Why is the CBI indicating that Sushant Singh Rajput's death is a homicide?
Is homicide punishable by law?
Does homicide rule out murder?

This tweet series is about the exact line of investigation of the CBI team and what will be the most likely outcome.

Thread begins.
Let's understand why the CBI is terming this as Homicide.
In murder cases, around the world, the case starts as Homicide.
Every proper police department in the world has a homicide squad.
The term "murder" isn't used.
Homicide means that a person was killed by another person
All cases of killing are homicides.
A homicide case is termed as "suspected murder" under some circumstances, like:
1. A murder suspect is in custody
2. Murder weapon is found at the site
3. Post mortem confirms murder
4. Poison found inside body
5. Blunt object used for assault.
A good investigation process will never say that a homicide is murder. Murder is subject to proof. Homicide is a matter of hypotheses.
Usually detectives will start the case as homicide and then prove that it is murder, along with evidence.

This is exactly what the CBI is doing.
What do we know so far about Sushant's death?
1. Police says that Sushant committed suicide.
2. Post mortem at Cooper hospital said he died due to lack of Oxygen (asphyxiation due to hanging)
3. No murder weapon found
4. No murder suspect found
5. No statement of suspected murder
Why is the CBI suspecting that Sushant was killed (Homicide)?
1. Marks of assault on body & neck
2. Skin pigmentation (indicating drug overdose or poison)
3. Viscera report (can't comment)
4. No visible sign of pain (indicator of unconsciousness)
5. Statements of suspected murder
There's list of indicators which the panel of senior doctors from AIIMS have compiled. It completely negates the conclusion of the Copper Hospital doctors who said it was suspected suicide.
All the Cooper Hospital doctors will have to answer to the CBI and join the investigation.
The body isn't available, so some tests can't be conducted now, like:
1. Hair sample test (for narcotic residue)
2. Skin test
3. invisible pressure marks
4. Broken cartilages
5. Other biological, chemical and physical tests
The CBI team is relying on available evidence only
What are the available evidence the CBI has? They are:
1. Viscera report
2. Post mortem report
3. Witness statements
4. Body photos
5. Incriminating evidence (to be revealed by CBI)
Based on the above, CBI has concluded that Sushant was killed by someone.
Hence this is a Homicide
But is this homicide a suspected murder?
My source in the CBI says, "Yes". Another source has confirmed the same to Navika Kumar of Times Now.
This is a homicide case but a murder investigation.
Are you hearing this?
Sushant Singh Rajput case is suspected murder, as per CBI.
Short break for brunch. When I come back, I will conclude this thread and tell you the most likely outcome of the CBI investigation.
Homicide is punishable. If a person unwillingly causes a death even though he or she didn't intend it then it is called a Culpable Homicide.
Example: Rash Driving deaths.
The punishment can extend upto 10 years as per Indian law.
But this needs to be proven in a court of law
But whether it's a murder charge or a culpable homicide, CBI needs a person who can be charged based on evidence.
Till the time such a person is not found, the case is referred to as Homicide.
When the person is found who caused the death then specific charges are arrived at
Till now, based on what we hear, the CBI has arrived to the conclusion that Sushant Singh Rajput was killed. It's a homicide.
The investigations will continue to find out who caused his death and how it happened.
Once that is over, we will know finally if it is homicide or murder
As you can see, when enough evidence are gathered after the probe is over, there might be two conclusions, either...
1. Culpable homicide not amounting to murder.
2. Murder
For that, we need to wait for the investigations to get over.
The chargesheet will elaborate the crime.
When CBI finds the person responsible for Sushant's death and if, they find out that the person killed him, they will press murder charges.
If they find out that the person didn't intend to kill him then culpable homicide will be the conclusion.
We now need the name of the person
This is the line of the CBI investigation.
In a homicide case, there are always suspects.
In this case too there are suspects.
But the first step is always to establish it as Homicide.
Because the first step is to present evidence that this is not a case of death by suicide.
Documenting evidence is an uphill task in the case as the body is unavailable and most of the evidence is yet to be found or it's unavailable.
So, this case must be pieced together bit-by-bit. Or, it will not stand the scrutiny of the court.
In that case, accused will be set free
It is important that CBI gets to complete its investigation properly and gather enough evidence that will stand the scrutiny of the court.
Let's not forget that both sides have the best legal brains available in India.
Nothing will be easy to prove in the court.
Let's be patient.
In my opinion, we are very near to the truth and just a few steps are remaining in the investigation. These final steps might ensure that justice is done to the soul of Sushant Singh Rajput.
And justice will be done by the grace of the Almighty.
Thanks for reading.

