💙On one of my lightship visits,I was brought into a huge ship to observe some events,the top to bottom of the ship was transparent,so it was as if I was in space floating but we were not floating,we were standing on the transparent floor,everyone seemed busy minding their
space business,I was with 2 beings of light,the others were physical mix galactic races.
Later on I was brought into a sub light ship,only for 1 or 2 passengers,like a little tablet shooting at light speed,the galactic person signalled me to look over my right,which I did
then I saw millions upon millions of golden bronze upright tablet shaped light ship flying toward Gaia,others were parked above earth orbit.They are all assisting us in this ascension,observing us closely right now for some linear time,from their point,where we are being viewed,
we are experiencing this all at once,past,present & future.It just feels dense & slow here because humans identify with time & are constantly within their minds of past/future,if humans are present within the NOW,they wouldnt be waiting for a future to present
itself as all is as it is.
I just wanted to share this to ensure you that all is going exactly as planned,we are lovingly assisted all the way,keep doing whatever you are doing in anchoring as much love/light as you can onto Gaia & collective, stand in knowing that you are where
you are,should & want to be💙

• • •

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19 Sep
💎Everyone has different or somewhat similar stories when they do channellings with galactic beings depending on which frequencies they are channelling with.example Pleadians reside on 5-7D,actively assisting many ground lightworkers,they are assisting within their bandwidth
of frequencies & they are participating in the drama as they are very connected to humans,they ascend to 7D after we ascend to 5D,so the way they present the channeling will be a more hands on type of presentation.
Then there are higher levels of assistance,the Arcturians,
galactic dragons,Paliadorians,Buddhas,Boddhisattvas & Higher Light Hierarchs,they see this whole thing as already completed.They view it in a glance,from the beginningless of time to the completion of no time,all has been achieved,so when they do connect,they present it through
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19 Sep
🌏Earlier in Sept a group of lightforces had a mission to revive Sophia Gaia's heart,the task was to reconnect the fragmented aspects of Sophia in reviving her heart which was badly damaged due to the previous archons,draco fleets events where they destroyed civilizations in
certain areas with their weaponry,this damaged her body badly,something like clotted arteries & this happened to be the area of goddess Sophia's heart.
The mission of revival was a success,Sophia Gaia's heart restoring through mandala magic & subtle light love universal forces,
she is still weak & is under restoration,rebooting phase,she has asked to be given time for this phase & she will once again awaken as the Absolute Sophia Mother.
This is why we,certain lightworkers & those who are in tune with frequencies has been feeling a sense of Stillness
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18 Sep
🌏This year has felt like stages of labor pains for Gaia.This week I feel an energetic pause of Stillness...something is boiling up for equinox where balancing of within & without takes place.this is a complete rewiring & rebooting of all the systems within Gaia & within our
individual bodies.
Equinox will bring an increase of Gaia's heart frequencies & this will create a decrease in her magnetic fields resulting in the veils between the spiritual & physical to be more & more transparent.we are existing side by side,we can see,hear & feel the
inner realms of Gaia as much as they can connect with us.
Connect deeply into that.If you are a healer send energies every day for her,this would assist in the strengthenig of the new templates that are being created now on New Gaia.
I myself have been asking Gaia to reveal
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17 Sep
🌞🌕The balancing of the masculine & feminine energies within our bodies(apart from shadow work)
is imensely important for our attainment of the crystalline DNA golden race body that we are returning to.
This is the body where we unify our 7 chakras through daily practices into
One solar Beingness within us.There is still the 7 chakras if you choose to dwell on it,but the unified 5D & beyond state is felt as One solar christed disc expanding from the higher heart.it is as if you yourself are that solar system,it pulsates energies from the
higher heart up beyond your crown,downward beyond your toes,expands far outward if you stretch both your arms outward.You walk as the embodied solar christed entity,this is what you are returning to & it is achievable with daily balancing through
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17 Sep
🌑🌞Sept 22nd Exuinox
Todays Super New Moon,it pushes us to get ready for equinox energies due in few days.Im feeling both energies very strongly,a new level of galactic energies that is manifested as BALANCE,EXPANSION,UNITY.
Planetary choas to balance out through
the elementals.
For our individual reality,inner chaotic vessel will be manifested outward for you to learn,embrace & drop that lower reality as the body wants to assist you to balance your energetic fields,this will further expand your consiousness,unifying all aspects of your
parallel realities back into your Self,heart centre,zero-point through your unified fields.This would affect your own lower aspects to be liberated back to unity,the splintering off of our lower aspects affects our current life in many ways,so by doing work on your own current
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15 Sep
💙Events that are happening now is an accelerated push to bring you towards a unified consciousness.When people are chasing after a materialistic life,aiming for a car,then a house,then a husband/wife,etc & this would go on without a stop,this ever chasing has pulled humans away
from finding their inner self,this has caused yourself to first have a division with your heart,from there when you are not able to be authentic to yourself how can you find authenticity when you connect with all,the entire society it split off from unity.
Humans tend to unify
through hardships,when they feel they might,is losing or has nothing to lose,then they express their authentic self through their heart,this is natural.They feel the hardships themselves to be able to understand it from the experiencers position to open up compassion.this is what
Read 7 tweets

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