I couldn't sleep last night after reading about the forced sterilizations happening to women in the "detention centers" at the border. It's sick. It reminds me of Mengele. Tossing and turning, my mind came up with a horrifying possibility. /1
What if QAnon is real....only it's projection of the GOP onto the Democrats? You know how they're always projecting. Think about it. So many disturbing things have been revealed and it's always Republicans involved. The lack of oversight and secrecy in the border camps.../2
...the missing girls (we never found out where they are)...children snatched from their parents and given (or sold!) to an "adoption agency" run by the DeVos family...the connections between trump, Epstein and other shady characters...trump's history of rape and pedophilia/3
...the refusal to allow anyone to investigate or report on conditions at the border camps or what is really happening to the children...the overall greed, cruelty, and lack of morals or human decency....the hiding behind a false "christianity" all ties together. /4
I'm not making accusations as I have no proof of this. However, it seems mighty suspicious that it's OUR side that's being blamed for heinous acts involving pedophilia and child sex slavery...and the GOP always projects. Someone needs to figure out a way to raid those camps / 5
...and also the "adoption" agencies. Some way to get probable cause. After reading that awful story last night (which I hope to God isn't true but I am pretty sure is because it's coming from multiple sources) I felt like we are living in a real life horror movie . /6
I realized there is no bottom to the depth of the depravity and evil of the GOP. I think they could well be part of some underground cabal and "Q" is one of them, deflecting their own wrongdoing onto Democrats and wealthy Jews like Soros.
Does this sound like it could be a possibility, or is lack of sleep making me totally unhinged?

• • •

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7 Sep
I've noticed QAnon seems to have replaced Jesus among Trump evangelicals. Sure, they give Jesus lip service (usually asking if you've been saved), but they don't seem to care about anything Jesus taught, never quote from the gospels, and certainly don't emulate Jesus. /1
Instead, they worship Trump, and seem to treat him as a Christ figure, not just a man. All their rhetoric points to this. "Q" is like their Moses or Isaiah, whatever or whoever Q is serves as their prophet. /2
I am absolutely expecting a new "book" to be added to the Bible: the QAnon Third Testament or some such. QAnon is becoming a literal religion. Don't these so called Christians realize they are committing idolatry, taking the Lord's name in vain, and worshipping a false god?
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21 Jul
I'm so tired of the GOP gaslighting and calling anyone who opposes this president the radical left. We are actually what used to be considered the left, center, and even center right. We have not changed or become radicalized. That's pure projection, as it's the GOP.../1
...that has moved so far to the far right they are actually fascists now. We just want the America we know and love back. Yes, improvements need to be made. But our main focus is taking back the country from the jaws of fascism. /2
They are the ones who have been radicalized, not us. The so called "radical left," if it even exists, actually isn't on our side. They are the purists who plan to sit out the election or vote 3rd party, or let trump win because they hate the "establishment" .../3
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18 Jul
I was thinking about the 2A this morning. The photos and stories coming out of Portland & elsewhere are terrifying. These "police officers" resemble invading army in an enemy country or soldiers fighting ISIS terrorists, not a normal police force meant to protect and serve. /1
The enemy they're going after? Us. The American people who believe in democracy. We who oppose trump. Right now, it's peaceful protesters. Later, they'll come knocking on our doors at 3 AM to take us to god knows where. /2
Already there have been reports of people being forced into unmarked vans and taken to abandoned garages. Never mind they're being released later. This is a test run for trump's brownshirts. /3
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6 May
To all you who think socialism is the worst thing ever: put yourself in these scenarios & ask yourself if you'd like living this way.
You aren't trained as a teacher but have to homeschool your kids b/c the only other alternative is private school, which you can't afford. /1
There are no libraries since the government shut them down which makes getting appropriate reading material for your lessons difficult. And on nice days, there are no parks to take the kids to. What to do? You decide to walk around the reservoir with the kids, but have to /2
..leave because the stink of the raw sewage and chemicals is so bad. In fact, you were recently told your son might have lead poisoning from the tap water. /3
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27 Jan
I'll admit it. I like George Conway, in spite of who he's married to. I know many disagree but I don't think it's a good cop/bad cop game, and I believe he truly hates this president and is our friend right now. We need him and the other guys making up @ProjectLincoln .../1
@ProjectLincoln His conservative politics may be at odds with mine, but in a time like this, as they say, an enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine. We need principled conservatives and Republicans because it gives more bipartisan credibility. /2
@ProjectLincoln The #1 issue that should take top priority in everyone's mind is getting trump out. And in this, Conway, Schmidt, David jolly, Justin Amash, Rick Wilson, and others are invaluable allies fighting for us and against trump. We should put aside our differences .../3
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9 Feb 19
I've sometimes pondered why Trump supporters are always whining about elitists and yet somehow don't seem to mind billionaires and corporate CEOs like the Kochs, Mercers, or Trump, who are the worst kind of elitists. /1
Trumpists claim to be for the working class, but as we have seen, Trump's policies benefit only the 1%. All Trump's cronies and his entire cabinet is made up of billionaires like himself. So, how can Trump supporters, who are mostly working class themselves, reconcile this?/2
Besides ignorance and a dogged persistence in seeing Trump as their ally, there is something else going on, and will explain why Trump supporters are "ok" with the kind of elitists surrounding Trump but not with other elitists. /3
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