Guys I want to tell you about this kind of cavities...

The ones with fractures (holes) and painful...

[A thread]
The main cause of these cavities and fractures is these foods.

Food that causes the imbalance in the oral pH and these are only a few amongst many.
The trick to avoid them is just to brush twice a day, in the morning and at night before you sleep (preferably after meals)

Rinse with water after meals during the day and try to eat sugary foods as fast as possible because eating them slowly prolongs the pH imbalance
You can use any toothpaste with fluoride (not an ambassador to any brand). Fluoride is anticariogenic meaning it kills germs that cause caries.
Use a soft bristled tooth brush which will help remove plaque from in between the teeth, hard ones cause abrasions to teeth.
And please try to floss at least three times a week guys..

There are areas which the toothbrush cannot reach, so floss does magic.
Okay sharp.. let’s say you have this and it’s not painful..

Please go to your dental practitioner and get a filling ASAP.. because this is just a recipe for disaster, the toothache that comes with this 😭😭😭😭😭
And if it’s already causing mild pain or severe pain.. go consult and don’t fight when we want to take x-rays!! We want to see if we can save the tooth

But you know nothing is impossible with dentistry right🙃
Okay if it’s painful and we can save it, we usually drill it (remove the cavity) then add a material that formulates secondary dentine *how magical ✨* and it’s called dycal
Then we place a temporary filling... which has to stay for about 8-12 weeks before we are sure that the tooth is ready for a permanent filling...

This treatment is called caries treatment✨✨✨ works magic I tell you
But first we need to inject you.. to make sure the process is painless as possible 💯💯💯
But after the 8-12 weeks, this how your tooth will look like after a permanent filling..
Anyways... enjoy the rest of your day and brush 🥰💯
And again guys I’m not an ambassador of any brand, but brands of your choice 💯
Okay sharp, I’m getting DM’s on my opinion about extractions (removing teeth)... here’s my honest opinion.
Look, extractions remove pain without possibilities of it not coming back but people don’t actually know the downside of taking out a tooth🙆🏾‍♂️
Once you take out a tooth adjacent to the top or the bottom one.. the other tooth moves up/down to try to fill the space and it will end up being mobile (moving) and you’ll loose it too🔥

Meaning that you loose two teeth 🙆🏾‍♂️
The other thing is that teeth on the sides actually move to also try to fill the gap and they too end up moving also then you’ll lose them too🙆🏾‍♂️
So you guys can always opt for root canals because they save the tooth and actually completely remove the pain and all possible sensations... so instead of taking out teeth, go for root canals
This is how a temporary filling looks like, it actually has a sedating effect to the pulp(the area where the nerves and blood supply of the tooth is)
Everyone in Durban here’s a plug!
Guys I’m going to try to respond to everyone as I’ve been doing... I’m reading and responding to all DMs... I’ll make sure we’re all happy and I’m trying to follow back but Twitter is telling me about limits , will do it just now bafethu ❤️✨🥳
People of Pretoria!!!! Here’s a plug for Pretoria central and Pretoria East!!

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