This is, ostensibly harmless and cute but says a lot about how the entire edifice on which Brahmanism is built is a construct, given how this is now a Hindu Upper Caste... Golden Retriever?

Also it is 2020. Get rescued dog, and don't contribute to awful puppy mills.
Two things to add to this interesting circus of trolls:

1. You're all absolutely right in saying that the rituals of the religion are not limited to Brahmins, so I withdraw my confusion on what caste this dog is. Clearly it can be any caste. It is an Any Caste Golden Retriever.
2. For all the people who are stuck on rice-bags, would just like to say that rice is actually a great meal for dogs!!

You can check out how to make healthy and nutritious home-food for dogs of all castes here.…

• • •

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22 Aug
Okay, I think what a lot of people fail to understand is the Freedom of Speech is not actually, "I can say whatever I want and you have to give me money, pay attention to me, and believe whatever I say."

It literally means nobody can send you to jail for having an opinion.
Bloomsbury did well to pull a book after a pretty much unprecedented public outcry.

The book still got commissioned - this means, someone thought it was good, convinced the company to publish it, ran it through legal, sales and marketing and all those people thought: Why Not.
It's India's Milo Moment, I suppose -- Simon Schuster had to do something similar in Canada when Milo Yiannopoulos, a notoriously right-wing maniac was pubbed with them.

But why do these horrible, harmful, unhinged books reach these stages at all??

Who says yes?
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31 May
While you're all against American cops, it's a good time to recall that your very own proud Indian police force watched silently as a raging Hindutva mob burned, looted, pillaged and murdered in Delhi literally three months ago.
6 months ago, beating up children in Daryaganj police station, Seemapuri for being around a protest.

6 months ago, arresting children for being around a protest in UP (where they shot at people) and beating them with malicious inventiveness in custody.
3 months ago, refusing to take a child with a gunshot wound to a hospital for 6 hours, til media pressure forced them to.

3 months ago, watching a mosque burn down.

3 months ago, refusing to come when we told them there was a man dead and people burning in their homes.
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16 Mar
I cannot believe the level of stubborn, insistent foolishness that people are insisting on even after being told social distancing is important.

They're not going to take this seriously til people start dying in the thousands, which will be a matter of weeks.
This is not hyperbole, it is not scaremongering, it is literally just facts.

One woman - one - Patient 31, attended a public gathering while being positive, and has caused the majority of the spread in South Korea.…
This disease spreads exponentially, which means yes, today our numbers of positive cases are 114.

Globally, there was one death at that number. 3 at 121 positives.

Two weeks after that, 259 deaths.

Two weeks after that, 1669 deaths.…
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11 Feb
Good grief.

1. It is possible to think Kejriwal is pandering to his Hindutva vote bank, and doing it successfully and strategically, while also being grateful he won.
2. It is also reasonable to call out his staggering inadequacies when it comes to the way he's handled the fight against Hindutva fascism so far, while also supporting his victory.

People have been shot - SHOT - in this city while he's been silent.…
I've forgotten who this saying is by, but it goes, "Conservatives look for converts, and liberals look for traitors."

It's valid. One of the liabilities of this deeply unfortunate binary seems to be the notion that you cannot be with someone, while being against some things.
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25 Dec 19
In UP, after beating and taking in a 13 year old child, they offered him water.

He drank. He had to go to the bathroom. They took him out to urinate, and beat him brutally.

He stopped drinking water.

He didn't drink til he came home 2 days later.…
He was trembling underneath his coverlet when his mother told me this.

The first thing he asked was for water when he came home.

"He won't eat. He won't sleep. He has nightmares that they will come and take him away again."
Please imagine what you were like when you were 13 years old.

Please imagine what it is like for a child to be cold and alone and asking for water and to have two cops hold him down while a third takes a danda three feet long and hits, and hits and hits.
Read 4 tweets

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