When the way you maintain power is by disenfranchising people of color, and your self-interest is in disenfranchising people of color, that's white supremacy. It's literally the definition of white supremacy.
"White supremacy" has recently come to be used by some to refer to racism in a fairly generic sense, but historically what it referred to, and the way many of us still use it, is a belief in the project of maintaining white POLITICAL supremacy.
There's obviously going to be a lot of overlap between the two, and there's no doubt in my mind that many of Trump's top advisers are, along with Trump himself, racist ideologues.
But you don't need to be a racist ideologue to be a white supremacist. You just need a particular self-interest, and a willingness to follow it where it leads you.
Republicans in Florida aren't fighting to overturn the expressed will of the people of their state on felon disenfranchisement because they care specifically about people with criminal records voting. They're doing it because of the demographics of mass incarceration.
When Republicans in Georgia threw tens of thousands of black voters off the rolls, they weren't doing it because of free-floating racial animus, they were doing it because more black people voting means a steeper hill for them at the polls.
When Republicans in Wisconsin gerrymandered their state to within an inch of its life, shunting voters of color into 90+% Dem districts while spreading their base around as many leaning-GOP districts as they could, they were just indulging their own desire for maintaining power.
We don't need to look into Republicans' hearts to figure out whether they're white supremacists. We just need to look at how they run elections.
Again, there's no shortage of evidence of racism at the highest ranks of the Republican Party, and Trump himself is one of the figures for whom the evidence is most overwhelming.
But the evidence that the modern-day Republican Party is specifically a white supremacist party is empirical and quantitative and utterly straightforward.

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19 Sep
One thing that really leaps out in the Collins statement: She's not going to make any effort to slow down the process. If McConnell can get his fifty votes, she won't be a speed bump.
And of course she's left herself a lot of wiggle room. She could have said "I will vote no on any vote before the election, and on any vote held during the lame duck in the event of a Trump loss." She didn't. But the statement reflects the bind she's in with the voters of Maine.
And because of that bind, this statement ensures that Collins is going to spend the next few weeks being asked incessantly to make a clearer, more explicit statement on her intentions. Which should be a comfy, familiar feeling for her, if nothing else.
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17 Sep
While I was teaching this afternoon, Chuck Schumer (!) signed on to a Warren call for Biden to cancel $50K in student debt for every borrower in the country. Wow. (And quick thread.)
So this is presented as a Senate resolution, but that's just a way of getting attention. The premise here is that the president has the power under federal law to wipe out student debt. Unilaterally. With a stroke of the pen.
This isn't a call for congressional action, or a proposal to draft a proposal to create a plan. This is "Biden, you could wipe out $50K of student debt for every borrower in the country on January 20. You should do that." And it's cosigned by Chuck Schumer.
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2 Sep
There's something really beautiful to me about high-profile magicians who immerse themselves so deeply in the history of their art that they wind up making choices that only really make sense as homage to traditions most people have never heard of.
I once had the opportunity to hang out with Teller one-on-one after a show, and when I praised one of the smaller, less flashy things he'd done, he responded with the most wonderful, impassioned flood of information about the history of that particular tiny piece of craft.
What David Blaine is doing today is tremendously cool, and should be visually gorgeous. But it's also the culmination of years of him trying to reanimate a very specific kind of celebrity that mostly disappeared from the pop culture landscape before he was born.
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29 Aug
My operating premise is that "Trump winning would be good for the left" tweeters are best ignored for like five different reasons.
1. A bunch of them are just winding y'all up.
2. Yelling at strangers pretty much never changes their politics in the direction the yeller hopes for.
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27 Aug
There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part. You can't even passively take part.
And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels—upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop.
And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.
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26 Aug
The Milwaukee Bucks are demanding that the Wisconsin state legislature reconvene to take up police accountability and criminal justice reform measures.
I love everything about that press conference, BTW. Every second of it. So well handled. So powerful. So sharp.
And I did not get the impression that they're expecting to be back on the court in the immediate future.
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