Antibiotics used by animal farmers has been found to escalate to human antimicrobial resistance after consumption
Fish farmers even use tetracycline as prophylactic.
Pls let's reduce antibiotics usage on animals.
There are ways we can reduce disease burden on farm by proper
Farm management practices.
Good waste disposal
Good farm hygiene e.g feeding troughs
Biosecurity reduce human traffic to your farm.
Govt should test for antibiotic residue bfr meat is allowed into the public.
Human cases are on the increase.
We need to do better.
More reason why
We only have two egg powder producers.
Eggs with high antibiotics residue is of low quality when converted to egg powder and local off takers won't deal.
That's another challenge local factories are facing.

We need to encourage less antibiotics usage in our Poultries.


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15 Aug
Do you ever want to spice your food or garnish your meal or drink with MINT LEAF?
But you have to buy or beg your neighbor for Mint leaf when you can grow it in your HOUSE.
Let me tell you how to grow Mint leaf in a container
It's a beautiful thread
Retweet to your followers! 😊 Image
Mint plant is invasive..easy to grow and can last for years.
Since it's home planting we use Pot/container.
Get your loamy soil with Organic fertilizer (Animal dung) mix thoroughly.
Put soil in continer (make a hole at the bottom of container but cover it with stone or gravel.
After that is done what you need is your starter plant.
It's hard to get Mint Leaf seeds.. so most time we cut from existing plant.
If you want to cut from existing plant cut below the node (where leaf grows)
Remove the leaf above the node leaving only the top leaves.
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2 Aug
Let me tell you about Garden Egg production.
One of the easiest crop to grow even in your backyard.
It can be eaten raw or as a sauce.
It's good for your liver & ulcer patients.
Doesn't spoil easily & shorter maturity period.
It's an interesting thread
Retweet to your followers.
Garden Egg got its name from it's egg shape and white colour.
To plant garden egg pls ensure you plant your garden egg seed early morning or late in the afternoon. Plant 2seed per hole and ensure the soil is loamy and loose for root penetration. Organic manure is good for G.E
Garden Egg is temperature sensitive it won't produce fruit when the temp is too low or too hot. Hence green house is a No No to cultivate garden egg.
They start fruiting/flowering 7-8weeks of planting and they will be due to harvest after 10-12weeks of flowering.
Weeding is impo-
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26 Jul
Do you have a small backyard & thinking of rearing a bird
Have you thought of a "DUCK"?
Let me tell you why you should rear DUCK instead of Chicken esp those in urban areas.
Duck are very convenient, fun to watch😊
Here's why
It's a beautiful thread.
Retweet to your followers.
Ducks are healthier than chickens and are not as susceptible to most chicken's diseases.
Ducks are friendly, affectionate pets & with proper care, a duck can live to 10 years.
As an added bonus, will lay you delicious fresh eggs. Ducks start laying eggs at about 6-7months old.
Let me tell you about Duck's egg.
It's 30% bigger than chicken egg, Pastries prefer Duck egg bcs of it's higher fat content which makes baked food rises higher & faster.
It contains more cholesterol & calories.
It tastes more eggy & more protein, omega 3 &iron
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18 Jul
Some of you want to practice small farming but don't have the land or time.
Let me tell you how you can plant few Vegetables in Pots.
You can have few pots in your Veranda with grown plants e.g Tomatoes 🍅 you can eat later.
It's a thread.
Retweet to your followers.😊
You need 3 things
1. An earthen pot/Bucket
2. A loamy soil (manure).
3. Limestones/ evenly grained gravel

The bucket can be a new or used but don't use a broken bucket.
If it's earthen pot ensure its in good condition.
Step 1. Thoroughly Wash bucket/pot to remove dirt or any
Form of pest. Then dry it.
Step 2. Place two handful of limestone or gravel at the base of the bucket (this is to help you with good draining of water & to prevent root decay or rot.
Step 3. Fill bucket with nutrient rich soil.
Ways to get nutrient rich soil.
The soil must loamy
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11 Jul
Let me tell you about Plantain cultivation especially for my DODO lovers.
You could be profitable with plantain production If you do the right thing.
It's an interesting one esp for you that want to have a small garden in your compound
It's a thread
Retweet for your followers
It's not advisable to rent a land for plantain please make sure it's yours. 

Cos plantain suckers reproduce, you can either sell or even use that to expand your farm. Visit the farm you want to get your suckers from it's very important to see their parent.
Plantain is a heavy feeder you need fertilizer. It's can be organic or inorganic.
Organic fertilizer - ploughing dead plantain plant into the soil
Manure e.g poultry dung PLS do not use Cow dung
Inorganic Fertilizer- NPK 20:10:10 or 15:15:15 depending on the soil type.
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7 Jun
African swine fever has wrecked havoc on pig farms in Nig.
Oke Aro farm has lost over N25billion to pig's death

Farmers have died due to shock, many hospitalized.

I'll be sharing pix of d damages.
You might want to reduce pork consumption.

This farm is a 700 capacity farm that has been reduced to less than 40 as at this morning and still dying. Over 200 piglets dead inside their mother.
As a business man this brings tears to my eyes.
Imagine those who borrow money from bank to start this business..
How do you survive
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