A Hindu has three debts (ऋण) which he has to fulfill through Vivaha samskara: debt towards the ancestors, debt towards the devata-s and debts towards the rishi-s. Debt of ancestors is paid by procreating children who continue the lineage.
Taittiriya Brahmana says a man achieves immortality through his progeny. So, procreating children is central to the concept of Hindu vivaha. Debt of Devata-s are paid by performing rituals and Yajna-s as married couple which is the second central aspect of vivaha.
Debt of Rishi-s is intimately linked with debt of ancestors. It's paid by imparting the knowledge of Shastra-s and tradition to your children in the same way Rishi-s imparted knowledge to our ancestors. A homosexual marriage is not recognized in Sanatan Dharma for these reasons.

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18 Sep
This is the classical way of a Communist framing the debate based on his own terms and trapping you. First, why should 'communal violence' by differentiated from the other form of organized violence which Communists practice? Let's look at every type of violence.
If we fall in this trap, even Stalin would emerge as a noble man because he didn't organize any communal violence but merely killed millions of innocent farmers for being bourgeois. Political violence and class violence driven by Communist ideology must be considered.
In West Bengal alone, during the three decades of Communist rule, more than 50,000 political killing was done by Communists. This was officially accepted by Buddhadeb Bhattacharya in West Bengal assembly. Why should we overlook this fact?
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13 Sep
A Hindu marriage can happen only between a man and woman. If a couple doesn't fulfill the criteria, it's simply not eligible for marriage. It doesn't need to be explicitly stated which is a given truth affirmed in Dharmashastra-s again and again.
The purpose of Hindu vivaha is to beget children, perform the rituals and walk together on the path of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. A same sex marriage can't fulfill either of the purpose as they can't beget children nor perform the rituals meant for married couple.
Vedic Yajnas or any other ritual explicitly states that it has to be a man and woman as husband and wife as Yajmans. There is no compromise on it. Your modernity can't dictate how we approach Dharma and conduct ourselves. Same sex couples don't meet the criteria of marriage.
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8 Sep
Raita wing feminists having 'Shakti complex' have started the usual narrative of misogyny and patriarchy in the case of mocking of our deities by neo-atheists because they used the morph pictures of our goddesses.
Let's be very clear that this narrative is nothing but obfuscation of the actual intent and issue because this group can't think beyond misogyny and patriarchy like certain people can't think beyond brown and white.
The intent was to mock Hindu goddesses because Hindus worship them driven by their Abrahamic zeal even though they're declared atheists combined with the edgy attitude of Neo-Atheism which denigrates our sacred symbols.
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3 Sep
Having observed Indic crowd for the sufficient period of time, I think it's time for me to identify myself as Indic as benefits of being Indic are immense.

1. An Indic guy always adds indic in everything. Even death has to be Indic.
2. Reasoning and thought is replaced with the standard phrase 'This is Abrahamic, hence rejected.'

3. No need to have epistemological and metaphysical principles. Just oscillate from one end to another.
4. If someone says that Abrahmics also inhale oxygen, Indic person would say that they are the oldest pagans of the world and don't follow this Abrahmic practice of inhaling oxygen.

5. Ask their opinion about an economic issue. They'll tell that they will think in Indic way.
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20 Aug
Journalists know nothing about Economics yet they give such ridiculous comparison. Market capitalization and GDP are not comparable. GDP is the sum of monetary value goods and services produced in a year in a country or region.
But, market capitalization is merely a measure of its worth in the stock market. It doesn't give an idea about the monetary value of goods or services produced by the company. The revenue of a company is the measure of that.
So, if you compare GDP of a country with any company, it should be the revenue of the company. The revenue of Apple was $265 for 2018 which is roughly 1/10th of the Indian economy. To illustrate, how ridiculous this comparison of GDP and market capitalization is-
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16 Aug
This typically happens when you neither understand the position of your opponents nor what you accuse them to be. Moral relativism is as old as the field of philosophy viz. Sophists in Greece used to advance a form of moral relativism.
Moral relativism has two components: Descriptive Moral Relativism (DMR) and Metaethical Moral Relativism (MMR). DMR is nothing but empirical fact that different society and culture have different form of morals. It doesn't include any normative evaluation.
MMR on the other hand is the position that considering that the moral standards of different societies are radically different, no moral judgment can be given objectively and the standard of justification itself differs in different societies.
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