Last article was about Vedvati born as Padmavati. But who exactly was Vedvati?

She was the daughter of a very pious King Kushadhwaj and his equally pious wife Malawati. Both were blessed by Mahalaxmi.
Malawati gave birth to a divine girl. She was named Vedvati as she was born reciting ved mantras.

This spectacular girl child had her bath after birth and prepared to leave for tapasya to Pushkar,although everyone tried to stop her.
She performed tapasya towards Sri Hari for thousands of years. During this period her body did not get weak but she remained strong.
Once she heard a Akashvani that in her next birth she would be marrying Shri Hari whom even Brahma and other find it difficult to meet.
They also have to perform strict tapasya to achieve this feat.

She left for Gandhmaadan mountains and continued to do tapasya. Once she saw Demon Ravana standing before her. Although she welcomed him offering fruits etc,but the intentions of this demon was not good.
He pulled her hand and started making obscene gestures. This angered Vedvati. She made him a statue with her yogic power. Ravana pleaded guilty before her through his mental vibes. She cursed him and said she would take next birth and
would be the cause of destruction of the whole Ravana tribe. She left her body there immediately through her strong yogic prowess.
In my last chapter I had written about how sita was replaced and it was Vedvati who was kidnapped by Ravana. Ultimately Sita was returned by Agnidev during Pariksha(it was actually done to return actual Seeta, not to think otherwise).(Tweet attached 👇)
Devi Puraan mentions that Draupadi born in Dwapar, is no one else but Vedvati. There is a story about how Draupadi got to have five husband's.
After the Pariksha(Process of returning actual Seeta) Vedvati was left alone.
She asked Shri Ram and Agnidev that now what should she do? They advised her to worship Shri Hari. She then went to Pushkar and did tapasya for crores of years. Ultimately she was established as Swarglaxmi in swarg.

Pic Credit - @thechashmiz (Chutki)
She had a strong urge to marry. Again Agnidev adviced her to worship Shiv and say that 'I want a husband'. Instead of one time,Vedvati repeated it five times. So she had to marry five husband's. She then appeared from a Agnikund in King Drupad 's yagya and was named Draupadi.
She was later married to the five Pandavas as a result of the boon.

Source-Devi Puran(SS attached)
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25 Sep


We know about Rukmini ji being his wife. But very few people know about Satyabhama and her previous birth. Why was she blessed to marry the divine Krishna. ImageImage
Once Krishna and Satyabhama were sitting and talking happily with each other, Satyabhama wanted to know why was she so blessed to be married to such a divine person like him. She wondered what was she in her previous birth. Image
So Krishna narrated to her the story of Satyabhama' s previous birth.

There lived a scholarly Brahmin named Dev Sharma in Haridwar. He had a daughter named Gunvati. At a proper age Dev Sharma got her married to his disciple Chandra. Image
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25 Sep

Rig ved 1.31.15

Here Protection means external and internal protection. Internal protection denotes that we destroy our Bad Thoughts, Anger, Lust, Maya etc like vices. By performing Yagya all the evils in your body are destroyed.

1/7 Image
Environment becomes pure and sacred. Our vices too are destroyed from their root. Mind and thought are cleansed,our body/ house seems like heaven.

2/7 Image
त्वम॑ग्ने॒ प्रय॑तदक्षिणं॒ नरं॒ वर्मे॑व स्यू॒तं परि॑ पासि वि॒श्वतः॑ ।
स्वा॒दु॒क्षद्मा॒ यो व॑स॒तौ स्यो॑न॒कृज्जी॑वया॒जं यज॑ते॒ सोप॒मा दि॒वः॥


त्वम् - You.

अग्ने - Agnidev!

प्रयतदक्षिणाम् - To do Charity.

नरम् - For Men.

वर्म इव - With armour.

स्यूतम् - Sewn.

3/7 Image
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24 Sep


As per Skanda Puran, There lived a poor Brahmin named Shamimukh. He had a son named Vishakh. The son was very cruel and of evil character who fed his family comprising of his parents and wife by looting and robbing. Image
The parents were too old and totally dependent.

Once when Vishakh was on his looting spree, The Saptrishis happened to pass through that forest. As was his habit, Vishakh stopped them and went near them in order to rob them of their belongings. Image
The Rishi's realising their situation were still very calm and serene. They all discussed amongst themselves that our chance meeting with this evil person should not go in vain if only they could instill some positivity in him.
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24 Sep

Rig ved 1.31.14

Here Agnidev is the Purohit of the devtas. He is requested to destroy our ignorance and darkness. He is also requested to enlighten us with our Sthool and Sukshma self that Aatma and Parmatma are one.

1/8 Image
He is also requested to enlighten us in our dreams and sleep by waking our inner light. He is requested to guide us on right path and make us wealthy with providing us Fame, Family, Worldly happiness.

2/8 Image
This body is made for a purpose and it consists of Panchmahabhoot. Agnidev is one of its component.

त्वम॑ग्न उरु॒शंसा॑य वा॒घते॑ स्पा॒र्हं यद्रेक्णः॑ पर॒मं व॒नोषि॒ तत् ।
आ॒ध्रस्य॑ चि॒त्प्रम॑तिरुच्यसे पि॒ता प्र पाकं॒ शास्सि॒ प्र दिशो॑ वि॒दुष्ट॑रः ॥

3/8 Image
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23 Sep


It is unimaginable for us to think about Bhagwan Vishnu. Once Bhagwan Vishnu was tired fighting war for more than ten thousand year's. Tired,he wanted to take rest. He found a plain spot and lay down to sleep. Pic credit - Puneet sir
But this was not any ordinary sleep. It was Yog Nidra, where Vishnu slept for ages.He layed down with the bow placed upwards and his neck rested on the bow. Image
It so happened that Shiva, Brahma, Indra wanted to conduct a yagya, which would only be possible with Vishnu's help(He is also know as Yagya Narayan). They searched for him everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. Image
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23 Sep

Rig Ved 1.31.13

We always desire three things from Agnidev, they are Protection, Nourishment and Intelligence.

From these three Yajman gets Satisfaction, Fulfilment and Contentment. Fulfilment denotes healthier body, Contentment means your inner thoughts are satisfied and Satisfaction denotes that you are complete in all senses. This was the Parmarthik overview.

Now Practically thinking we can say that we can overcome the coming difficulties with Yagya & Worship.

त्वम॑ग्ने॒ यज्य॑वे पा॒युरंत॑रोऽनिषं॒गाय॑ चतुर॒क्ष इ॑ध्यसे।
यो रा॒तह॑व्योऽवृ॒काय॒ धाय॑से की॒रेश्चि॒न्मंत्रं॒ मन॑सा व॒नोषि॒ तं॥


त्वम् -You.

अग्ने - Agnidev.

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