Honestly, instead of doing pushups to bring awareness to the veteran suicide issue, how about we destigmatize mental health treatment in the military and leaders be open about how we *all* struggle at different points in our lives

I'll start - I've been in therapy for 2 years
It started because I'd buried stuff from my past for a long time - my upbringing told me that men just suck it up, put their heads down, and push on. Add military service and a deployment in there, and I was struggling. I finally decided to talk to someone about it.
But even then, it took me SIX MONTHS to finally pick up the phone, such was my hesitance to admit that I alone couldn't handle it. Six months to break through the lying point in my brain that told me that "you're weak if you do this. You can't lead troops"
That was even with close friends telling me to do it. Close friends in the Army telling me that it helped them, that it turned them around. I even told other people to do it, when I was too scared to even pick up the phone. But I finally did.

It was like a light came on
Suddenly, I wasn't carrying my problems around in my head, having them strike at me when I was at my most low. I learned coping skills, we talked thru issues, and I grew stronger. More able to navigate without turning to something like alcohol for relief. I was able to stand.
While in command, I've recommended it to my soldiers & have tried to destigmatize it as much as possible. But it's tough to crack thru the Army - I disclosed it during my yearly PHA & the provider said, "Great, but I'll just say you're coping, don't want a flag"
If you're struggling, you're not alone.

There are resources. You don't have to carry the dark feeling with you. This is *not* a permanent feeling. Things *can* change. Admitting it is the first step, and can be the hardest. But I'm here to say it's worth it.

You're worth it.
(btw, this is not to talk down to anyone doing the 22 pushups a day or anything like that - we need everyone to be thinking of preventative measures and raising awareness)

• • •

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18 Sep
Well, well, well, what have we here. A disheartened populace and a bottle of gin. Just like..

17fuckin81 and it's time for some goddam yorktown and hell, I dunno, maybe even some Daniel Morgan doing some crazy ass double envelopment shit along the way

It's THURSDAY, people
Ok, so - 1779 in NY and it's like the goddamned holland tunnel - gridlocked like a mothafucka. Henry Clinton can't get out, G. Washington can't get in. You got Lord Germain in London all anxious for someone to do something

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How the 1932 Bonus Army - which brought dramatic change to how the US government treated its war veterans - was painted in 1932
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Hubert Anton Casimir Dilger

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At Chancellorsville in May, Dilger fought Jackson's flank attack with his battery, until he was left with just one gun left. And then he kept fighting with that.

He's a VERY good gunner. And trained his battery expertly.
His battery goes into action just after noon, north of Gettysburg. The first shot is high, causing the Rebels to mock the US artillerists (never a good idea). Dilger, in annoyance, sights the next shot himself, fires. Entirely dismounts a rebel gun. Sights another gun. Fires.
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I've come to learn that when people complain of "virtue signalling" they're actually just signalling to everyone else what colossal assholes they are

Well done, @chinfo with the measured response
They'll accuse me of virtue signalling as I post this badass photo of William Carney, 54th Massachusetts, MOH recipient

And yeah, I *am* signalling that the virtues of courage, loyalty, duty, & respect as embodied by the man who saved the US colors at Fort Wagner are important
William Carney risked his life for a flag that - for much of his life - represented a promise of freedom that he could not share, since he was enslaved. But he so strongly believed in the promise of freedom - in what the US *should* be - that he was willing to die for it
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6 May
Ok, so by now most of you have heard of this ex-SOF dude who decided to invade Venezuela, and if you hadn't, damn, you should check that shit out because whoo boy, it is nuts.

Wish I could say it was the first time some ex-service member did something like this, but uh

Lemme introduce you to the wild and batshit crazy world of filibustering - that's right, not the thing where senators talk till someone has to pee, but that thing where private citizens go & try to invade Latin America in the 1850s

Like ya do

A thread, if you will

And I will
Grab a drink & set your ass down, because we've got a lot of ground to cover here. Now, the term itself, filibuster, is a derivation of filibustero, a Spanish translation of an old Dutch term for freebooter or interloper. It pops up in the 1850s, but you KNOW it didn't start then
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26 Apr
Two indisputable FACTS:

"Master and Commander" has one of the most beautifully curated and timed soundtracks of pretty much any military movie

It is a CRIME that no more movies from that series have been made
Master and Commander might have to be my Sunday movie watching experience

It's settled. Gonna watch Master and Commander. You're welcome to join me for it at 2 PM EST
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