Aussie WHISTLEBLOWER INSIDER gives first-hand EVIDENCE of #Spygate origin prior to Candidate Trump running❗️

👉 Image
2) In the past few days Brett McAuliffe (@aussiebrettt) has publicly outlined ...

... the SWORN evidence he provided to #Barr/#Durham at the DOJ and #Graham in the Senate.

This entails an ‘Act of War’ against ‘The People of the United States’ by FVEY (Five Eye) Governments. Image
3) The genesis of spying to subvert the 🇺🇸 democratic process can now be documented as occurring PRIOR to June 2015❗️

This is well before the ‘Offical’ start of the FBI’s ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ on 07/31/16❗️

The significance and gravity of this information is self-evident.
4) Brett held the position of the Authorised Officer (AO) of the Information Disclosure Unit (IDU) at the ATO (Australian Taxation Office).

He worked at the Head Office in Goulburn St, Sydney. 🇦🇺

The ATO is analogous to the IRS.
5) Brett was unique in that he was the ONLY person at the ATO who could view top secret Information Disclosure requests (unmaskings) run through FVEY surveillance.
6) By Law the ATO is connected to Australian and Foreign FVEY Intelligence agencies - including:

🇬🇧GCHQ, DI, SIS, MI5/6

Brett WAS that bridge (connection) with those agencies. Image
7) As you are aware FVEY acts to circumvent Laws in each country by allowing other countries to spy on their citizens.

Whilst Brett was an AO for FVEY he was essentially removed from the environment where entrenched FVEY actions occurred at the traditional intelligence agencies. Image
8) Brett is subject to an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) at the ATO.

As such he can not be publicly specific about details/names.

He has however supplied them in private emails, bank accounts, photos, phone numbers etc etc to #Barr/#Durham under oath. ImageImage
9) These redacted lists entail the people and entities surveilled by 🇦🇺🇳🇿🇬🇧🇨🇦 for Deep State 🇺🇸.

Brett has alluded that the first 10 unmaskings pertain to #POTUS.

He went on sick leave the day after Trump announced his candidacy and left the ATO in December 2015. Image
10) Brett does not like the spotlight (similar to me) ...

... however he decided to engage the public because he felt the Australian Government was not co-operating with the #Barr/#Durham investigation.

He is also driven by the betrayal of our historical ally - 🇺🇸.
11) Patriots are aware that Obama/Brennan/Comey and Clapper used the NSA supercomputer at Langley, Virginia as their own blackmail/pay-to-play data mining game.

This was called Operation Hammer (HAMR).

Most importantly, political opponents were surveilled by this method.
12) Indeed @SidneyPowell1 says at least 16,000 American’s were unmasked by HAMR illegally.

So why did Brennan, Comey, Clapper and Clinton come to 🇦🇺 and 🇳🇿 for reconnaissance in 2015/6❓
13) One would assume HAMR was adequate to get ‘dirt’ on opponents ...

... however Brett tells me “HAMR was not enough”.

So my guess is either HAMR doesn’t provide the quality of surveillance that FVEY does OR they were worried access would cease post Nov 2016.
14) Hence I might postulate that the trips downunder ...

... were to apply pressure on Australia and NZ to cover-up the FVEY spying and/or ensure it continued post Nov 2016 if Trump won.

This would be required to force a coup d’état.
15) I also would hypothesise that FVEY spying had occurred for decades ...

... HAMR had occurred for several years (under Obama) and

FISA abuse was simply a mechanism to hide/justify the criminal activity.
16) My task here is to voice the BOMBSHELL evidence on FVEY spying by a first-hand witness.

It is up to digital soldiers to disseminate.

ALL Spygate pretext collapses if Brett’s information is known❗️
17) It does appear that Joe Hockey (Australian Ambassador to the US) was attempting to hide our role in Spygate.

We can not let the Australian Government’s crimes go unpunished. Image
18) Thus I shall give a special shoutout to all Aussie Patriots:🇦🇺

Please email or write to your local member and demand full transparency and investigation of Brett’s evidence.

This includes any other Australian complicity in spying on American Politicians via FVEY.
19) Please follow Brett on twitter - @aussiebrettt

His website is australiabetraysamerica.com

I might also suggest you engage him via Q + A on twitter to glean more about his role with the ATO and knowledge of Spygate.
20) Similarly you could view his interview on @RedPill78 - the last 5 minutes is best.
21) Finally I would just like to send a message to 🇦🇺 - ASIO, ASIS, AFP, ASD, DIO and AGO:

You are not just gutless cowards for your lack of whistleblowing in Spygate ...



• • •

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He can’t be bluffed.

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The People are begging for safety.

The Demonrat scam is being exposed.
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