1. Oga I mean no disrespect to doctors especially those who their core is all about saving/helping humanity! But if you say it's easy to go recruit soldiers on the streets then fuck you & every doctor who thinks that way! How many of you die in the line of duty? How many of you
2. are wounded in action? Over 50% of you doctors are trained via government subsidy! There is no doctor in Nigeria who earns less than 100k a month! Close to 50% of the armed services earn less than that! Go to the medical facility in maimalari, go to 44 military hospital Kaduna
3. and all our reference hospitals, see regulars lying there wounded! All are waiting for the all clear sign to head back to their different theaters of deployment but Nigerian doctors will hold the country to ransom sometimes for as little as 30k! Spare me the bleeding heart
4. bullshit of me not knowing the system! A house officer will make thousand weekly from carrying out abortions while a sergeant who has been in service for over 15yrs will be under rain & sunshine defending the country! A regular will leave service & not sure where next but a
5. Doctor will eat from government & private service & yet scream strike because of 30k! Since you were born have you seen soldiers on strike? The problem most of you have is this foolish 'God complex' of being doctors! Yes you extract the bullets but the soldier will jump right
6. in to chest the bullet & in the end you get the headlines! Spare your story of how doctors are raised, I have them in my family as siblings & as colleagues!

• • •

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17 Sep
1. @BusinessDayNg & Mike Asukwo @Asukwoeb are just fools parading as journalists. If you aren't foolish brown envelope seekers, you would have known that the US placed a $5m bounty on Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi, ISIS leader of the greater Sahel who carried out the attack on US
2. rangers that left 4 killed along with Nigerien soldiers inside Niger. If @Asukwoeb isn't a staunch Buhari hater a simple Google click would have showed him that December a single attack at an army base in Inates, Niger left 71 soldiers dead & 11 injured! If not for being more
3. stupid than most of their readers @BusinessDayNg would have known that out of 189 countries, UN ranks Niger last in human development index. Just few weeks ago, 6 french aid workers were killed along with their local driver. @Asukwoeb is so busy drawing kid cartoons to read
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14 Sep
1. The scam called NGO.
In the NE especially Bornu & Yobe, the number of NGO representatives on ground are either equal to the number IDPs or more. In some parts of Maiduguri town, I think I am in ABA, a lot of my people loading trucks with indomie, rice, pampers etc. They hustle
2. security operatives to give them escorts so they can enter into risky areas to donate stuff to displaced people. All of them are armed with cameras or use their cellphones to take pictures. Once in a while they give cash or items to security operatives & you thank
3. them for their kindness. What many people see as people being kind & going an extra mile with great risks to themselves turns out to be a HUGE SCAM. Although not all are scams but 99% of NGOs operating in Nigeria are scams. Let me tell you a story about Somto (not real name).
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4 Aug
1. My people & their 'drug empire'! We make it overseas, mainly in Asia; return home to buy cars, lodge in hotels, lorry load of women, build houses etc. We call it 'ego mbute' 'eriwe agwu-agwu'. What many do not know are the tales of sorrow, pain & blood behind it. Many arrested
2. with long sentences or executed. Victims who get hooked on the drugs & their lives ruined. Drug gangs who unleash mayhem leaving behind pool of blood. We now see stories going viral of peddlers using their fellow Nigerians as collateral (most times the human collaterals don't
3. even know they are being used). It has become a normal thing; get rich or die trying. If you speak against it, they will blame government & talk further they will attack & call you efulefu. You travel to some asian countries & try to rent an apartment/hotel for a few days
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30 Jul
1. When FG. Off. Arotile died, many conspiracy theories started flying around; 'she was killed because some weren't happy that a female Christian will one day rise to hold a command position in the armed forces, she had killed too many insurgents, she had to be silenced.' Too
2. many stories, all I did was shake my head. This soldier spent 5 years in the defence academy trained by the armed forces, sent overseas by the same armed forces where she picked extra skills returned & got winged as a combat pilot by the CAS A.M Sadique Abubakar (a muslim)
3. got commendations from the head of state another Muslim. Flew combat missions under ops Gama Aiki with north central as AOR. Only for the same armed forces to kill her because she's a Christian female or armed bandits/insurgents put a call through to the military hierarchy
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26 Jul
1. DSSCs just had their POP & NDA RCs finished their last camp highland ahead of POP. They are all welcome to the league of extraordinary gentlemen. When people talk about the force & how they wish they could join I always say this; do not because you like the uniform
2. and the assumed power that comes with. Stop right there! Once upon a time there was some sort of power but it ended 1999! One slight mistake, you will be branded a bad apple & made an example of! If you doubt it, look around; lots of soldiers dishonorably discharged! Do not
3. join because you couldn't find a job! The pay isn't fantastic & it is a thankless job! Most soldiers who grumble & soil the uniform are mostly those who have failed in some endeavours & decided to try the military. They join & realise it's a life of service, hardwork,
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25 Jul
1. The ones on the right will do what they have to do so the ones on the left can sleep with their eyes closed. Night or day, rain or shine only to come up for air & you hear of billions stolen/unaccounted for! Soldiers don't ask for much, just pay as at when do. When we die,
2. let's our remains be treated with a little dignity, let our families not be forgotten...not asking for much. Well, the fight continues. It's raining now, vehicles get stuck in the mud, trenches get waterlogged. Troops battling the enemy and the elements (if it isn't the rain,
3. it's the winds or dust). They can try but we won't let them win.
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