Gaslighting journalist for @theintercept claims that "the far left invents a white supremacist elite in charge of the country, just as the far right imagines a pedo cabal".

Let me *start* with Trump's 2016 meeting with the author of a race war novel:…
2) I initially thought of stopping at my response, above, but Fang's claim is just too absurd for a mere academic retort. SO...

In that race war novel, author William S. Lind predicted an American civil war, w/ethnic cleansing, *starting in 2020*.

Now, I have no evidence...
3) That Trump ever read Lind's "Victoria: A Novel of 4th Generation War" (he doesn't read books, being quite dyslexic) but that hardly matters. Myriad actions of the Trump Administration suggest the guidance of Lind. We'll never know, of course, but he's 1 of the master strategic
4)..architects of both the master strategies & narratives guiding & propelling the US far right & racist right.

A key one is a conspiracy narrative concerning "cultural Marxism" - really just rehashed anti-Jewish propaganda - that's infested the US right over the last few years
5)..In Lind's novel, in 2020, Christian militias launch a war of religious & ethnic cleansing. Now, a significant Christian New Apostolic Reformation pastor, Rick Joyner, has just predicted that anti-leftist militias backed by God would soon be springing up across the country...
Joyner emphasized that those militias would be led by US military veterans who "know how to fight in urban warfare."

As it happens, William S. Lind's novel describes how the rural Christian militias will besiege left-leaning cities across America.…
7) But let me turn to Trump's racism for a bit. The familial pattern seems clear. We know that Trump's father was once arrested at NYC KKK rally. We don't know whether or not he was a Klan member, but.. While Donald Trump was participating in his father's rental business...
8)..the Trump business was sued by the Department of Justice for a pattern of refusing to rent to African-Americans (…). Another significant data point was Trump's persecution of the "Central Park Five", black & Latino teens wrongly prosecuted for a brutal..
9)..Central Park rape. After the attack Trump took out full page NYC newspaper ads calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty. In his ads, Trump attacked "these muggers and murderer", saying "They should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed..
10)"..for their crimes. They must serve as examples for their crimes," he continued. "They must serve as examples so that others will think long and hard before committing a crime or an act of violence."

The 5 were exonerated in 2002, & NYC paid $41 million to settle their suit.
11) Even though the real perpetrator was subsequently identified with DNA evidence & confessed, Trump to this day has continued to claim the "Central Park 5" were guilty of the crime.…
12) I've no doubt there's more to that pattern, but let's move up to 2015, when Trump launched his presidential bid with a fussillade of rhetoric claiming that Hispanic immigrants were responsible for a wave of crime, rape, and murder. Evidence that immigrants (illegal or not)...
13)..disproportionately commit crime doesn't exist. Trump's winning election narrative was pure racist scapegoating, nothing more or less. BUT...

It happened to perfectly mirror narratives long promoted (and engineered) by William S. Lind, who has been the most significant...
14)..master architect of the "cultural Marxism" conspiracy theory that has helped inspire racist far-right terrorism on a global scale. In the narrative, Jewish intellectuals from the 1920's & 1930s somehow engineered a vast cultural plot to destroy white European civilization...
15)...with "political correctness", attacks on traditional religion & culture, and by a wave of non-white immigration.

In the late 1990s, Lind seeded the CM conspiracy narrative into the US racist right, via, initially, the leadership of the "Council of Conservative Citizens"...
16)...that during the Civil Rights era was known as the "uptown Klan" but was revived in the 1990s in virulently, nakedly racist form. Now, in 2015, the young Dylann Roof committed his horrific massacre of 9 prayer group members at the historic Emanuel African Methodist...
17)..Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC. In his manifesto, Roof explicitly credited the website of the Council of Conservative Citizens for leading him to an aware of racial realities in the US. Specifically, the website promoted the claim that the nation was besieged by a wave..
18)..of black-on-white crime. Now, that claim was also heavily promoted, leading up to the 2016 election, by the far-right website Breitbart dot com, which even maintained a "black on white crime" website section.

