Saddens me that RTs about people who left us great ideas whose time can still come (Mike Cooley, Robin Murray) get little to no attention but any variation on "the government/opposition/country is shit" gets the buttons smashed.
The last 5 years of [Redacted]ism that people across the spectrum have fallen over themselves to call a failure was a massive achievement in getting good ideas about socially useful production and distribution back into circulation. Please don't forget or neglect that.
And the failure such as it was, such as it always is is, was when the parliamentary road to performative video clips, procedural fannying and banal, anodyne retail offer politics crushes the life and the will out of ideas that could transform the way we live, work and create.

• • •

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More from @hoodedman1187

22 Sep
There's no point putting policy in a speech when you're a proven liar whose main task was to restore control of the Labour party to people who haven't had a policy idea in 25 years.
No point talking about policy during a public health crisis made worse due to the ideological assault on the healthcare system, with an economic crisis 12 years after a global financial crisis and 12 years of stripping away welfare systems. And an accelerating climate crisis.
No point in talking about policy when the entire education system has had to close its doors and develop new ways of distance learning quickly at scale and - despite your urgent demand to re-open those doors - is now faced with a longer term need to provide education remotely
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22 Sep
Corbyn had to fight 2 GEs, a Tory unity by proxy referendum, a leadership challenge, 24/7 post-referendum campaign, 24/7 campaign of hostility & lies from his own PLP and a media fed by his own PLP.

Starmer: One profoundly dishonest leadership campaign. No electoral contests.
This what's most galling about Starmerism. It is only being judged by the excessive churn of polling and a dishonest media who operate by either ignoring or blatantly pretending the recent past never happened (i.e. 2017). It is 100% untested by any external election.
No other political leader has had this space. And it looks set to go on for at least another 6 months. A year with no elections, not even a parish council. A year to bang on about the 2019 defeat while pretending that 2017 never happened, that 2015 never happened. 2010 ...
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19 Sep
Bristled at a Sainsbury's delivery man who gave me some Lego cards with my shopping, "in case you've got any grandkids or owt". Then I realised he was looking at a hobbling man with a mainly white beard who is 4 years younger than his own grandfather was when he was ill conceived
All the same I'm somewhat chagrined. Image
More chagrined against than shagging.
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18 Sep
I made schoolboy error today. In that I went to a rail station at the same time as about 100 school kids. 90% had no mask, of those that did half were under their chins. There was social distancing in that groups of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 were in huddles several feet away from each other
It was my fault though, I should have gone there an hour and half earlier as I'd intended to instead of titting about for ages removing blighted tomatoes from sad, straggly plants.
But, if you've got loads of schoolkids milling about on platforms and filling up carriages travelling from a suburban stop within Leeds to stops on the way into Bradford with 90% unmasked on the station & train ... your "we all need to be vigilant" tweets are a bit ... in vain.
Read 4 tweets
17 Sep
2 "cynical" observations on a point that he had no choice but to make:

1. It was already "over before it began", as it wasn't ever going to happen

2. Local furloughs will lead to "why are they getting free money" because the media will feed that line to people as it always does Image
Also, obviously, the "they" in the why are they getting free money will become racialised and residentsofpoorerareasobviouslyImeanclasshere-ised within nanoseconds (another version of "before it even began").
I put "cynical" in inverted commas because this kind of point is what other people call cynical. But as I've said before my cynicism is disappointed idealism, armour/painkiller. Capital C Cynicism is the kind you get in Westminster (Executive Branch) and Whitehall.
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6 Sep
The thing about this type of cricket is ... its not very good cricket.
Unless you like watching people routinely shank it, splice it, chop it, gouge it, smear it, thick edge it and generally mistime their hoiks at it.
I think I've waited too long for cricket to be back on the BBC. Now that it actually is I'm thinking "knock 'em over, knock 'em off quickly" and then I can go out and I don't have to watch this ugly shankathon any longer
Read 5 tweets

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