The role of the government, this Anglo-American contraption which gives us grief, is to contain us so that a few royals who don't work survive on our work. Unless we get this basic reality, we'll continue to tell stories like #DegreeOfDoubt
Thread #maishakazini
Some history. First the missionary came to prepare our hearts for capitalism. For them, conversion to Christianity wasn't abandoning African culture. It was entering the capitalist economy as a worker. #degreeofdoubt #maishakazini
Missionaries attacked mostly cultural practices which interfered with Africans working for wazungu. They talked about human rights and whatever, but their evidence of conversion was if you got employment at a mzungu farm and used the money to buy mzungu trinkets. #degreeofdout
Then after that came the REAL interests of colonialism. BUSINESS. Kenya was set up as a business of the Imperial British East Africa company in the 1880s, and only became a colony in 1920. It took a whole 40 years for the British state to show up. #degreeofdoubt #maishakazini
Why the gap? Because the role of the state is simple: to provide the violence with which to ensure that we do what the imperial business interests want. Africans were already revolting in the 1900s. How else could they force us to work?

Law and guns.
#maishakazini #degreeofdoubt
The principle is simple. The business interests can't openly tell you "I'm here to make sure that your resources are mine and that it's your work that hands them over to me." People will riot. And they did. #maishakazini #degreeofdoubt
So the business interests came up with A GOVERNMENT to be a buffer between you, the exploited, and the exploiters. The government provides "law and order" and policy based on so-called neutral principles #maishakazini #degreeofdoubt
The government tells you that it exists to take care of your education and other social services, because that's the story you'll accept for them to stay. But their real job is to protect wazungu interests. They tell us that all the time. #degreeofdoubt…
All this to say that the government of Kenya has NEVER wanted Africans to get university education. Ever. It's not in their business interests. Their job is to extract our resources and our labor. University education makes people say No. #degreeofdoubt #maishakazini
During colonial times, the settlers successfully campaigned against Kenyans getting education, to the extent that of the 3 EA countries, Kenya provided the least resources and sent the least number of students to Makerere. #degreeofdoubt #maishakazini
The Mau Mau revolt made the British government finally accept that a white face at State House was bad for business. Governement run on "neutral" policies wasn't enough to pacify us. The business interests needed black faces in governement. #degreeofdoubt #maishakazini
It was only then that the British government from London accepted to create a university college in Nairobi. University was for creating an elite who would serve in the state, and steal from us and then send the resources to London and New York. #degreeofdoubt #maishakazini
That colonial philosophy was also Jomo's philosophy. He never increased the number of universities in Kenya because he had the elites he needed. Too many elites being produced in universities was politically dangerous. #degreeofdoubt #maishakazini
Do you honestly think that KEPSA, GOK and @EduMinKenya are going to tell you this? Of course not. So they come up with a story.

Sorry, they don't come up with a story. They repeat the colonial settler one. #degreeofdoubt #maishakazini
#degreeofdoubt says the same thing the colonial settlers said: higher education interferes with the workplace. The only difference is that while settlers said African minds cannot handle knowledge, @ntvkenya is saying that there are no jobs except menial ones. #maishakazini
But the basic argument is the same. Africans do not deserve to make decisions about their destiny and the economy. Their job is to work where they are told. #degreeofdoubt GoK wants to defund university education, because it is afraid of informed and educated Africans. Period.
And the only way you will accept GoK doing what it did in colonial times, which is denying Africans higher education, is by accepting that degrees are useless in the economy. Of course university education is useless in a plantation economy. Duh! #degreeofdoubt
If Kenya really cared about a good and decent economy, it would let graduates be creative and work. But do you think a family made up of Ichaweri settlers, who have no ideas except to grab, would want such an economy? Priss, Kenyans. Ati #degreeofdoubt. Mschew.
This is what happens when Kenyan graduates imagine doing work other than plumbing. The wazungu come steal their ideas in the name of investment. The settler-grabber elites don't mind, because that's one less Kenyan using their mind. #degreeofdoubt
So Kenyans, we need to grow up and ask mature questions about education. AND THE ECONOMY!!!! This "no jobs" story is the story of colonial settlers, not ours. The media are on the side of the settlers, not on our side. #DegreeOfDoubt #maishakazini

