Making $50,000 in sales & $30,000 in expenses


Making $1 million sales & $990,000 expenses

The 1st scenario gives $20,000 profit, while the 2nd made HALF of what the 1st got ($10k profit)

Money Lesson: it‘s not just about what you make, it’s about what you KEEP
Also, you shouldn’t just get excited when people show you sales of $1m or when these YouTube ads and drop shippers tell you they’ve made $5m in sales. Sales is NOT the same as profit. Sales is NOT the amount business owners keep for themselves.
Someone making N100,000 every month and spending N80,000 every month

is financially BETTER off than

someone making N1m every month and spending N995,000 every month

Someone INVESTING 10,000 consistently every month

in the long run, is going to be FINANCIALLY better off than

someone SAVING 50,000 every month

If you invest 10k every month for 20 years @ 15% average yearly return & reinvesting profits, you’ll have approximately 13.3m while
if you save 50k every month in a safe or bank with 0 interest, you’ll have 12 million after the same 20 years.

PS: ignore the dollar sign in the screenshot. The numbers are the same irrespective of the currency you use
Money lesson: it’s not just about how much you KEEP, it’s about how much what you keep can make you. Don’t just store, plant. Don’t just save, invest.
If you invest 100,000 in something that gives you 400% return in 2 months/years, at the end of the 2 months/years, you’ll have 500,000.

If you continue with the “something” and in the 3rd month/year, the “something” goes under, you’re 500,000 goes to 0

If you invest 100,000 in
another something that gives 10% returns every year, by year 2, you’d have 121,000.

If by year 3, the economy goes bad and the investment gives -5% return, you’d have 114,950. Still better than where you started 3 years ago and better than 0
Money lesson: it’s not just about investing, it’s about investing wisely. Not every thing that shines is good for you to get involved in. If you shine light at the right angle on a metal trash can, it’d glitter. Doesn’t make it any less a trash can.

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Credit cards: I posted this tweet to find out if Nigerian banks offer credit cards because one of the first places to start building
credit score is by owning a credit card and I was told that credit cards are available in Nigeria but to people within certain income brackets. Hmm there might be an opportunity here but given that there is no collection of data on people's credit history in Nigeria, this would
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In saner climes where credit cards are ubiquitous, a lot of people fear credit cards and view them as a means of the government/banks to begin tying you in debt, but that need not be the case. The golden rule here is to spend money that you were
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The first thing you must recognize is debt/credit on its own is neither bad nor good; it is what you do with debt that makes it so. Good debt is simply when you borrow to buy an asset that pays more than enough
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22 Sep
The patriarchy FC “jokes” on Twitter are just the funniest things, not because the jokes are amusing (they’re all unfunny) but here’s why:

You know how popular actors, comedians, artists etc. lose huge opportunities because news comes out that years ago, they made a racist tweet
or homophobic post on tumblr?

This could be them in the next 1/2/3 years. And unlike those people, they won’t have plausible deniability. They know fully well how harmful patriarchy is to women, we’ve seen how women have been killed, denied basic human dignity and identity
because of patriarchy but they choose to joke with it; make graphics & mottos

They’re sitting here & jokingly but very consciously creating problems for your future self. When they’re held accountable, we’d get some half ass apology & “tweets not loading” 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 But remember this
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21 Sep
When you see others making “big money” in a field, there’s a tendency to want to move there to see if you can get a slice of the cake.

Don’t do that.

There a billionaire footballers & broke footballers. Millionaire YouTubers & broke ones. Find what you’re good at & do that.
There are FinTech that have raised millions of dollars in funding and those struggling to get by. Software developers making 6 figures and those that aren’t. Influencers or media people that are rich and those that aren’t. There is no 1 foolproof 100% guaranteed career path
that’d guarantee you riches. We cannot all do the same thing & we should not. The world would be boring if we did. Focus on finding what works for you & figure out a way to get that to pay rather than going after what you think pays the most, cos chances are, if you are not
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Media Update: A thread

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11 Sep
Don’t get too worried/excited when you see articles like these:

“Jeff Bezos just made $30 billion in 1 day”
“Elon Musk just lost $16.3 billion”

It doesn’t mean that $30bn just entered Bezos’ bank account or $16.3bn just left Musk’s account. That is not what has happened.
Those figures don’t have real life tangible impact. Those gains/losses would only materialize if they sell the stocks they own in those companies at that exact moment. And that’s quite unlikely to happen.

Think of it like this: it’s like someone telling you, you failed the exam
coming next year because you didn’t read today. While it could be true that not reading today may reduce the amount of books you’d have read before the exam next year, we don’t know that for sure. Even if we knew, it has no consequence because until you take the exam next year,
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