mohandastg did an entire show on @pGurus1 to downplay sins of his master Swαmy in 1999, where he brought down Gov of Yugpurush Shri Vajpayee ji.
A GSB frm Kerala, I hope he is well versed in Hindi
"प्रत्यक्ष को प्रमाण की आवश्यकता नहीं"
My reply #Thread
Mohandas brings an interesting angle saying it was Giridhar Gamang who was then Odisha CM, and still a LS MP, walked to the Parliament & voted against government & his vote led to the fall of Vajpayee Gov
Or else it could hav been 269 each

Let's see how Mohandas is lying here
Giridhar Gamang is tribal leader frm Odisha, 7 time MP & ex CM whose tenure as CM lasted mere 7 months.
He joined BJP in 2015, he was made to look like a villian for 1999 fiasco.
In 2017, Late Pranab da released his book 'Coalition Politics 1996-2012'

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4 Sep
पितृपक्ष/Pitru Paksha has started, customs can differ frm 1 place to another but in Maharashtra we offer Bhojan to Kak (crow). Befor someone makes fun of our tradition, I thought I shuld explain why we offer bhojan to crow
Please read my #Thread on Kakbhushundi & his significance
Kakbhushundi was greatest devotee. He was believed to be the first one to narrate the Ramayana even before sage Valmiki or Tulsidas. Kakbhushundi was mentioned by Tulsidas in Uttara & Bal Kanda of Ramcharitramanas

He is one of the Chiranjeevi's (immortal) till end of Kali Yuga
Kak means Crow, but he was not born as crow, he was born as a human being in Ayodhya, as a kid he was great devotee of Prabhu Ram, he was always keen to learn how to devote his Aradhyay Shree Ram. So he left for forest, whr he happened to meet Rishi Lomasa.
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15 Aug
"When a clueless man became the Prime Minister of India through nepotism"

On the occasion of the Independence Day, I present you my, detailed #Thread on Rajiv Gandhi.

Read the entire thread to understand all the blunders committed by Rajiv in his tenure from 1984 to 1989. Image
1984 Anti-Sikh Riots

A bigger blot on Congress, where riot accused were rewarded with Loksabha tickets, Cabinet ranks and recently one of them was made a CM.

Rajiv Gandhi made a foolish statement saying "when a big tree falls, the ground shakes"

Ur mom digged her own grave🤷🏻‍♂️ Image
Khαlistan activities got intensified in different parts of India & it also triggered activities abroad

Air India flight frm Canada to India was blown up mid air, killing 329 ppl. Extrεmist activities continued till mid 90's

Today same Congress is preaching about peace & harmony Image
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26 Jul
My #Thread on Indira Gandhi

To my eyes she wasn't a Durga or any Iron Lady as many of them describe her

According to me, she single handedly weakened India & her wrong decisions which made a long lasting damage to nation & we can still feel that brunt

Read this detailed thread

PM Lal Bahadur Shastri mysteriously found dead in Tashkent, Russia. No investigation🤷🏻‍♂️

Conspiracy theories say, he was killed by Russia or Pakistan or CIA

None of them, got any significant benefits. Only one who hugely benefitted was Indira Gandhi

7th Nov 1966

Gau Raksha Samiti headed by Karpatri Maharaj marched towards Delhi with thousands of cows & Saints with an age old demand of banning cow slaughter in India.

Indira's gov opened fire on peaceful protesters sitting outside Parliament 😔

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21 Jul
Since we have plenty of discussions on NCERT syllabus

I have maintained my opinion that changing entire syllabus is a mamooth task

It will be challenged in court & will take ages for conclusion & our future generations will suffer

I am writing a thread to suggest alternate way
We need to reignite an alternate board based on old Gurukul format

Before someone gets confused, let me clarify that I am not talking about restarting Gurukuls but instead having a board based on Gurukul teachings

Since it will be a Hindu board, we will have freedom for content
Biggest argument is why shuld the kids learn Mughal history, but to my eyes learning to much of freedom struggle is giving unnecessary publicity to Gandhi & Nehru, who did considerable damage to India's cultural heritage by promoting left leaning ideology in post independence era
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27 Apr
Continuing my pursuit to burst the claims by Subramanian Swamy, I would like to present a new thread which will expose Swamy's claims on how he single handedly opened Kailash Mansarovar route in 1981

I will 1st explain abt his claims and then I will try to dismantle those claims
He wrote an article in Hindu newspaper to claim how he played an instrumental role in Indo-China relationships, how he was handpicked by Morarji Desai in 1977 to negotiate wid China.
He arranged a visit to China for then External Affairs Min Vajpayee in 79
In 1981, Swamy Visited then Chinese President Deng Xiaoping, he negotiated with Chinese Minister to open the Kailash Mansarovar route, which China agreed and Swamy himself led the 1st group of 20 Pilgrims in 1981 and after that Indian pilgrims have visited Kailash in batches
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