And lo! It now emerges that Trump's top WH senior adviser...
19)..Stephen Miller was in close, regular contact with the editors of Breitbart prior to the election, a pattern which, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, "reveal[s] Miller’s alignment with white nationalist thought and far-right extremism."…
20) And, it gets worse... [to be continued...]

• • •

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More from @brucewilson

30 Aug
An historian of the Reconstruction period, @thevholloway, agrees with this statement. So, is Trump is leading a campaign to resegregate America?

In 2016 Trump met the author of a race war novel whose book portrayed African-American families forced from cities into sharecropping
2) Let me expand on that - In William S. Lind's novel Victoria - A Novel Of 4th Generation War, African-American families are forced, at gunpoint, from cities into compulsory sharecropping (on predominantly white-owned land, a reality Lind does not mention) in the country...
3) Now, Lind is not some random white supremacist crank. He is one of the most important intellectuals of the paleo-Conservative right (think Pat Buchanan) & one of America's keenest military strategists, who for years worked w/Paul Weyrich, who helped build the Christian right.
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23 Aug
Decades ago, charismatic churches were implicated in the promotion of a prototypical form of QAnon, what is referred to as the "satanic panic".

The "satanic panic" claimed hundreds of thousands, or millions even, of kidnapped kids were being sacrificed to Satan.

QAnon ain't new
2) Influential charismatic pastors such as Texas megachurch founder John Hagee, were pushing "satanic panic" ideas into the early 1990s or even later. The idea that there was a huge underground movement of satanism in the US was a way to try to explain rising crime as well as...
3)..increases in the divorce rate and the rise of the LGBTQ movement, and growing secularism generally. These ideas were based on another paradigm expounded in a 1973 John Hagee book, "Invasion of Demons: The Battle Between God and Satan in Our Time"
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21 Aug
The arch-conservative Heritage Foundation has tallied 140 convictions for mail-in ballot fraud over the past 20 years.

That's 7 per year.
2) After the 2016 election, Trump claimed there had been millions of fraudulent votes. In 2017, This American Life ran a fascinating segment called "Fraud Complex", on the fascinating math behind what might *seem* to be large numbers of fraudulent votes...…
3) So, turns out there are in fact large numbers of people who share the same name, age, and birth date.

What? Yeah. Take the name "June". Guess in what month people name their babies "June". There are lots of names like this, that cluster in specific months. That's one way
Read 6 tweets
18 Jun
A post on the official Trump for President Facebook page attacks Antifah & "Dangerous MOBS of far-left groups" and sports an inverted red triangle, a symbol the Nazis would force anti-fascists & other political prisoners in Nazi concentration camps to wear.
2) The link certainly seems legit. Has the Trump for President campaign page been hacked? Maybe, but this post has been up for 4 hours.
3) If you go to this link and click on "Home", you'll get the "Official Team Trump" home page, which tomorrow will feature an interview between Donald Trump & Donald Trump, Jr.
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5 Jun
There's so much police dysfunction to unpack in this video, now viewed almost 50 million times.

To begin with, the police outnumber the protestors by 10:1 at least. Why so many? Is police intel so bad they got the expected protestor number wrong by orders of magnitude? ...
2) This is exactly the sort of mistake that would happen if the Buffalo police were getting their intel from Internet fever swamps where malicious disinfo is rampant.

They seem to have arrived with the mentality that they were going to be vastly outnumbered and trying to...
3)..control rampaging, looting crowds of many thousands.

A force of a half dozen police, without riot gear or tear gas would have been quite sufficient here.

But they failed to adjust their behavior to the reality. Why such battle frenzy? Coffee? Steroids?
Read 11 tweets
16 May
There was also the case of Donald Trump, Jr. cavorting with James Edwards, whose Council of Conservative Citizens played a key role radicalizing Dylann Roof towards his racist massacre. The Trump campaign found the beating PR heart of white supremacy in America, and patronized it
2) This was a tale of Trump & the white supremacists that I mined in parallel with Dave Neiwert's concurrent work (which I had no idea was going on). The Trump ties to American white supremacy were that profuse (see:… &…). But... did the Trump people figure out how to do that? I guessed it was Roger Stone's doing. Just a couple of days ago I got so strong confirmation:
Read 6 tweets

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