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15 Sep, 21 tweets, 3 min read
This should probably be a medium post or just a journal entry or something, but my dreams have been getting very strange. Tonight’s highlights:
I am working on a new startup related to dynamic, personalized ads in podcasts (I work in ad tech, I was listening to a podcast when I fell asleep, this is an idea I’ve played with... ok)
I am working on it in TN (haven’t been to the state since my grandmother’s 80th birthday)
I have to drive to my grandmother’s house — her old house, the one when I was. Little kid — to interview some people. (I’ve recently talked about this old tin-roofed house with the deluxe, 3-door outhouse out back)
Jared Kushner is somehow married to one of my aunts or cousins — can’t remember — but he’s arranged the candidates for me to interview. Even in my dream, I know this doesn’t bode well...
I explain the idea in surprisingly accurate & complete detail to candidate one. A cute, tatted, youngish lady who is enthusiastic about starting. I discover she has no coding experience, doesn’t known anything about marketing & doesn’t listen to podcasts.
Jared is not happy; the next few candidates are increasingly absurd. At one point I’m explaining that HTML and JavaScript are different things....
Suddenly we’re in “downtown” Athens, TN (pop. 14k TODAY) and we look up and see an actual Transformer. My whole extended family is there & my redneck cousins are saying “did you see that”?
I start explaining — somehow — how that illusion must’ve been constructed, when military helicopters, HH-60’s, appear in pursuit. The ensuing chaos causes the building next to us to start to collapse.
One of my male interview candidates is struck in the head & tumbles down the marble steps in a scene of shocking, graphic detail. My grandmother is at the opposite end of the building, now in danger.
I rush to her rescue, put her in a fireman’s carry & rush her across the street to meet w/ the rest of the family.
We now have some kind of “guide” leading us away from the danger. We end up in a building, led up some stairs and then down a hallway with feces & piss everywhere, sloshing under our feet.
We’re led into a room where some others are waiting. They look at us in a sketchy way. I think to myself “this isn’t good” but even in my dream, my conscious tells me not to judge — they’re just scared.
Our guide leaves. One of the teenagers across from us flashes a gun & laughs. I wake up: 3:45am.
In recent days, I’ve had several variations of this “catastrophic end” type dream. Always starting with extreme detail, aware of thoughts & motivations, always ending with a critical loss or the implication of one.
One dream ended with my being carjacked & my 11yo kidnapped.
Another dream ended with my wife vanishing as we explored a waterfall on an otherwise wonderful hike through the mountains.
I can’t relay how real & disturbing these are. Like, I know I’m not going to be able to calm down enough to go back to sleep today.
It’s almost like the message is “everything eventually goes to shit & there’s nothing you can do at all to affect that outcome.”
Oh, well. I hope your night was better & your morning wonderful.

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