1) The sad and distressing thing about all of this shit, is that most people are completely oblivious to the connection between Covid, masks, lockdowns, vaccines, etc and the Sustainable Development Agenda. The connections are real, verified by the agenda and those promoting it.
2) The media and politicians simply don't promote it or educate the masses. They don't because if they did, they masses would reject the agenda, flat. They would have protests the likes no one in Canada or the western world have seen. This is why it's so frustrating for
3) folks like me who understand the connections, who have done the research, who have studied the agenda. It's not conspiracy theory, it's conspiracy fact. It's all there for all to see. Propaganda, denial, blind loyalty, and cognitive dissonance are allies of the globalists and
4) their agenda, our enemy. Canadian society and western society are also their own worst enemies. They have been put to sleep by the media, Hollywood, Multi-Nationals, Monopolies, our education system, bureaucracy, and politicians.
5) Hell,most of our politicians are asleep and have no idea. There is an inevitable awakening coming,the only question is will it be too late and very rude,or will critical thought, integrity, truth, values and wisdom finally rise above the insanity and promote the mass awakening
6) and inspire the masses to unite and defend everything we hold dear? Only time will tell, but we must, and I wil,l do whatever is in my power to help facilitate that awakening before it's too late.

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12 Sep
1) My bet...Tomorrow, while all the protests around the country regarding draconian covid restrictions and masks etc, and ultimately globalism, are attracting thousands upon thousands, the media will not cover them, at all.
2) However, there is a pro-gun protest in Ottawa that has been promoted by CCFR, will get plenty of coverage. Do you know why? Because the CCFR is a lobby group for the @CPC_HQ. They have been co-opted by the CPC. In all fairness, the CCFR probably believes that relationship
3) will bring the best results to their members and the gun community as a whole. Maybe they're right, to a point. However, what they won't tell you is that the gun grab is part of the greater UN sustainable development agenda. Why won't they tell you that?
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1 Sep
1) UN Sustainable Development Agenda. Agenda 21/2030.
The master agreement that gave birth to:
Paris Accord -Carbon Pricing/Carbon tax
Mass Immigration
Migrant Compact
Refugee Compact
Media Compact
Education Compact
Small Arms Treaty- Gun Grab
New Urban Agenda
2) Covid “Pandemic” Regulations
And the list goes on!
With the help of 8300 NGO’s directly associated to the UN Agenda.
In association with:
Trilateral Commission
3) Responsible for:
The loss of Canadian Sovereignty
The destruction of our resource industries
The destruction of our economy
The loss of our freedoms
Corruption through funneling tax dollars through NGO’s
The loss of our culture and identity as Canadians
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19 Aug
1) I know these times are crazy, the world is upside down, It can be overwhelming. Just remember, the globalists and their agenda sit on a swampy, mushy foundation. It’s why they constantly need propaganda to indoctrinate the masses. It’s why they’re so scared of Donald Trump.
2) It’s why they recruit as many useful idiots as possible. They’ve really had free reign for many many years to develop their agenda and push it through our schools, our bureaucracy, our media(News, movies,music, sports), our politicians, and the corporate world.
3) Yet, there are many many true patriots who stand on granite foundations, we will inspire and motivate the masses, we will win in the end. It’s impossible for us to lose this fight. Freedom, liberty, and justice will overcome global tyranny, communism, fascism, and technocracy.
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3 Aug
1)Dear conservatives,the party that you think represents your values,the CPC,has been hijacked. It was hijacked in the 90’s and again in the 00’s and throughout the 10’s. It’s now the 20’s,time for a new way,a way forward where the people decide,not the elite or special interests
2) A way where the vast majority of Canadians come together under a set of core values. Values that shape our true, distinct identity. The values of freedom, liberty, sovereignty, prosperity and justice. A Canadian🇨🇦 way, not the globalist way.
3)A Canadian way where we take care of our own interests and needs instead of forsaking our own for a globalist dystopian agenda. Where we defend and protect our culture and way of life, where we defend and protect our resources, industry, and prosperity.
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17 Jul
1) Here’s how it works with UN Agendas. Doesn’t matter which one. Pick one. Climate change, vaccines, UNDRIP, immigration, education, etc.

The UN and its globalists have their goals to meet. 17 goals and 169 targets, to destroy western civilization, the industrialized world,
2) and capitalism, while forming a global governing body to create the “non-binding guidelines”.
In order for leaders of nation states throughout the west to be able to enact those guidelines, the globalist have the media agreeing to promote the narrative (see media compact).
3)Once the media is fully on board, like they were/are for climate change, UNDRIP, Education,Transgenderism, etc etc etc, they can heavily influence the masses of said nation states, throughout western civilization.Backing up that propaganda is the education system that has fully
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25 Jun
1)A couple of weeks ago my business was attacked by antifa and other useful idiots. It was specifically targeted because I am not anyone’s employee and they couldn’t get me fired. They went after my livelihood because I was very critical of our local mayor, Charlie Clarke,
2) to BLM and promoting the narrative of systemic racism in Canada. (A system Charlie has been a leader in for many years)

Naturally, as I covered in a couple of live streams. BLM is connected to the globalist agenda. It’s plain as day on their own website. But in this video,
3) Glen explains how directly they are connected to George Soros and the Tides Foundation. The same tides foundation directly connected to and funding the Wet’suwet’en society, NOT the actual First Nation.
Which is all connected to the UN sustainable development agenda
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