#BigDickAnon Update: Everyone Has A Ticket To This Party And Attendance Is Not Open To Discussion Edition.


Anon on a 3GDG thread looks like our man.

"Are you ready?"

Anon wants to know what will happen to the good guys after all this.

"After the Dam goes everybody has a ticket to the party."

Anon doesn't want to attend but says you guys should go have fun.

"Everybody has a ticket. Attendance is not open to discussion."

Anon posts this graph which shows much reduced outflow levels.

"Think in terms of the Dam simply disintegrating. The water is going under, around,and through the structure and all of your measurements are pointing to a total collapse."

"The internal mechanisms for controlling flow are totally fucked up and the Chinese are making desperate attempts to fix it are failing. But let them continue for a while for just the entertainment value."

"The flow numbers are being jury rigged to hide things as long as they can and it is glorious. Two nice earthquakes are the cherries on top of the Banana split and it will be delicious."

Anon wants to know if 19 days really means 91.

"Take 19 and go to Vegas. They will bet on anything there. When D Day arrives write down where you were and what you were doing, and consider you are living in the most important period in the history of mankind."

"In 7 years it will be a totally different world and yes the Climate is going to get a lot colder just not the way folks think. My timeline here is ending so the past is the way to go."

"God really has a sense of humor. Calling it D-Day was his call. Figure out 34 and drop in a say hi. The answer is really right in front of you and he did promise to answer 3 questions. And he will. Have a little trip to make with a small barrel. later."

- He said 19 days from Sept 1 and he means 19. We'll see. The 20th is close.
- Everyone in the world is invited to the upcoming shitshow and attendance is mandatory
- Inflow graphs really show the water flowing THROUGH the dam now - bad

- the climate is going to get colder - not sure if he means the mini Ice Age on the way or Yellowstone ash cooling the atmosphere
- The D Day name was chosen by God
- I'm still working on 34 - no idea so far
- 3GD cams now look like this which is completely useless


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26 Sep
I'm not sure what the media thinks it's doing by putting out all these summaries of what's been alleged by Q, but keep it up guys - seriously. You're doing an outstanding job bringing awareness to a wider audience.


#qanon Image

#qanon Image
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25 Sep
#BigDickAnon Update: The Building Blocks Of The Present Edition.

archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/279… Image
"Interesting posts. There is a difference though between finite beings who travel in Time and an infinite being who in a sense creates the flow of time. A finite being can change things but overall can only change things that do not interfere with the flow of time."

"He can in fact have great freedom in advancing a time line. Actions which go against what is critical will be changed. In fact Hitler was killed 3 times in 1938 but it did not matter."

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25 Sep
Ten days.

A #qanon read. Image
Q first posted "Ten days. Darkness" on Nov 5, 2017 when he was still on 4chan - the day after the Saudi coup. We wracked our brains and no-one came up with anything plausible.

#qanon Image
An anon on my board asked him straight up on Dec 7 when things would be happening and he cryptically answered "Shutdown."

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25 Sep
This is a great question based on a comment from our man here:


It's the codename for the operation kicking off right now behind the scenes but I don't think the name is an accident.

Ezekiel is perhaps the most beautifully structured of the prophets: a 7x7 chiasmus with the judgement of God on Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple at its heart. Image
A chiasmus is a structure with themes stated in order, a climax in the middle, and then the same themes stated in reverse. It is still commonly used in film. For example, see this startling analysis of Robocop that shows the entire movie is a chiasmus:

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22 Sep
I've now seen a handful of entities post in connection with BDA: the man himself, at least two friends, his professor and a couple of posters who may or may not be supernatural beings. All have very similar writing styles and punctuation use.
BDA has explicitly mentioned a "gatekeeper" before:


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21 Sep
#BigDickAnon Update: Paying Attention To The Small Barrel Edition.

archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/278… Image
Our man with a hangover stopped by on a 3GDG thread.

"CNN Reports: The Dam just collapsed."

Heh - that means it's still up of course.

"Sobering up is sometimes a terrible thing. As you know I attached a date to the time the Dam was coming down. Everything I have said is coming to pass before Christmas of this year."

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