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So as promised to @amogh_astra here is the thread about books on Maratha empire,here we go !!!!!

This 2 volume gem by Vijayrao Deshmukh is one of the finest books I have ever read on Shivaji Maharaj !!! Crisp,articulate and to the point style of writer makes it worth the read
This one obviously needs no introduction !!! Shriman yogi is the most popular and celebrated book to be ever written in Marathi literature on Shivaji maharaj ,if love to learn about history through novels,this one is the go to book for you(Also available in English)
Raja shivchatrapati by Babasaheb Purandare is also a go to book if you love to read more and more about the life of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj !!!!
Chawa is a glowing tribute by Shivaji Savant to the great Chatrapati Sambhaji who held against the whole fury of mughal empire for 9 years and faced his death with valour and courage after he was captured by the mughals and tortured in the most gruesome manner !!!
This one by much famed vishwas patil is also a go to read if you want to read about the heroic life of chatrapati sambhaji who has to contend with the invasion of Aurangzeb who marched with half a million soilders to subdue the marathas after the death of Shivaji Maharaj
Another one by Sadashiv shivde on the life of Chatrapati Sambhaji who was by all accounts a worthy successor to Chatrapati Shivaji !!!! The way he took on multiple enemies like siddies,portugese,mughals etc to keep the flame of Hindavi swarajya burning makes him a worthy king !!
If there is one general in the history of marathas you should know about,its Hambirrao Mohite !!! This Calm,calulated,patient,brave but loyal to the fault general was one of the reasons marathas were no pushover as Aurangzeb learned to his woe after he marched south!!!
If there was ever a time when marathas were at their most vulnerable,it was after the capture of Ch. Sambhaji,the Marathas were almost conquered !!! This is must read to know about the dashing rise of general Santaji ghorpade who turned the tide of war against the mughals !!!
After the capture of Ch. Sambhaji and fall of capital Raigad ,mughals were certain that the war was all but over !!!! This book tells the tale of those 11 fateful years(1689-1700) when marathas angered by the murder of Ch. Sambhaji took on the mughals under Chatrapati Rajaram!!!
The war which lasted from the march of Aurangzeb in 1682 to Deccan upto his death in 1707 is known as Maratha war of independence !!!! Marathas not only only took on the might of Aurangzeb but also made him rue the day he got in his head to wipe out the marathas completely
This one is a particularly interesting book since it talks about many untouched and less talked instances of the history of Maratha like attempts to free chatrapati sambhaji from mughal captivity,the much famed general Dhanaji Jadhav etc!!!
Much and more is said about the Chatrapati Sambhaji !!! Sadly there were many attempts to malign the Character of Chatrapati Sambhaji by Bakharkars and it also reflects in the English writings !!!! This book offers another peak into the life of brave chatrapati sambhaji
Rau is one of the most celebrated books ever to written on the life of Bajirao Peshwe who played a big role in turning the Hindavi Swarajya into a all mighty empire !!!! The film Bajirao-mastani is supposed to have based on this book(Also available in English)
This encyclopediac novel by Belwalkar is a very good read if you are interested to know more about how Bajirao under the leadership of Chatrapati Shahu turned Swarajya into an all mighty empire merely within the decades of death of Aurangzeb !!!
Though much n more has been written about the history of marathas and its rise in the national context in marathi,sadly there wasn't enough literature available in English to capture wider audience!! This spectacular book by Uday Kulkarni assumes great importance in light of that
Another one by Belwalkar !!! This book covers the reign of Nanasaheb Peshwe from the from untimely death of Bajirao Peshwe until the death of Chatrapati Shahu(1740 to 1749) !!!!! Marathas by this time have become the most dominant force in the subcontinent !!!!
Belwalkar has written no. Of books on the maratha empire !!! Though his writing style might not appeal to those who have read Chawa and Shriman yogi,his books are worth the read since it talks about such eras about which not much literature is available !!!
Raghobharari talks about the much famed Maratha campaign of 1757-1758 when Maratha's conquered Punjab and hoisted their flag on the attock fort !!!!! This was the high point of maratha expansion and though the writing style wasn't much appealing to me it's definitely worth a read
Here comes one of the most celebrated book on maratha history by Vishwas Patil which talks about the infamous campaign of Panipat in 1761(Also available in English)
As I said previously,generations of history lovers will be indebted to Uday Kulkarni for breaking the barriers and writing the books on history of the marathas in English!!!! This one just like the The era of Bajirao makes a worthy read about the valour of marathas
Whoever thinks that Marathas were a done deal after the disastrous defeat at panipat in 1761 needs to read more and more about the life of Thorle Madhavrao Peshwe under whom the Marathas recovered and Maratha resurrection was complete within a decade(Also available in English)
This one by Belwalkar is also a worthy read on the life of Thorle Madhavrao who arguably was one of the finest Peshwa ever to sit on the masnud !!!! We all know what Grant Duff has said about the great man!!!
The story of a man who was termed Maratha Machiavelli !!! This book makes the worthy read since it cover the events after the demise of Madhavrao,the victory of the marathas in first Anglo-maratha war and marathas completely regaining their dominance of pre-panipat era !!!!
The story of Naepolean of India,the gallant Yashwantrao holkar !!! After Bajirao 2 signed subsidiary alliance with treaty of Bassien in 1802,british overpowered much of the Maratha sardars with fire and blood !!! There was only one man who defeated them in the field of battle !!
This one is a particularly interesting read by Kaustubh Kasture since it talks about the reign of every Peshwa and is a goldmine of information esp on Balaji vishwanath Peshwe!!
This book is a must read for Maratha history lovers since it talks many interesting topics such was purandar the first capital,military and judicial administration of the Maratha etc !!!! The authors also run a YouTube channel called Maratha history,do check it out!!!!
Battles of Maratha empire by Aneesh Gokhale talks about various famous battles throughout the Maratha history and makes a thrilling read making readers wanting it more !!!! The chapter on vasai campaign of 1739 is most detailed account I have ever read of the expedition!!!
Fascinated read by the late shri. Ninad Bedekar !!!! You will find chapters on many such battles and campaigns previously unheard of !!!! You can listen to his speeches on Maratha empire on YouTube as well
What makes this book particularly interesting is it has a chapter naval expedition of chatrapati shivaji which was the only one he ever took part in personally!!! There is also a chapter on assassination attempt on Shivaji Maharaj during Surat expedition !!!
The much famed three volume history of the Marathas by Grant Duff !!!! Though it's a early 19th century text riddled with inaccuracies and bit of English bias,its a worthy read for anyone who wants to read the complete history of the marathas(Available on Kindle)
This one is a good read for anyone who wants to read the complete account of the history of the marathas !!!! A three volume 20th century work though it has many inaccuracies,its a complete account from ch.Shivaji to annexation of Maratha empire in 1818 !!!!
(Currently reading)Though m only halfway through it,i can already this is a must read for everyone who wants to read about the first Anglo-maratha war in great detail which the marathas won and the rise of the great Maratha Mahadaji Scindia and his northern campaigns in 1780s !!!

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