THREAD: Two Presidents, a PawPaw, a Goat and a 12 Year Old Chess-Playing HERO

A #TribeOnQuest team effort to bring Dark to Light.

Let's talk about what just happened with this HERO Samuel Price & Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA) ...
2) Let's look at the acronym for GOAT:

Greatest Of All Time

The Hero & Greatest Of All Time in this story is Samuel Price.

He symbolizes EVERY single person that has ever struggled with Sickle Cell Anemia... and he plays chess with Trump...
3) Setting up the chess move...

Public Law 115–327
Dec. 18, 2018

Sickle Cell Disease and Other Heritable Blood Disorders Research, Surveillance, Prevention, and Treatment Act of 2018…
4) May 3, 2020

Tanzanian President John Magufuli claims Covid tests were faulty when they returned positive results on samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw.…
5) August 31, 2020

Trump's Proclamation on Sickle Cell Awareness Month

This declares September 2020 as National Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month.…
6) September 14, 2020

timestamp: 7:46

Hero and Greatest Of All Time, Samuel Price, visits the White House.

Listen to this young man - this HERO - speak.

7) So HOW does all of this connect?

When the pawpaw news report hit back in May, #TribeOnQuest went down MANY rabbit holes trying to figure out if a chemical compound in pawpaws could be related in any way to the huge number of elderly dying from Covid...
8) Let's look at Carica papaya (pawpaw) leaf extract.

This natural, GOD GIVEN, treatment has antisickling properties shown to stop and, in many cases, REVERSE SCA.

What did Tanzanian President Magufuli do?

Read for yourselves.
9) Do pawpaws (papaya) grow in Madagascar?

Yes, they do.…
10) It is disturbing to realize how long ago [they] knew of pawpaws & SCA.

The dates on their research is very telling...

Antisickling Properites of Carica Papya - 2008…
11) Solenostemon monostachyus, Ipomoea involucrata and Carica papaya seed oil versus Glutathione, or Vernonia amygdalina: Methanolic extracts of novel plants for the management of sickle cell anemia disease - 2012

A second research paper of MANY.…
12) So what just happened here?

Trump and our HERO Samuel Price just played a literal checkmate against big pharma.

What happens when We The People find out [they] have been hiding this information so they could profit?

Do you really think [they] only hid ONE cure?
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15 Sep
THREAD: Part 2 - Pelosi's Salon 'SETUP' - The CON, Trump's 'Puzzle' & Conan the Dog

Be sure to read Part 1 before continuing - very important. I'll add a link back here at the end of that thread.

2) If you read Part 1 of this thread, you are familiar with the 13 Day Marker and [their] obsession with the number 13.

You also know by now that MSM delivers two things:

1) propaganda for us
2) comms for [them]
3) Let's take a look at this article in CONAN Daily.

Note the headline: Erica Kious biography: 13 things about owner of eSalon, which did Nancy Pelosi’s hair amid COVID-19 pandemic

Also note the DOG in the picture. There are no coincidences.…
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13 Sep
THREAD: Pelosi's Salon 'SETUP' - CON & COMMS

When you look at all of the COMMS, you see the SETUP for the CON.

This entire thing ALSO validates my 13 Day Marker decode. I will link to it at the end of this thread...
2) Date of Pelosi's salon visit > Aug 31

31 mirrored
31 >< 13

Let's take look at this article - USA Today.

Note: "USA Today" was a comm sent on 9/10, used to validate this comm. I will link to that decode also at the end of this one.…
3) Article publish date:

9/3 9:33


three 9s > 999

999 mirrored vertical > 666

article 'updated' at exact same time

we have a double 666

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11 Sep
THREAD Part 5: Pelosi Comms from Today's Presser

Hat tip to @pharmSC85

(again) for the heads up.

Important > #NoPanic #NoFear

Please read Part 4 before continuing. I will add a link back here to the end of that thread.

2) talking about now

fiscal stability

state & local govt

very important

fiscal stability

economic security

let them get fired

cut the needs

meeting the needs

very popular or effective approach

most important element of all of it



reinforcement of it
3) insist

I want to tell you something about this





desparity among populations of color


testing tracing treatment

worked in a way


save the lives
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10 Sep
THREAD Part 4: Pelosi Comms from Today's Presser

Hat tip to @pharmSC85

(again) for the heads up.

Important > #NoPanic #NoFear

Please read Part 3 before continuing. I will add a link back here to the end of that thread.

2) Q&A portion of presser:

pay attention

call for standards

has to be first & foremost

early part of the agenda

When I was first Speaker a number of years ago > assumed office Jan 3, 2019 > 1/3 > 13

my flagship issue

President Bush was president
3) the equivalent of taking millions of cars off the road

we came together

he wanted nuclear, I wanted renewable

we came together

this time we had a select comittee

this time I do again

received so many acolades

judges of such reports
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10 Sep
THREAD Part 3: Pelosi Comms from Today's Presser

Hat tip to @pharmSC85

(again) for the heads up.

Important > #NoPanic #NoFear

Please read Part 2 before continuing. I will add a link back here to the end of that thread.

2) singing that song for a long time

we do have it in the heroes -act - in a very robust way

I'm very proud of the strategic plan

put forth

75 billion dolllars



benefit and all

we have a very strong strategic plan

in the works since May 15
3) before that our very 1st bill on March 4th [march forth]

testing, testing, testing

3 million people

test trace treat > Gematria = 175 > 1+7+5=13

well well well > Gematria = 156 > Six Six Six =156

behind all of that

in the negotiation

you want 75 billion
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10 Sep
THREAD Part 2: Pelosi Comms from Today's Presser

Hat tip to @pharmSC85
(again) for the heads up.

Important > #NoPanic #NoFear

Please read Part 1 before continuing. I will add a link back here to the end of that thread.

2) the G7, every year the G7 heads of state meet

about a week, month or 2 after that

this year the actual events have been prevented from happening

resume the plans for G7

but we have our G7

that will be this weekend

I'm very proud of the participation

G7 nations
3) President of the EU

all be together virtually

our [PAUSE] heroes committed to protecting

will be participating, will be welcomed by his holiness

opening one of our sessions

onno [?] another

one of my personal heroes

will be participating
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