Taiwan's "Chinese Wild Bird Federation" forced out of UK-HQed conservation org BirdLife International bc...yup bird.org.tw/news/585
The Telegraph contacted BirdLife International for comment, but it said it would be “inappropriate for us to comment publically on matters relating to, and interactions with, partner organisations”. telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/09/1…
if you do a search for "Taiwan" on the BirdLife website and try to access the bio page for the "Chinese Taiwan" page, well you can't
there's a long history of China pressuring Taiwan in @BirdLife_News. @cwbf1988 in fact used to be called Wild Bird Federation Taiwan, but had to change its name to Chinese Wild Bird Federation in 2008. Taiwan was even a founding member of BirdLife in 1996. news.ltn.com.tw/news/focus/pap…
@BirdLife_News @cwbf1988 a 2013 TW article says that China wasn't even a member of @BirdLife_News - indeed a search for China on its website brings up only the Hong Kong (China) mission - but China only sought to push TW out of any participation in intl institutions news.ltn.com.tw/news/local/pap…
@BirdLife_News @cwbf1988 Taiwan has contributed annually to @BirdLife_News conservation projects in Sao Tome, Cambodia, and Madagascar. what happens to that funding now? birdlife.org/asia/news/chin…
@BirdLife_News @cwbf1988 in the canon of "nothing is too small for China to politicise when it comes to Taiwan" anecdotes my fav is probably still the one about Rockhampton council in Aus painting over a TW flag painted by kids on a bull sculpture in line with the one china policy abc.net.au/news/2018-05-0…
i keep coming back to this quote by @RollandNadege in an intvw with a Dutch newspaper earlier this year: "China is already shaping us more than we think.” gaodawei.wordpress.com/2020/05/12/de-…
@RollandNadege as per @TaiwanBirding, no matter how "non-governmental" something is - in this case a literal NGO - it will get politicised as a One China issue.
@RollandNadege @TaiwanBirding seriously another day another china streisand effect
also very fitting that i learned about this incident first thru @niaocollective
@NiaoCollective “So much of birding and bird life involves migration and travel between different areas. Birds do not care about borders," said @TaiwanBirding qz.com/1903623/bird-c…
a reminder that now that @cwbf1988 has left @BirdLife_News, the Chinese representative is the HK Birdwatching Society and not a mainland Chinese NGO.

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20 Aug
How much does sth have to “resemble the Holocaust” for ppl to take it seriously as a genocide? asked @SamanthaJPower. i looked into this question wrt to Uyghurs, amid a surge in expressions of concern and Holocaust comparisons by Jewish communities qz.com/1892791/a-cons…
among those who were outspoken on the abuses against Uyghurs in the Jewish community or invoked Holocaust comparisons: @BoardofDeputies, @rabbisacks, @GilTaieb, while @RianThum highlighted the importance of @JewishNewsUK putting the Xinjiang hair seizure story on their frontpage
according to @j_smithfinley, what really moved the needle on using the word “genocide” was the timing of the @AP forced sterilisations story and then the hair seizures. on top of that, the train video geolocated by @Nrg8000 went viral. @AuschwitzMuseum alluded to it in a tweet.
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20 Jul
the petition calling for the UK to sanction China over Xinjiang has over 100k signatures, now parliament must debate it. 2 days ago it had ~ 50k signatures. it's been wild watching the way the issue has taken off in the UK in just the last few *days* petition.parliament.uk/petitions/3001…
a selection of the major news reports on Xinjiang Uyghurs in UK media that may have contributed to the explosion in interest in the issue. @lindseyhilsum @Channel4News reported on forced labour a few days ago based on @CodaStory story channel4.com/news/uyghurs-b…
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1 Jul
Nat sec law on frontpage of Japan's Sankei newspaper, black box at the top says "HK is dead." article describes "invisible tanks" rolling into HK on June 30; "HK was a place where ppl who were submerged underwater in China could come up for air." sankei.com/world/news/200…
meanwhile, Nikkei has a explainer on why HK is important to Japan. over 25k of its natls live in HK, and over 1413 JP companies are based in HK, 2nd only to mainland CH companies. Agri exports to HK is the highest in the region. nikkei.com/article/DGXMZO…
Mainichi, which (like other mainstream papers) also splashed HK nat sec law on the frontpage, says in an opinion that HK cannot keep its status as a global financial centre without a free market mainichi.jp/articles/20200…
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19 Feb
on news that China has revoked the journalist visas of 3 WSJ reporters, Tlobal Gimes earlier said that the WSJ had given the explanation re "sick man of Asia" op-ed that the editorial page and news side are separately run - which i presume is not good enough for Beijing
the original author of the 'racist' op-ed in question was @wrmead
@wrmead other countries who have been called "sick man of" by the WSJ: France, Italy, Britain, Germany
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22 Dec 19
my thread today for the solidarity with uyghurs rally in hk
organisers kick off by giving an overview of the kinds of oppression facing Uyghurs: surveillance, restrictions on worship and their way of life eg forced to eat non-halal foods
note that the organisers have used the term east turkestan rather than xinjiang
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