Thread closed

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24 Sep
I know many people are anxious about the #AIIMS report.
There seems to be some contradictions in the findings of one of the reports. That is why the medical report is delayed in the #SushanthSinghRajput case.
One of the reports does mention a "partial hanging".

Short thread Image
A "partial hanging" is when a possible cause of death is choking (Asphyxia) as a rope (in this case, dupatta) blocks airway and body is denied Oxygen.
But according to the recreation of the crime scene, he was tall enough so that his legs touch the ground (in this case, the bed).
It's impossible for a person to die by suicide if his legs touch the ground.
Even if one tried to fold his legs to ensure hanging of the body, it's still impossible. Involuntary movements take over during dying pain and legs will come down automatically and touch the ground.
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23 Sep
Just thinking aloud. Hear me out.
The only relevant central agency which hasn't been linked with #SushantSingRajputDeathCase is the one of world's best - Research & Analysis Wing (RAW).
But as the ISI fingerprints get pronounced each passing day, it's not an impossibility anymore
By the way, nobody in the media will be informed about R&AW's involvement.
No information will come out. They won't send any press release. They don't care about the state government or police. They are completely under the hood.
When NIA steps in, R&AW will get involved too
The only issue is: Officers have a lot of ego battles and issues while coordinating in these organisations. Because R&AW reports to the PMO, they tend to think they are superior.
NIA reports to the Department of Personnel and Training.
IB reports to Ministry of Home Affairs.
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This is great news. One more central agency is all set to join the #Bollywood drug probe. It is National Investigation Agency (@NIA_India).
NIA will probe Bollywood's links with ISI agents and seek out Pakistani terror links.
The Government of India has officially notified today. ImageImage
Here is the official notification (.pdf version). Please download it, if you want.
Please note: The NIA is also investigating the Kerala Gold smuggling case and has Swapna Suresh in custody. There too, a drug smuggling angle has emerged after questioning a political leader's son.
But that case is in its final stages of investigation
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Bollywood Drug cartels won't be able cover their tracks.
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Both are accused of sponsoring terrorists by laundering millions of dollars through their company accounts.
This guy's name is Aneel Mussarat. Again, a cross-border businessman sponsored by the ISI.
If you look up on Google, you will find him partying with almost all the A-listers in Bollywood.
Did Bollywood stars not know about him.
All were well aware.
But Bollywood didn't care.
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21 Sep
AIIMS team led by Sudhir Gupta will be meet CBI at 11 am tomorrow to compare notes.
AIIMS will present the draft report & seek correlation of their findings with the CBI team.
When proper correlations are established then AIIMS will start preparing the final report.

Short thread
The meeting will take place at CBI's Lodhi Road office, Delhi.
It will be a closed-door meeting which will be attended by all members of CBI's Special Investigations Team (SIT).
The entire team of senior doctors will be present too.
The meeting is expected to last for three hours
Now, why correlations need to be made?
The AIIMS team has found some startling facts regarding the case after forensic examination.
The CBI has recreated the crime scene too.
The findings of both the teams need to match and not contradict each other.
Let me explain this a little.
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20 Sep
How to spot fake handles planted by the PRs:
1. They will attack and insult others in replies
2. They will post malicious and derogatory tweets using the same hashtag
3. No real name or picture
4. Put out misleading/false information
5. Mostly replies & retweets but rarely tweets
Clarification: Don't give out your name or photo if you don't want to. If your workplace is conservative or you are living in an Islamic nation, it's advisable not to use your name or photo. There are many influencers here who don't reveal their name or photo.
That's not an issue
All anonymous users aren't paid trolls. But most paid trolls are anonymous. Hope all of you have got the difference.
Please don't relate to the point that you are also an anonymous user. Twitter allows that and one should take advantage of it.
Being anonymous is a lot safer.
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