I prosecute and defend the most dangerous criminals. I speak daily with victims of crime.

And I can tell you that there has never been as good a time to be a criminal as under @BorisJohnson’s government.
.@BorisJohnson has refused point blank to resource the courts. His government has cut court capacity, causing a backlog of over half a million cases.

When Covid hit and made things even worse, @BorisJohnson still refused to make money available to assist the courts.
There is now typically a delay of 2 to 3 years between a crime being reported and a case coming to trial. In that time, witnesses’ memories fade. Many lose faith and disappear. So cases collapse.

If I were a guilty criminal, I would raise a toast to @BorisJohnson every day.
“Tougher sentencing” is snake oil. It means nothing when it is taking years to bring people to trial; when the government’s conscious policy is to force witnesses and victims of crime to wait years for a trial, rather than spend a relatively tiny amount on resourcing the courts.

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13 Sep
“Seeing justice truly done” is an interesting soundbite.

Is it, as this incoherent, sub-sixth-form essay rant suggests, only about locking more people up for longer?

Or does “justice truly done” mean a little more?

Justice truly done means people not being forced to wait years for trials due to the government’s long-term refusal to resource the courts, which has caused a huge backlog (that they are falsely trying to blame on Covid). lawgazette.co.uk/news/new-figur…
Justice truly done means abolishing the Innocence Tax, by which the government refuses you legal aid, forces you to pay privately for your legal defence team and then, when you’re acquitted, refuses to reimburse you, leaving you penniless. thetimes.co.uk/article/ditch-…
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10 Sep
There’s some odd jubilation in some quarters about the Attorney General citing the Miller judgment in her statement attempting to justify breaching international law.

Unfortunately, like the statement itself, the reference to Miller is legally meaningless.

You’ve been fooled.
Miller confirms the long-established principle that Parliament is sovereign, but that is not in doubt. Nobody disputes that, as a matter of domestic law, Parliament has the power to legislate contrary to international law.

But we would still be in breach of international law.
Miller is wholly irrelevant to that argument. It does not provide a defence nor a justification for breaching international law.

By citing it, the Attorney General is trying to distract and manipulate those who don’t understand the law.

And some of those people are letting her.
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10 Sep
This serves as an important illustration of the danger of #FakeLaw, and how this government in particular is prepared to deploy it.

A brief [THREAD]
The Attorney General is a barrister, who, because of her political appointment, is allowed to put QC after her name.

This business with the Internal Market Bill and how it breaches international law is complex.

The public is entitled to trust what the AG says about the law.
But far from being honest, the AG has instead chosen to obfuscate and confuse, exploiting the public’s unfamiliarity with the law.

The statement strives to convey that the government is not doing anything wrong. It cites “Parliamentary sovereignty” and the Supreme Court.

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6 Sep
Some facts to counter this #FakeLaw from @MoJGovUK. [THREAD]

1. The Crown Court backlog dropped to a 10-year low in 2019 very briefly and only because the government created a huge backlog in the investigative stages of criminal cases, so fewer suspects were being charged.
2. What was actually happening - as I pointed out in this thread in March - was that criminal cases were taking longer and longer to be dealt with. Since 2010, there has been a rise of 21% in the length of time it takes between a crime occurring and court proceedings ending.
3. Having artificially “cut” the court backlog (which we all warned hadn’t actually gone away) the government tried to cut corners by further reducing “court sitting days” (the number of courtrooms that courts are allowed to open each year).

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29 Aug

This lecture explores the cinematic classic 'Taken’ through the lens of English and Welsh law.

Contributions and observations are welcome, but I'm perfectly prepared to tweet the entire film to a wall of embarrassed silence.
This paper considers, inter alia, how the adventures of Bryan Mills might have been different had he and his adversaries been subject to the jurisdiction of the law of England & Wales.
(For the avoidance of doubt, this is Bryan Mills the lead in Taken, not Brian Mills the modestly-accomplished Port Vale footballer-cum-West Midlands bench press champion.)
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28 Aug
Guys! Guys! We triggered Dom!

Bless him.

(From today’s Times)
Note that it’s lawyers *and* barristers who are upsetting the Incel King. For we are two discrete species.
And the reason we are often on social media rather than in court is because the government is refusing to pay to open the courts. So my clients and the complainants and witnesses in the cases I prosecute are having to wait until 2021/2022 for their trials.
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