Prepare yourselves...

30 autistic children given anaesthetic and operated on to take out some of the insides of their bones. Then given stem cell treatment to see if they can make 'em non-autistic. At the same time, given ABA (the ESDM sort)/
The children were about 5 and a half when this was done to them. They'd already had three years of ABA to enforce normalisation.
No consent needed from the children, allegedly (yes, aware that children probably can't know...but this is a human rights situation, isn't it)/
The side effects for the poor little mites =fever, nausea, pain, rash, distress (which they called 'fussing', ffs, sorry, run out of polite ways to describe this), sleeplessness and fatigue. Then, they gave them more ABA , waited 18 months and said 'gosh, slightly improved!'
One of the people from Keele Uni is involved in this.

What the heck is going on here?
This is utterly not OK. Not on any level. Not even as research, given total lack of controls.
No-one can tell whether those children
a) Simply grew up (as we do)
b) In some way were 'normalised' by ABA, not the medical stuff
and most importantly c) are actually going to have any quality of life whatsoever, other than satisfying a tick box on a form.
here is the team, announcing it on Twitter.
Look at this. 1940s thinking. Bypasses modern research into autism as a neurodiversity, autistic people as having a genuinely different (not broken) communication system, & ignores every bit of the research showing that behavioural approaches don't work. annsautism.blogspot.com/2019/01/autism…
Want to know what they used to tell if this nightmare was 'working' for the children? The CARS test.
Want a bit of a gallop through it? Here we go... (I've rephrased the questions to make them autistic-accurate)
1) Can they convince non-autistic people to like them?/
2) Can they imitate exactly what a non-autistic person does?
3) Do they respond emotionally in the precise way the parent demands?
4) Do they avoid all stimming and walk in a non-autistic way?
5) Do they play 'properly' with a toy?/
6) Can they cope with being forced into sensory and social hell by non-autistic people, without visible complaint or distress?
7) Do they look exactly where they are commanded to look.
8) Do they respond exactly 'normally' to sounds?/
9) Do they manage to put up with stenches, painful touch and texture without visible distress?
10) Do they act calm, even if they're terrified inside?
11) Do they talk perfectly 'normally'?
12) Do they use perfect non-autistic social communication at all times?/
13) Do they move about the correct amount of times, not too little, not too much.
14) Are they just the right amount of brainy, without any of sign of savant skills?
15) Does the assessor think they're normal-enough-yet.

Er, that's it.
That checklist is a masterclass in whether we have got the children to *mask* their autism.
Masking autism leads to appalling outcomes for too many people, include suicide.
This is the exact opposite of enabling the children to thrive.
And if you are a researcher who didn't know any of this, get yourselves into 2020.
Read the doi.org/10.1097/000045… Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, "...no one shall be subjected without his or her free consent to medical or scientific experimentation"
"Parties shall ensure that children with disabilities have the right to express their views freely on all matters affecting them, their views being given due weight in accordance with their age and maturity"
No evidence that most autistic people *want* this cure.
So, the chances that those children will grow up and thank you...
Not high.
Who are we doing this for?
For sure, not for autistic people.
Fascinating that the researcher from Keele Uni has now deleted the tweet about this study.
If only it was so easy to delete the hell of the last few years from the minds of those children, eh.
If you were experimented on without your consent, as a child, and are experiencing trauma as a result, please reach out for help and support.
You are valid as an autistic person, and you should have the support to enable you to thrive as *yourself* not a copy of someone else.
In the UK, find groups run by and for autistic people of *all* kinds (yes, including those with learning disabilities and high support needs). Find your peers. See who can recommend the right support that is approved by autistic people, and enables that thriving.
In case you're wondering, yes, Vietnam signed this too.
autisticnotweird.com/2018survey/ Original of that survey. Huge survey, autistic people aplenty. Delve. Read. Understand. Be amazed. Yes, we generally do not see autism as a negative. No, we generally do not want 'curing', thanks. No more than gay people do.
Here is the paper on the Keele Uni website. @KeeleUniversity

