1/ 👉 *Noctoria (Night time urination) and heart problem are related.*

It is worth spending two minutes to take read the information below.

An American doctor tells us that Nocturia, heart problem and cerebral infarction are related. The most common symptom of middle-aged
2/ and elderly people is nocturia *(waking up at night to urinate).* Because of nocturnal urine, the elderly are afraid of drinking water before bedtime. They don't know that not drinking water before going to bed, getting up in the middle of the night to pee without drinking
3/ water is an important cause of early morning cerebral infarction in middle-aged and elderly people. In fact, nocturia is not a problem of bladder dysfunction. Nocturia is caused by the aging failure of the heart function in the elderly, and the inability of the right heart
4/ atrium to suck blood from the lower body. During the day, we are all in a standing position, The blood will flow down. If the heart is not good, the blood volume of the heart is insufficient, the pressure on the lower body will increase, so middle-aged and elderly people
5/ will have lower body edema during the day. When they lie down at night, the pressure on the lower body will be relieved and a lot of water accumulate in the tissues The water returns to the blood. If there is too much water, the kidneys will work hard to separate out the
6/ water and drain it to the bladder, causing nocturia. Therefore, it usually takes about three or four hours after lying down to sleep to get up and go to the toilet for the first time. After that, the water in the blood continues to increase. So after another 3 hours, they
7/ will have to go to the toilet again. Why is this an important cause of cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction? Because after two or three urinations, the water in the blood is greatly reduced. The body also continue to lose water through breathing. The blood then
8/ begins to become thick and sticky, and the heart rate slows down due to the low metabolism of the body during sleep. With thick blood and slow blood flow, the stenosis of the blood vessel is easily blocked... This is why the middle-aged and elderly people almost always have
9/ myocardial infarction or cerebral infarction at 5 or 6 in the morning. This situation will lead to death while asleep. The first thing to tell everyone is that nocturia is not a malfunction of the bladder, but a problem of aging heart.

*The second thing to tell everyone is
10/ that you must drink some warm water before going to bed, and you must drink some warm water after you wake up in the middle of the night to pee.*

Don't be afraid of nocturia, because not drinking water may take your life. The third thing is that you must exercise more in
11/ normal times to strengthen the function of the heart. The human body is not a machine. A machine will wear out when used frequently, but the human body will be the opposite. It will become stronger when used frequently. Do not eat unhealthy food, especially high starch and
12/ fried foods.

*If you like this article, please forward it to your middle-aged and elderly friends.*

• • •

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20 Sep
1/ Himanshu Pandya brings this good news of a long fought battle ....

"At the time of the Atal Bihari government, the disinvestment ministry was created and government properties were sold at a quarter to a million. Don't know how much the sellers ate in it. It was a
2/ misconduct.

Vedanta Group bought Hindustan Zinc in Udaipur. Legend has it that he had recovered the purchase amount by selling only junk of the purchased plant. Hindustan Zinc Limited was not only in profit but it was a hen laying a golden egg for the government which was
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Only then, another valuable property was sold in Udaipur - Lakshmi Vilas Hotel. His estimated value was 250 crores (his estate included an entire hill on the banks of Fateh Sagar). Then how much of that property was sold - only seven crores! Yes, only seven
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The East India Company and the British did not quit India because of Gandhi or the Congress although they played a role. They quit India when they realized that they were far and few in numbers and could be lynched by a raging mob that had become violent. People who
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Everything Modi does is a Master Stroke after which India gets a Paralytic Stroke!
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We are now a dead nation. And the vultures on the trees are big industrialists like Ambani, Adani, Tata's who all run retail ventures in the organized sector.
Our saving grace is that Indians are dead with no money and therefore the vultures will get only bones and no flesh.
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The cure for my 'plantar fasciitis' was pretty straight forward. After many
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1/ As far as public sentiment measured in the social media domain is concerned, Modi is a spent force.

Not even 1% of his 64.2 Million (6,42,00,000 Six Crore Forty Two Lakh) followers wished him a Happy Birthday.

The youths who started trending #NationalUnemploymentDay on
2/ twitter to coincide with Modi's birthday garnered more than 6 Million tweets (according to a comment, I had initially written 4 Million) in support of their campaign.

Godi Media may tell you anything but the numbers are stark.

So stark, that BJP IT-Cell had to start a
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The day, 17th September ended as a kick in the ass to BJP / RSS/ BJP IT-Cell and Modi himself as they lost the perception battle.

But when you have the
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