Favorite startup frameworks I've discovered on the following topics:

- Recruiting
- Fundraising
- PM-fit
- Community
Recruiting: It's important to get the first 10 hires right b/c each employee will replicate themselves 10 times. Take ur time

Since you can't compete w/ Google, you want to find ppl Google isn't chasing after but have even more talent & grit

Like drafting Tom Brady in 6th round
Talent arbitrage opportunity:

Find people who are excellent at their craft but struggle at self-presentation or public speaking.

Others will write them off before seeing what they have to offer—and you get to harness them for their skill & either hide or improve that weakness.
These time horizons affect the people you hire:

When you're 3 months old, you need to hire people who can come in and contribute right away. You don't have the luxury of not doing so.

When you're 3 years old, you can take more bets on people who will mature overtime.
When fundraising:

It’s helpful to consider the biggest reasons an investor might *not* invest, and pre-emptively address those reasons.

If you’ve solved for them, point to evidence.

If you haven’t, point to how you’ll address them, and the moat you’ve built to date.
When fundraising:

Ask in the beginning:

"Do you believe there will be a multi-billion dollar co in the space?"

If no —> don’t go further until yes

If yes —> here's our unfair advantage and why now (instead of 5 yrs ago or 5 yrs from now)
When fundraising:

After pitching, one thing you may try—under the context of your improvement—is asking them to role play as if they were pitching your biz to their partnership

If they don’t pitch it well, that may tell you something. Conversely, you may prefer their phrasing
Product Market Fit is the idea that is your product is so good you should start investing in more acquisition channels.

NPS & PM-fit scores can be powerful as they measure intent:

Retention might be best way to measure (actions speak louder than words)
Metrics that matter:

Early on, quality over quantity metrics. (e.g. retention)

50% or 10% long term retention matters more in the beginning than user growth rate.

DAU matters if you require specific use cases

It's less "can this get users" & more "can it keep them...+ paying"
How to build community:

Bring people around *value* - some common utility that solves their problem—

And then hook them with values - get them opening up to each other so they feel connected.

*Value* is acquisition, *Values* is retention.
How to build community:

Vulnerability is huge.

The most popular discussion in forums is often:

"If you knew everything that you knew now, would you do or become X again?"

Onboard all community members w/ friendly self-disclosure rituals

• • •

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25 Sep
Deep dive into some of Rene Girard's thoughts on mimetic desire, scapegoating, and Christianity 👇

Previous TLDR:
~All non instinctual desire is mimetic

We want things not because they are inherently desirable, but because someone else's desire for them has made them attractive to us.

We desire not so much someone's car or house as much as the quality of being that seems to belong to the people who have those possessions

Desire is never just a straight line between a subject and an object, but always has some other as its model.

Desire is shaped by imitation
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16 Sep
Through Naval, I discovered the term "Curation Businesses" which describe things like Universities, Accelerators, and VC firms

These businesses (think top accelerators, universities, etc) attract the best people in the world to apply for them.

Their alumni then go onto be immensely successful, which improves the flywheel and further attracts the best people at an even bigger scale.
It’s unclear to what extent these institutions actually help the people become more successful beyond the credential that they bring.

Their brand serves as a credential for the people who join, which helps them convince other recruits/customers/investors to get involved.
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15 Sep
Thrilled to announce the On Deck Podcast Fellowship to help people start or grow their podcasts.

Having a podcast over the last 5 yrs has changed my personal & professional life, and I want more people to benefit from starting one.

It's still super early innings for podcasting.
How has podcasting been transformational?

- Made friends via guests (e.g. Tyler Cowen) but also via listeners. It’s a way to find all the other people like you out there.

- Learned a lot. Each podcast is a forcing function to learn enough about a topic to not look dumb.
You should start a podcast if:

- you want to build a strong network and/or showcase your strong network
- you want to build expertise and/or showcase your expertise
- you want to promote a specific topic or way of thinking
- you’re insatiably curious

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12 Sep
To be sure, egalitarianism has been eating the world ever since Jesus and, more broadly, the great inversion from glorifying the conquerer to glorifying the martyr.

But now egalitarianism is accelerating.

Invisible hand of egalitarianism: If there’s an opportunity for egalitarianism, someone will seize it.

Software will eventually win out there unless something is ACTIVELY preventing it.

Egalitarianism will eventually win out there unless something is ACTIVELY preventing it.
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8 Sep
Angel investing is high status b/c it implies wealth, special relationships, & judgement.

Plus the status to effort ratio is high.

People are willing to lose money for this status.

Of course, as more people do it, the less high status it becomes, & people search elsewhere...
ditto rolling funds, SPACs, whatever's next, etc
high status externally among outsiders or SV tourists I mean
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7 Sep
Reality is up for grabs right now.

We're seeing more and more groups bootstrapping their own reality.

People call this "community building" but sometimes it's literally people defecting the shared sense of mainstream reality that has existed for centuries and creating new ones
Faith in institutions are crumbling at the same time the platforms for people to exit their own realities & enter new ones are growing

In the most uncertain time of some ppl's lives (COVID), ppl are scrambling for leaders who can give them a sense of what reality is or should be
Due to information & complexity overload, some ppl are
seeking sources of complexity-containment as if they were being chased by a saber-tooth tiger.

This explains conspiracy theory hysteria etc. In an age of increasing fragmentation, ppl are desperate to adopt a shared reality
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