@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i Becky, in college in at least 7 different classes, we covered this. This is part of a college education. You learn what the peer review process is and the danger of "armchair scientists". This is a long conversation and I don't have time for it. Every single class we took we 1/
@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i had to account for the accuracy of the information we presented. Everything had to be cited. We had to learn to examine information to see who had an agenda, to see what the peer review process said in terms of it being a good reliable experiment. In most degrees, 2/
@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i but especially science degrees, you learn that even people with PhD's have to backup their assertions with the preponderance of data. Any given situation has to be backed up by a lot of research, not just any one given article and it has to have a specific quality. I paid a 3/
@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i LOT of money for my college education, so I'm not going to give that to you for free. Your next move should ideally be to take an online microbiology class or ANY science class. The CDC has to look at information from a scientific perspective and it has no agenda, except 4/
@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i a Public Health Agenda. Becky, the field of Public Health has been active for over 150 years, for that long, we have had contact tracing and many other things that you see. We have had a shortage of airborne viruses, though. This is new. You have to be able to understand 5/
@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i that when you try to put your opinions and who "you trust" up there with a PhD level, lifetime of experience epidemiologist, that's one of the worst things you can do. There is no possible way that you can even understand the research articles that they use, let alone check 6/
@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i it for yourself for accuracy. Public Health was set up to have ONE AGENDA. ONE. Keep the public safe from disease. Anything outside of that, is not allowed in the field of public health. There can be no agenda, no politics, nothing but science done properly, because 7/
@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i Scientists have within their disciplines the means by which to hold the public trust. They are also skilled in explaining the information that they need to give you, to keep the public safe in as easy to understand a manner as possible. You need to take some college 8/
@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i microbiology classes to be able to understand the science behind epidemiology and how important Public Health controls are. They need to be a part of and ARE a part of, every single governing agency in the world. The CDC and WHO has one objective in mind. Keeping you 9/
@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i healthy and alive for as long as possible. If you can't trust that and you think that there's some other agenda that's more worthwhile than that, I can't help you. Because these people spend their lives protecting you, like the military. To disrespect them is like dis-10/
@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i respecting the military. They are a line of defense. They are there to protect and serve. I don't have time to explain any more, but you need to stop watching Fox News, stop listening to QAnon, go read one of those articles where they debunk the Plandemic film and know the 11/
@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i difference between paranoid disconneced thinking and sound science. Your level of caution isn't relevant, because there needs to be a specific level of caution mandated by public health experts who have spent the last year since March, working day and night for you and your 12/
@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i community. For you to continually attack them is not okay. It's the wrong thing to do and it just turns you into a public nuisance. Don't be a public nuisance. Listen and do what they tell you, because they are trying to get everything to return to normal. 13/
@BeckyJohnson222 @Bord_Jawn @thebr0keb0i It will not return to normal, until we learn how to participate with scientists who are trying to help us stay safe. PUBLIC HEALTH is serious. Take it seriously. 14/ ~fini

• • •

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25 Sep
I was a Republican until Trump. During the Trump administration, I had my affiliation changed to Democrat, because I did not want to be known as a Trump Republican. To me, it was the same as a killer racist misogynistic cult, run by sex offenders. 1/
At that point, he hadn't even erased the Pandemic Team, hadn't mislead people into deathly choices about Covid, hadn't tried to take apart the ACA. He hadn't destroyed the Post Office to Win, hadn't been sued for rape, Hadn't told people to vote twice, and 2/
He hadn't had super spreader rallies, hadn't taken over the FDA, hadn't refused to do anything about the Russian bounties on OUR brave military M & W. He had just put immigrant children in horrible conditions and separated them from their parents, and said Nazis 3/
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21 Sep
I see Trump as someone who has a very severe mental illness. He is surrounded by people who know that. I see that they get him to do things for them. He is so ill that his consent is not actually like consent. The Christian Right, doesn't care that he is ill. They 1/
want someone who is unwell and doesn't understand the constitution, or the office of presidency, to give them the religious war of their fantasies. Russia is using him and Pence and those around them to give them their fantasies of taking over the United States from within. 2/
Far right nazis, facists and racists see them as the one who will normalize their cruel ailments, both to the public and those they hate, but to themselves, as that much hatred is an affliction of the spirit and leads to the cessation of free will. Trump is not blameless, 3/
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14 Sep
It is my belief, that the American attitudes who deny science, reject progress, refuse improved government requirements, refuse gun control, hatred for immigrants, are all formed via Soviet e-war efforts via email, message boards, FB, Twitter and other social media outlets. 1/
Think about it. What things Did the Soviet Union hate about us, that the world loved about us. Our open arms immigration, the American Dream, our brain trust and our contributions to science, our quiet peaceful non gun oriented previous society, our safety measures that 2/
saved lives, our freedom of religion, rather than state sponsored ideology. They wanted the two to merge, so that it would be more like them. They hate the idea that there's two reigning sources of influence. They hated our free press, so they began attacking that. 3/
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12 Sep
I have to share something, it's really funny to me. I was looking for a distraction from a writing exercise I was doing and I looked up "Are we in the Apocalypse now?" I get a lot of things about the sign, etc. 666. I googled "What's the address of Trump Towers" and it 1/
Showed me, but right below that as if Google knew what I was looking for it had this: 2/ Image
So, since there's nothing like a good link bender, I clicked the Wikipedia page. I'm like

GTF OUT of here.. you're kidding? I started laughing. 3/ Image
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11 Sep
I had dreams months before 9/11 that a plane that was more like a bomb flew into a building and tore it down. The world went grey, black and grey again, people soot covered, sat on lg. concrete chunks. I woke up with palatable charged dread that took days to wear off. 1/
I had told people on 2 message boards about my bad dream, but seriously thought the plane was symbolic and that a dam would break. On 9/11 I was like " So that's what that was". Months prior I had told my therapist that 911 means something. He said " tell you what 2/
"I will write down to call you on 9/11, about your bill and then you can see you aren't psychic". He called me on 9/11 and then later denied why. People were terrified. I listened to my instincts and told them that they were safe. I couldn't stop watching the tv. 3/
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10 Sep
Let me explain something about NPD. People who have it, look for a supply, they don't stop, they become gradually more abusive. The only way to protect yourself, is to cut off contact. So, if all the democrats, progressives, liberals, leftists completely stopped paying /
Attention to him. I mean total CNN, media, congress, DNC, Biden, etc. and went on about their lives, he'd turn on his followers, handlers and supporters. He would literally go down the line until he's gotten his supply from anyone nearby. All of us resisters are decoys. 2/
We're decoys and we're trying to create a diversion saying "Over here, over here!" to give him something to harm and yell at and hurt and piss off. We've supplied him with more than enough NS, but we're tired. If he gets re-elected what you'll see is a lot of him going after 3/
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