• • •

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25 Sep
I watch this documentary by @AfUncensored and I'm so frustrated. Because I know this: there is no language in Kenya for us to see this as a violation of human dignity.
I have occupied the fields of education and Christianity for all my life. I know that people who pass through those institutions are taught to be inhuman. Despite all the language of religion and knowledge, to be educated and to be a Christian is to be anti-human.
Which academic, which clergy, will speak up for the downtrodden in Kenya? None. The students will never talk about them in class, the congregation will never hear about them on Sundays. When Magoha says nonsense about the poor, students write theses to justify his ideas.
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24 Sep
Cheikh Anta Diop, A MAN, said that gender in Africa was about philosophical approaches, not about biological men and women.

So this bile against 2/3 rule is a colonial and racist inferiority complex.
Colonialists separated men from community and gave them capitalist perks like money so as to exploit them and emasculate them for labor. In a colonial report, the British complained about men in Ukambani not joining the colonial economy because they were potential warriors.
Even Europe, the Scandanavia which Kenyans like to cite, came to the same realization when the saw that the banks that fell during the economic crash of 2008 had the problem of adventurism at the expense of people.
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24 Sep
This is a very good point. The people whining about Kenyan education not being like in Scandanavia are the same ones spilling vitriol about women.

Well guess who are driving the education conversation in Kenya? Women. You don't listen, then you accept a racist, patriarchal CBC.
Women in Kenya are fighting for environment, health, education, energy justice, against extra-judicial killings, constitutionalism. We're not asking for a woman to go to State House to get a handshake gender deal and a secret report for a referendum. We are saying #TekelezaKATIBA
I'm not saying that men are not also fighting for these things but that the people opposing the implementation of the constitution are fighting for not just inequality, but also for Kenyan politics to remain immature obsession with personality rather than issues.
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21 Sep
Wasanii wa Kenya: the US wants duties on American digital products like music and e-books removed. Mark you,
@KRACare is taxing Kenyan ones.…
US also wants Kenya to "establish rules to prevent governments from mandating the disclosure of computer source code or algorithms." This means that US could collect data on us, or disseminate nonsense like Cambridge Analytica, but not be held to account.
The US also wants to import the mess of its healthcare by making its drugs as expensive and protected like they are in the US.

Mark you, US pharma runs a racket in the US. When their patents are about to expire, they repackage the drugs so that they can remain expensive.
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21 Sep
So I'm recalling a conversation in this streets about the demand for theory in the petition by @DavidNdii et al. over the past few days and wondering what it is that the Kenyan school system teaches about theory.
In post-graduate work, there is a demand for theory that sounds more bureaucratic than anything else. It is like we are explicitly required to say "I'm using this theory..." before any of our thinking is worth consideration. And that theory is invariably western.
For undergraduates, theory is something to apply. So they can't see any theory unless it demonstrates applicability. But applicability, again, is limited. To the market. It's not about our lives and values, but about what can make us money.
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20 Sep
The argument an MP gave on Citizen TV for BBI is the same argument kumirans gave for voting for the ICC suspects in 2013: we're traumatized and tired of dying. We'll do anything for "peace" and "development."
"And anyone who tries to say that we can't keep on letting politicians lynch us is an insensitive ethnic supremacist who doesn't know what suffering is."
Surely, what kind of a conversation is that, where we are comparing not ideas and dignity, but whose wounds are more painful?
This Kenya is just toxic. Politicians are a lynch mob who hang us every 5 years precisely so that we can say "Stop! Do no more harm." When do we end this cycle of violence, and blackmailing each other with our trauma?
Read 11 tweets

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