2/ What does this mean?

Mapping the ANTlFA Chain of Command?

Started a Long Time Ago
3/ Time to pull up my trusty thread on WHAT HAPPENS to ANTlFA when it's declared a t3rrorist organization.

4/ Q: ISN'T this for 'intl terrorism?"

A: Think. We are in a state of Declared WAR ON TERROR >9/14/01

Is there a distinction b/t 'domestic' and 'international' TERROR in this WAR?

Would ANY collaboration, for Treason and Sedition, w/ foreigners suffice?
5/ @POTUS tweeted out SPEED , all caps today.

Attorney General James SPEED, Pres Lincoln's AG, argued successfully for military tribunals, not civilian courts, for the conspirators of Lincoln's ass@ssination in 1865.

6/ Here. Ticked Tied and Swingin'

7/ just ask Lindsey and Brett:

three of the MOST SOBERING and COMPELLING MINUTES you'll EVER HEAR re American Jurisprudence. THIS conversation will be in EVERY HISTORY BOOK.

8/ and it wasn't just in 1865.
@TheJusticeDept has been steadily reminding us, via "on this day" tweeting?


• • •

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More from @Bruno062418

18 Sep
1/ READ the 14th amendment, stripping power away from ANY AND ALL FEDERAL AND LOCAL OFFICIALS and actual STATES who participate in insurrection or rebellion against the US. Whoa. Image
2/ The 14th Amendment was passed in 1868, just 3 years after the Union won the civil war. It’s been called? The RE FOUNDING Document of our Nation ... why?? facingtoday.facinghistory.org/three-reasons-…
3/ it covers voting rights. Extended to 4 million former slaves, whose freedom and privileges of full citizenship were won in the bloody battles of a 4 year civil war between the states. Image
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15 Sep
How to redpill a Lib you love...

Find common ground.

How about the need to have products "made in America?"

LOOK at this amazing news out today!

Just shared it with a liberal relative...

2/ talk about WHY our factories and good jobs got shipped overseas...

SHARE THE BLAME, both Corrupt Dem AND Republicans.

It was Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama that did it.
2 of each.

and Obama?

Said those jobs were NEVER coming back w/o a magic wand.
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15 Sep
"FULL MOON COMING"... post 1543

the Halloween Blue Moon, which?

comes around just "once in a blue moon"

It's the 2nd Full Moon of a month, And?

on Halloween. Last time this occurred? 2001.

2/ Full Moon[s] Coming...

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8 Sep
1/ Whoa new CUE!
SA = STORMTroopers = ANTlFA... #doublemeaning

Was I the only one who missed this in the drops???
SA is not just Saudi Arabia !

See n@zi/Soros connection!
2/ @IvankaTrump dropped us a clue, sept 30 2019
3/ RE READ the “SA” drops!! Thinking ANTlFA (aka SA)
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2 Sep
/ If the nov 3 election breaks down into uncountable chaos? There is a line of succession under the 25th amend. Sen Grassley could well become POTUS on January 21, 2021.
Grassley is not up for 2020 reelection, but the all above him in succession are: Trump Pence and Pelosi.
2/ “wizards and warlocks (inside term) will not allow another Evil POS Control our country” in drop 15.

Could #doublemeaning “POS” mean?

O-rder of
3/ drop 49 describes Grassley’s need for extra security and being held in an “undisclosed location... very “presidential-sounding”. And interestingly? The timestamp GAP between POTUS “error” and corrected tweets was :49.

Does POS = presidential order of succession?
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1 Sep
1/ “Corona offline”— double meanings. One appears to be? #covidisover. The hoax of covid is being unraveled.

HERE was the shadow govt’s detailed , staged C19(covid19) Plan:
2/ but now “CORONA OFFLINE” , is at a 2 year delta from Aug 30, 2018 posting:

Could this mean the shadow govt’s C19 plan is petering out? As we are seeing with #6% knowledge trending ? h/t @Pipes2494
3/ but does “CORONA OFFLINE” also have to do with the cabal’s SWIFT banking system ALSO “going off line”, i.e. “losing power”?

Corona also means “crown”. The elites

OFF LINE means “out of power”, or using an alternate power source.

Has there just been a massive POWER SHIFT?
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