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23 Sep
The peril of Masking Whilst Autistic.
Amidst society, countless thousands of autistic adults who don't 'look autistic' and don't 'sound autistic'. Nor do we move in noticeable 'autistic ways'.
In theory this is supposed to be an ideal.
Actually, it's hell.
About masking:
So many autistic people learn to disguise that we're autistic.
From the earliest age, taught that in nonautistic society, we have to be unnoticeable, or bad things happen.
So, we learn to disguise our natural language, our natural movement, and (often) our actual interests/
It's a matter of survival. Sometimes a trauma response in being hypervigilant for anyone noticing us as ourselves...what power do they have to take something away from us?
Our jobs?
Our families?
Our role in their team?/
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Autistic responses. Doctors.
I've been watching some popular TV shows from time to time. One was a medical show, with various medical specialists explaining how they investigate a set of symptoms. Many times, we were told that they look at the patient's responses & expressions/
If a patient doesn't respond in the 'right' way, they become fairly sure that they're not really in pain, they said (paraphrased). A sign of a psychological disturbance rather than there being a physical problem.
Autistic people have too many catastrophic health outcomes/
Our average life expectancy is lower because of these. We have good research on it. Obviously a good number of autistic people live a long time, being clear. But far too many die young through preventable causes.
In some cases, because they weren't believed/
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21 Sep
Further update:
Various of the AT-Autism team members, including me, have delved into the background of this. A thank you to the Sentencing Council & to the allies in this matter. The National Autistic Society are likewise considering this matter, we believe/
We now have a clearer line of action. We have offered our support to those with direct responsibility for investigating and amending. Meantime, please do still email the Sentencing Council if you so wish, to give them the best chance of understanding concerns. Will report back
Outlining the concerns that spring readily to mind from Justice-related papers describing autistic people as

"..extreme incapacity to understand or empathise with others,
to show any emotional reciprocity
and to develop or maintain relationships"
(quick thread)/
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20 Sep
Royal College of Psychiatrists tweet 2019 making it clear that autistic people are not generally any more likely to be criminals than anyone else. Image
Whacking great Swedish study. #Autistic people only showed any greater rate of violent #crime if they *also* had other things e.g. conduct disorders. Otherwise n more likely than anyone else to be violent, it says. sciencedirect.com/science/articl… Sample: 5700 autistic people. Image
I do wish people would read the research.
It's not there for decoration.
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20 Sep
sentencingcouncil.org.uk/overarching-gu… @richardmills18 @milton_damian Have you perchance seen this extraordinary and inaccurate new detail in the 1 Oct 2020 sentencing guidelines for Magistrates? Any idea who wrote this, and why? Image
"...the most pervasive and extreme incapacity to understand or empathise with others, to show any emotional reciprocity and to develop or maintain relationships"
Well, that's just rude. Let's have some reality, for any #Judges #Magistrates #Barristers and #Solicitors reading Image
network.autism.org.uk/knowledge/insi… Dr Damian Milton explains that the 'empathy mistake' is based on the reality that non-autistic people misread us. And vice versa. We do not by nature lack empathy/
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20 Sep
Oh good grief.
One of the teams relying on the work of the Psychiatrist who wrote that extraordinary book (see yesterday's posts)?
They wrote a paper of their own in 2014.
It alleged that six "killers" definitely were autistic, and tried to demonstrate that this meant something/
Except...well, let's look.
Person 1 - Martin Bryant. Intellectually disabled. Autism ruled out by psychiatrist.
Person 2 - Robert Napper - paranoid schizophrenia was the diagnosis believed to have (rarely) caused the situation/
Person 3 - Wolfgang Zaugg - a rich stock trader with antisocial personality disorder. A media article speculated about autism. That's not a diagnosis, let alone a link to murderous intent/
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