MSM outlets running articles conjuring scenarios of Rs trying to steal election/unwillingness of POTUS to accept hypothetical loss are engaging in the ultimate in irresponsible & destructive projection. The rule holds: Ds always accuse Rs of what they are doing/intend to/would do
Democrats have become the Party of Conspiracy now, for true believers among them because @realDonaldTrump broke them, and for the cynical narrative spinners because they think Americans are stupid
Cannot emphasize enough how critical it was when Hillary Clinton urged Dems to fight mercillesly. This was a tell that Dems would use everything they had to foist “Biden” on the American people—lawfare, chicanery in election rules, daily info ops, and raw power in the streets
Let’s call it like it is: Dems are trying to pre-delegitimize an election in a bid to soften the ground for their illegitimate response should it not go their way

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24 Jun
Nikole Hannah-Jones slanders police--and many more people--with total impunity here, and of course will be celebrated still more for it…
So many lies in a single paragraph
Wealth seems to emerge like some magical elixir here, for Nikole Hannah-Jones. Yet wealth is created, it does not emerge spontaneously. NHJ has Democrats to blame most of all, who have systemically retarded wealth creation in America's majority-minority neighborhoods for decades
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7 Jun
Intersectionalism is about linking together identity groups through shared victimology to overthrow the existing order, by imposing a prog ideology antithetical to our founding values/principles. It's a means for seizing power to achieve radical ends…
The purpose of identity politics is to unmake American identity. The Left divides & conquers for political ends. The circular firing squad that results w/ a constantly changing hierarchy of oppressed is of no concern when you're going for a revolution…
Wrapping oneself in an intersectional veil protects ideas of those who wear it from scrutiny. Identity is used
as a shield against merit-based critiques and substantive discourse. The cost to society is inordinate...…
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17 Mar
While you were stocking up on toilet paper, Ilhan Omar's been parroting Chinese propaganda about how calling ChiCom coronavirus as such is racist, and using virus to call for suspending Iran sanctions. This is the tip of the iceberg of the danger she poses
AMERICAN INGRATE Exhibit A: Parrot ChiCom propaganda attacking Americans during a pandemic originating in and spreading from its shores, based in part on its Chernobyl-like response…
AMERICAN INGRATE Exhibit B: Parrot Iranian propaganda & lobby for mullocracy by using pandemic as pretext to suspend sanctions w false claim they’re preventing aid (which mullahs have used to skirt sanctions before; also, what’s Khamenei doing w his $bns?)…
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15 Jul 19
THREAD: Postmortem on the perverse SCOTUS ruling re census citizenship question, and what it means for the rule of law in America. In a word, this was ORANGE MAN BAD on steroids -- with utterly disastrous consequences well beyond sovereignty/voting rights…
Are we a nation of laws or a nation of men? Previously, the most radically leftist federal judges had failed this test on cases pertaining to the Trump administration. Now, with its census citizenship ruling, the highest court in the land has joined them…
Fight over q, “Is this person a citizen of the United States?” on '20 census implicated immig, sovereignty, voting rights. SCOTUS transcended issues to challenge rule of law itself. Who is really violating norms, undermining insts, creating Const crises?…
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2 Jul 19
Started following the census citizenship q @FDRLST two years ago when I noticed the likes of Eric Holder et al hopping onboard the outrage train. Articles follow -- but long and short is that Ds don't want you to know how much non-citizens including illegals diminish your vote
...And how this issue further incentivizes open borders and sanctuary city policies to the detriment of law-abiding American citizens. We had a horrendous, disingenuous ruling by SCOTUS, and it has led to a totally outrageous result. Relevant background on the politics/law follow
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27 Jun 19
Re census citizenship q, what a dumbfounding opinion. SCOTUS says citizenship q is constitutional. SCOTUS says Sec Ross made a reasonable decision to include it, reasonably explained. Yet SCOTUS doesn't allow it bc it doesn't believe in stated rationale…
SCOTUS is happy to bend over backward in deferring to federal agencies, except when the Left goes nuts over something the SCOTUS itself says is constitutional and reasonable…
Justice Thomas in re census citizenship case: "Our only role in this case is to decide whether the Secretary complied with the law and gave a reasoned explanation for his decision. The Court correctly answers these questions in the affirmative...That ought to end our inquiry."
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